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Dream About Slippers meanings

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Example: Meaning of my Dream?

I have dreamed of my cousin who passed away last year, leaving his most beloved wife and a daughter. In my dream, he handed me a very beautiful & expensive looking pair of slippers and he wants me to give it to his "baby" --- his wife (that's what he calls his wife). he also said that his wife is too busy and she seems to have forgotten him.

what is the meaning of my dream? what is my cousin trying to say? what does that beautiful and expensive looking slipper symbolizes?

No one can interpret your dreams or tell you what they mean. Only you can do this. Never mind those who say they can tell you what your dream "means." It only means something to YOU because you give it your personal meaning.

Don’t bother with dream books, dream dictionaries, internet sites that tell you to look for codes or symbols or hidden mysteries in dreams. Dreams do not contain such things. Dreams are straightforward, just like your waking thoughts.

There is always a purpose to a dream. Everything that human beings think, feel, or do has a purpose. It is part of what Dr. Alfred Adler called "the psychology of use."

Dreams don't come to you from outside yourself, nor do they arise from your "subconscious." Once you become aware of having a dream, it’s conscious. You make your dreams up. You create them, just as you create your thoughts.

The purpose of your dreams while you are asleep is the same as the purpose of your thoughts while you are awake. That is, to solve your problems.

Figure out the purpose of a dream and the problem it is trying to solve, and you have its meaning. Dreams are thoughts while you sleep, attempting to solve your problems.

Example: What does my weird dreams mean?

hey my name is ayana and i been deamin some weird things 2 days now...well my boyfriend's grandma has pasted away some days ago and he been down and stressed ever since...well saturday night i had a dream that 2 demon lookin creatures was fightin and there was a swarm of huge bees killin people..so my mom,my boyfriend and my lil niece ran into a small abandon room away from the bees..then they all felll asleep but i couldnt sleep and i saw a hugee blue eye lookin through the key hole at me...and it appeared inside...but it didnt come to kill us..i had a blue necklace around my neck which belongs to him (idk how it reach there) then my phone ran n i woke up...then last night "sunday" i dream i was in the police (which is my dream to be) then i was a lady who was also in the police...she saw a nice shirt and hat she wanted an we went to get it...then she disappeared from my dream and my boyfriend appeared...we was on something like a hike going through bushes but we was tryin to get home...then i saw 3 ladies who live next to us dat we dont speak to (cause they deal up with obeah) and one strange girl..i cut my hair infront of them and walked off meetin my boyfriend..then we was on a bridge like thing with a brown trap door at the bottom and my left slipper fell on it...i was goin to jump for it but my bf stopped me tellin me i would fall into the river...(the river was low and flowin nice) then he went down standin on the edge of the door tryin to walk slowy for my slipper and it fell into the river...then i jumped into the river chasing after it on the side..then it flow away...soon waves of water started comin down..makin the river rise a little...then a bigger wave came and my bf pulled me out before it can carry me down and we was both scared...v.v then i woke up...

i been thinking maybe cause i cut my hair infront of my enemies (the ppl who do obeah) cause bad things to happen to me..

Idk what my dreams mean can someone help me? or at least try? i really wanna know what it means...if it have a meaning..=(

Example: Dream meaning - boyfriend and boss?

I visited my boyfriend's place with my grandmother. He welcomed us very well, he lived in a big house, modern style but cosy, he gave me fluffy slippers and made me feel at home. I started sightseeing, I saw his daughter who was actually happy to see me, I held her and she enjoyed my company. Further I continued sightseeing the backyard, it had many animals - like a farm (which is not so typical for my boyfriend)...there were cows, pigs, hens and turkeys - i was surprised. I wasnt sure if his ex wife left this or did he bring them in. Then my boss came and he asked me to show me his new business car, it was parked in an old garage and the car was supposed to be new, shiny and beautiful including garage. Then I sat in but i told him i need to be back at my bf's soon...he said ok. The car was dirty on the inside and it was oldtimer - untypical for the boss (he likes brand new things). I liked drive though...then he took me back soon to my boyfriend's and I woke up. What could this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?!?

In my dream, I woke up in the middle of the night, feeling that something really bad had happened. So I rolled over and picked up the phone (in my dream, that is) and dialed a phone number, but got a busy tone.

So I pulled on my bath robe and slippers and ran out of the house.

Although it was pitch black, I ran for what seemed to be a mile or two as fast as I could to a wooded area with a lot of tall pine trees.

At the edge of the trees, there was a huge fire, fifty feet high, and a bunch of people standing around it in their winter coats, just looking at it.

I pushed through the crowd of people and the policemen who tried to stop me from getting to the fire. Until one man stood in my way and held me back, telling me what happened.

A plane with more than three hundred people crashed and exploded upon impact, but most of the people, he told me, survived. I yelled at him, begging him to tell me about what happened to a certain person. At this point, I not only was really scared, but I felt this kind of sadness that's really hard to describe.

So he told me that the person I was asking for, a girl that I loved more than anything in the world, was the only one that died in the plane crash. All the rest of the 300 plus people on the plane survived and was able to walk away from the crash.

And I fell to my knees, crying, because then I realized that I had asked her to come back home on the next possible flight so I could see her smile again.

What do you think? What does it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I've been having this recurring dream where I'm a prince, dancing with a princess at a ball in the palace. Everyone's happy, and the place is well-lit. Then, suddenly, it's dark (with the moonlight streaming in through the windows), the people are gone, and I'm dancing alone--no princess. I go out, and on the steps, I see Cinderella's glass slipper. I pick it up, and it shatters.

Example: What does, DREAMING OF SLIPPERS MEANS ? ?

Right my gf text me : hi baby ,im dreamIng of slippers ! What does it means ?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I lost my slipper and I was barefoot in my dream.
What does it mean? Can anyone please interpret it?

Example: Dream interpretation about slippers?

in my dream, i wear this slippers to go somewhere then realized for some time that they're gone from my feet. what does this mean? its bothering me because this has happened several times since i was a child.

Example: What is the meaning of my dream? I walked with my husband and I left my right part of slipper.?

we try to go back with the place but I undergo blood testing and I saw the place with a lot of worms and it's really disgusting.

Example: Hi. anyone knows what it means if you lose your slippers or shoes in your dreams?It's a recurring dream.?

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