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Dream About Sleeves meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

Firstly, sorry that this is really long.

I'm a 14 year old girl, and I love my school. I'm usually shy and nice to others and I haven't made any enemies at all so far, and last night I had this dream where I was completely different.

In this dream I was at school and I was with a friend, though I didn't see who it was, but I did see that the playground was wet, as if it had just finished raining.

Then some random blonde girl came along and hugged my friend, saying hi to her, and then she turned to me, gave me an irritated look and said something like "And I thought *I* was ugly, but *this*."

That must have made me angry, because I said something like "Listen here, b'tch! I know I'm ugly, so you don't have to f'cking tell me."

The blonde girl gave me that same look again, and then apparently I did something really weird; I started throwing random punches and kicks, yelling "hii-jah! hii-jah!" although I didn't hit this girl at all, because all the punches and kicks were right in front of her, and she was looking at me like I was insane.

At that moment, a 40-something year old teacher with blondish-grey hair, glasses and a long skirt appeared next to me and said "you, young lady, come with me to the headteacher's office. We do not tolerate this kind of thing at our school." or something like that, while at the same time she was dragging me across the playground by the sleeve of my blazer.

As she was dragging me across the playground I tried to explain: "No but- we were just having a play fight!" That was a complete and utter lie, because a: I didn't know this person and b: it was not a play fight. This teacher still didn't change her mind anyway.

Then the dream sort of skipped to later, when the playground was still wet, and me and a bunch of friends (again, I didn't see who they were because I couldn't see their faces) were searching all over the place trying to find this girl so that I could beat her up. The dream ended there.

It was very strange, because I would never go after someone just to beat them up. If someone insults me in real life I would usually just ignore them. And I would NEVER get in trouble with the head for "assaulting" another person. So, what does this dream mean? Am I going to get in a fight or something?

Your dream could mean a lot of different things. It doesn't necessarily mean that you'll get into a fight though. It could be that you are 14 and you're at that age where a lot of girls come out of their "shell" and like you said in you're dream you were someone completely different. You could be worried about becoming someone you don't want to be. It could also mean because some random girl hugged your friend and acted so coldly towards you, it could be that you feel competitive towards friendships, or that you're worried about having to become competitive over friendships. especially because the aggression between you and the blonde girl was so intense and detailed. You obviously don't want to hurt anyone, seeing as how even though you started swinging fists, not once did you touch the girl. Personally I think this dream represents some of the emotional struggles you may be worried about having to face. I remember when I was 14 I turned into someone I never thought I would ever become, and I became a monster. I didn't realize I had changed so drastically until a few years later I gave myself a wake up call. So honestly in my opinion I think your dream is just a warning, of who not to become. As an example. have you ever seen the movie Mean Girls? Lindsay Lohan plays Katy, and she becomes someone she never imagined possible. someone totally different than she was. just like you in your dream. I'm not saying thats going to happen to you, just be aware of the pressures that surround you and don't give into them. :) Hope I helped and good luck!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream I was in acting class and Hugh Jackman was sitting there, except he was a cross-dresser wearing a short jean skirt, a low cut v neck shirt with little sleeves and he might have been wearing flip flops. It wasn't a wet dream though, just very odd. If you know anything about dreams can you tell me what it might mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night I kept having this dream. I was wearing a white shirt, and I was walking from the library in my neighborhood (which I do all the time). Anyways, as I walking down the street, I heard these guys arguing. In my neighborhood, people argue pretty loudly sometimes. I speed up my walking just in case they started fighting, but instead they just started shooting. As I went to turn around and go another way home. I felt bullets fly past my neck. I also saw some fly in front of me too. So I ducked and started running, but I got shot in my arm.
Once I got home, my boyfriend in my dream took me to the hospital. He told me that I need to learn how to use a gun, and that I had to start carrying one also. I reluctantly agreed to it. What does all of this mean? By the time I got home my sleeve was cored in blood, and there was a huge hole in my arm. Plus they found fragments of the bullet all inside of me. Can somebody explain what all these means?

Example: Does anyone know what my dreams mean?

i was getting married to my new boyfriend
i put on the dress, it was a big white gown wit puffy sleeves and i loved it...but it was a skirt and belly top so my whole stomach was visible

but before i went to the church i panicked because i realized i had no tan my legs wernt waxed and my hair wasnt nice so i cancelled the wedding

another dream i had when i was about 10 (im 22 now) but i always
remember it because it was terrifying...i was upstairs in bed and could hear my family in the living room laughing and watching telly...its was dark upstairs an something scared me and was chasing me down stairs (i never saw it) but just as i got to the living room door i fell and something caught me by the ankles and dragged me back upstairs into the dark...then i woke up

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ok so I woke up, and I remember my dream vividly, down to the littlelest detail... But I woke up in tears...why?

