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Dream About Slip Of A Tongue meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What's this weird tooth dream mean?

Alright, so I had this dream that I was walking up some steps when I suddenly slipped, fell, and hit my jaw off of one of the stairs. It was pretty painful, and as I ran my tongue over all the teeth in my mouth I could tell that some were cracked, bloody, and coming loose. It was horrible. I finally reached in to feel some of the most loose ones, and they just came right out! And it was weird, in the dream I had a LOT of teeth. I'd reach into my mouth, take out one, then take out another and another and another...etc. What's weird though is that the teeth that got all cracked and bloody were the ones in the BACK of my mouth. All my front teeth were fine. As in: I could smile at someone in the dream, and they'd have no idea that my mouth was all bloody and broken in the back.

So for all you dream interpreters out there- what's this mean?

Teeth dreams sometimes mean your scared of something, so it could mean that you should push it to the back and smile.

Example: What does this dream mean?

my friend has been having dreams. what does having dreams about piercings on the ears, tongue, and lips(bottom) or under the lips mean.

Example: What does my snake dream mean?

I had a dream last night that's baffled me. Above my belly button, about the size of a pencil was a hole in my stomach, and a snake, just as small as the hole came out, so I tried to grab it and pull it out, it stretched a bit but slipped through my fingers and went back inside my stomach, it kept popping out but I could never get it. Also at one point its tail came out of my back and was wagging almost like a dogs tail as I could feel it gently hitting my back as it swayed. Any ideas what this could mean? The snake was red in colour if that is of any significance. I, naturally wanted to get the snake out, but it didn't want to come.
Thanks in advance.

Example: What does it mean when you dream that your tongue and lips are black?

I dreamt that I looked in the mirror and my lips were covered in black lipstick, but it had turned my tongue black too and it wasn't lipstick. I was severely panicked and scared. I was crying, freaking out like crazy. I picked up something and just started scrubbing my tongue like crazy. Tears were pouring down my face. I just wanted it gone. I wanted it "clean" again. Slowly, but surely it started to go away. When I woke up, most of it was still black and sickly looking. I don't know what exactly this means. But I've been freaked out ever since. Everything I've read says that you regret something you said. The only thing I regret saying is this guy I'm dating could spend the night, because I don't want to clean. I didn't think it would cause this much chaos in my mind though. He did get mad the last time I canceled on him though. Another site said an evil is coming. I don't know what to think. But I've ignored all of his texts since & I feel awful, but not at the same time. He's married and still hasn't told his wife the truth about us. & it's frustrating. Is this dream about him? Or something else? I've also had a lot of health problems lately too. I just need a translation that applies to my life. Thanks in advance! & please, keep the rude comments to yourself! They are married, but not really together. Just legally & financially. They live in the same house, but different beds, never hang out or talk much. Just no divorce yet. Just want a dream translation. Nothing more!

Example: What Do You Think This Dream Means?

I had a dream about a girl last night and from what I know she kinda likes me but anyway the dream started out with me going to her house and i met her parents and made a good impression of course and then we went up to her room to talk about our friendship and stuff like that. Then she asked me if i had had my first kiss yet and I told her that i did (when I was 5 just saying not bragging) and then i asked her the same question and she said that she didn't have her first kiss yet. So then she asked me to kiss her so we both leaned in but at the first attempt she jerked her head to the right and i ended up kissing her cheek she said she didn't know if she wanted to do this yet and then she changed her mind in a few minutes and we tried again and again we leaned in and she jerked her head to the right and tilted it down i kissed her temple. Then again she said she didn't know if she wanted to do this so we went back to talking. Then once again she asked and we leaned in and again she moved her head she just tilted it back this time and i ended up kissing her chin so i looked her and the eyes and i asked her if anything was wrong and if she wanted to try this again one final time and she told me that nothing was wrong and we agreed to try one last time. This time we both leaned in and we finally kissed and after a few minutes we took a step forward i slipped my tongue onto her bottom lip and slowly moved it across her bottom lip giving her the hint of the famous french kiss (which i had done during my first kiss when I was 5 my first kiss did teach me this famous kiss my first kiss was 8 when I was 5 now shes 16 and I'm 14 just pointing that out) we then proceeded. We both opened our mouths and slipped our tongues into each others mouths. This continued on for like an hour (and yes her parents did know that we were just going up to her room to talk but we did not tell them what about). When her parents called us down because it was time for me to go home for the night i decided to take her back downstairs bridle style (or over the threshold is another name for it) so I picked her up and walked down the stairs and to my surprise i was in a completely different house it was the house of my first kiss. I was still holding the girl that i was upstairs with but I was getting screamed at by my first kisses dad and then I woke up from this crazy dream and my arms hurt like I had just been holding something heavy but that feeling had since past. Anyway I just want people's opinions on what this might mean. Please Note: This is just a dream this did not happen for real. Thank You and sorry about the length.