Ok, so my dream was I was in a play and it was about teenagers, like in high school. And at intermition all the actors (including me) sat on the stage and answered other actors questions about ourselfs and audience questions. (the thing is I can remember every question every answer and every person who was on stage) and at the end of the play I hurt my ankle. So I got a crutch. Still in my acting clothes (a long sleeve shirt and athletic shorts) we (my parents and i) go and sit in a church, after a while some old man comes up to us an tells us the service is about to start. My dad sprints while my mom stays with me as I limp. We get to where the service is and my dad is already sitting next to my grandpa. And there's only one empty seat between him and my cousin. So I go and sit by what looks like a little me and a younger version of my mom. There's people at the back getting cake for some reason, all young kids (I can even tell you what they were wearing). And I look up where the alter belongs, and is my uncle (dads brother) in a coffin. (my uncle died almost 10 years ago) an my mom says to the younger her that she's glad I wasn't the age I was then (of little me) and I looked at the younger me and we both started crying our eyes out. And I woke up crying... Can you explain why?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was walking around this amazing hotel when this professional-looking woman came up to me and grabbed my arm. She dragged me into this little room with doors on either side of it, and a huge window with a ledge along the top of the room. She kept threatening me and telling me that she'd kill me, so I shoved her out of my way and climbed up the wall, and laid sideways in the window at the top of the room. She couldn't reach me, so she walked out, locking both the doors. She told me that if I got down, I'd die, and if I stayed there, I'd die.

I needed to get out the window, so I called this little bird that was flying around the room and told the bird to crack the window open. The bird somehow cracked the window open, but I heard the door on the left begin to open, so I pounded on the window with my fists instead, and my knuckles got all bloody and started to sting, but I managed the break the window out. The window I was laying in was 100's of stories above the ground, but I rolled out of it anyway.

Then, as I was falling, I took my jacket off and tied the hood over my head and tucked the sleeves into bracelets on my wrists and it carried me across the city, eventually turning into a pair of wings. I flew on the wings where I met two other girls who looked just like me, one older and one younger. We all flew in a row away from a bunch of women who looked like the first one. The dream ended when the three of us were roped together and pulled from the sky, about to crash into a pool of water on top of another building.

What does this mean? It was a cool dream, but it was also pretty weird.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I had a dream and my class was playing volleyball in my school gym. I forget who was there but I do remember my crush was there onmy team. There was smoke and lights flashing and it was dark in the gym. I was wearing my purple sweater (it has been stretched out on the sleeves) and I tried to roll it up to my elbows but it was always falling down which made me play bad.

I am a good volleyball player and I was freakig out cuz I sucked and my crush was watchin me play. He was yellig at me for beig such a bad player and I was scared. He just kept yelling at me then at the end of the game everything went to normal and he was nice but still mad.

I went back to the gym and I was as good as pro again. My crush was watching me and pretty happy how good I got. It was all just so confusing and I want to know what it means.

I'm still scared on how mad he got at me.
Thanks for any suggestions

Example: Dream meaning:?

This is the third night in a row that I dream of an old love I used to have. We ended up in bad terms recently; I told him not to contact me whatsoever about 2 weeks ago. I'm not sure what his reaction was towards that.
In my dreams, he acts really cool & nice towards me. He makes me laugh & I feel love for him.
It can mean the complete opposite, in real life though.
So please help me because I'm sure these dreams have meaning, since I've had them constantly.

Example: What could this weird dream I had mean?

I had a dream the other night that I can't stop thinking about. It was so vivid. There was a little girl, I think she was a ghost. She was transparent and she had dark circles around her eyes. She was wearing a white long sleeve nightgown. She was creepy but I wasn't scared of her at all. She started walking away from me (we were in my house). She had a briefcase and I wanted to see it so I went after her. She was walking at a regular pace but I was running and I couldn't seem to get to her. Finally we were in my living room and I got close enough to tap her on the shoulder. I asked her what was in the briefcase. She opened it and handed my a framed picture of her and what I assume was her family. It was old and in sepia tone. I was scared by it for some reason and then I woke up. I have no idea what it means. Does anyone know or could give me a website or something where I could find out?

Example: What does red shirt mean in dreams?

What does red short sleeve shirt mean?

and green shorts mean? in a dream.

I had this mean where it was as if someone told me out loud what this guy was wearing. As if it was key to understand this dream.

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