Example: DREAM what does it mean?

okay i was hiking uphill on a dirty sandy forest with 3 dogs a black rottweiler a white husky(love these dogs) and my girlfriends staff. we were at the top after a few steps then there was a few rocks going down one of the dogs ran off (staff) and got caught and chained up in a blood stained room.
i ran down some rocks into a blood stained room to save the dog. this guy(no face that i can picture just black hair) had a pair of scissors and i got stabbed 32 times in the throat. i tryed to fight back but the scissors kept slipping out of my hand and this guy kept hitting the same part of my neck (left inftont of the vein thingy in the middle)
the thing was the scissors didn't hurt me they left a weird feeling in my neck. i could feel my tongue rubbing my windpipe.
i turned around and i was in my passage then i walked into my living room and said i got stabbed 32 times (i was fine though) what's this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I had a dream that I was driving a really small car that I had to pedal. The road I was driving down was really curvy, and there was a lot of things that got in my way, mostly other people, who I had to try not to hit. But came really close to it. Then, my friend ended up showing up out of nowhere, a friend I haven't seen in a year. The road ended up changing a lot, to the point where it got so skinny I had to figure out how to drive on it, and I ended up going onto the grass. What does this mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Well I have a major crush on this boy named Josh. We are in gr.10. We never talk at school maybe once on an odd blue moon but it would just be him saying something like say if theres water on the floor he'll be like "don't slip Katie!" so in my dream last night him and I were in a painting class together and we talked more! We were flirting with each other and laughing together! I can't remember what he did but after he did it I'm like "HEY! Hahahaha" So then he stuck out his tongue and laughed with me! I know it's not much but it's all I remember! So what did my dream mean? Please and thank you! :)

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamed that I lived with my parents and sister again in some sort of farm or the countryside. For some reason everyone in the town had to sacrifice sheep. My parents told my sister and I that we would have to look for our own sheep, they would not give us one of theirs. So me and my sister looked for sheep until we found some. Then I realized something was wrong with my front bottom tooth. I pushed it with my tongue and it twisted, it was loose and about to fall out.

The next night I had another dream, all I remember is that my sister had cancer and everyone was sad and shocked.

Example: Do reacurring dreams have meaning?

Lately, I've been having these dreams that my boyfriend is still sleeping with his ex.
I dream that I either catch them in the act, or I end up finding out through looking in emails, bedroom (evidence), a slip of the tongue, and now that she ends up pregnant with his baby.
They're still best friends, but he assures me that he's faithfull, he's only in love with me, he hasn't had sex with her, or do anything that would upset me...I've talked to him about it and we go through the constant fights where I'm either accusing him of it or talking about him wanting to or to go do it. The thing is, I have caught him at one point with her a while back because I told him that I didn't love him anymore and that it was over, so he did that to get back at me/make sure it was over and then tore himself to pieces after it happened when we wanted to work things out.
I'm afraid of dreaming, some come true or hunches and need to know if dreams have meaning, especially reacurring ones.

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