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Dream About Skirts meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

Firstly, sorry that this is really long.

I'm a 14 year old girl, and I love my school. I'm usually shy and nice to others and I haven't made any enemies at all so far, and last night I had this dream where I was completely different.

In this dream I was at school and I was with a friend, though I didn't see who it was, but I did see that the playground was wet, as if it had just finished raining.

Then some random blonde girl came along and hugged my friend, saying hi to her, and then she turned to me, gave me an irritated look and said something like "And I thought *I* was ugly, but *this*."

That must have made me angry, because I said something like "Listen here, b'tch! I know I'm ugly, so you don't have to f'cking tell me."

The blonde girl gave me that same look again, and then apparently I did something really weird; I started throwing random punches and kicks, yelling "hii-jah! hii-jah!" although I didn't hit this girl at all, because all the punches and kicks were right in front of her, and she was looking at me like I was insane.

At that moment, a 40-something year old teacher with blondish-grey hair, glasses and a long skirt appeared next to me and said "you, young lady, come with me to the headteacher's office. We do not tolerate this kind of thing at our school." or something like that, while at the same time she was dragging me across the playground by the sleeve of my blazer.

As she was dragging me across the playground I tried to explain: "No but- we were just having a play fight!" That was a complete and utter lie, because a: I didn't know this person and b: it was not a play fight. This teacher still didn't change her mind anyway.

Then the dream sort of skipped to later, when the playground was still wet, and me and a bunch of friends (again, I didn't see who they were because I couldn't see their faces) were searching all over the place trying to find this girl so that I could beat her up. The dream ended there.

It was very strange, because I would never go after someone just to beat them up. If someone insults me in real life I would usually just ignore them. And I would NEVER get in trouble with the head for "assaulting" another person. So, what does this dream mean? Am I going to get in a fight or something?

Your dream could mean a lot of different things. It doesn't necessarily mean that you'll get into a fight though. It could be that you are 14 and you're at that age where a lot of girls come out of their "shell" and like you said in you're dream you were someone completely different. You could be worried about becoming someone you don't want to be. It could also mean because some random girl hugged your friend and acted so coldly towards you, it could be that you feel competitive towards friendships, or that you're worried about having to become competitive over friendships. especially because the aggression between you and the blonde girl was so intense and detailed. You obviously don't want to hurt anyone, seeing as how even though you started swinging fists, not once did you touch the girl. Personally I think this dream represents some of the emotional struggles you may be worried about having to face. I remember when I was 14 I turned into someone I never thought I would ever become, and I became a monster. I didn't realize I had changed so drastically until a few years later I gave myself a wake up call. So honestly in my opinion I think your dream is just a warning, of who not to become. As an example. have you ever seen the movie Mean Girls? Lindsay Lohan plays Katy, and she becomes someone she never imagined possible. someone totally different than she was. just like you in your dream. I'm not saying thats going to happen to you, just be aware of the pressures that surround you and don't give into them. :) Hope I helped and good luck!

Example: Happy water dreams meaning?

it was a happy dream. In the first section, although i was partly aware of acting in a film, I was playing a mermaid (i had a tail) which i could really swim with, I felt comfortable and confident in the water and my role was to get the attention of a rich sailor who then took me to shore. On the shore there were many other mermaids (my friends in real life) and we were laughing an joking.
In the next section relating to water I was coaching a young actress how to swim in a pool with 2 other experienced coaches. There was a sense we'd been trying for a long time and when she finally achieved it we all rejoiced and i burst into celebratory tears, then a man i am in love with in reality came and commended our efforts.
The last part involving water, my family and I were sitting at a poolside table with many other families at respective tables, at what felt like a presentation or award ceremony. It was a beautiful sunny day and it hadn't begun, I was watching said man I love look at a display of pictures of marilyn monroe and there was conversation to the effect she 'wasn't naturally pretty'. My grandad said I should get his attention so he and my mum lifted my legs up into a handstand, but my skirt was falling down and i kept tugging it back up. I was laughing, this was all fun not stressful...and I almost fell head over heels into the pool but I recovered.

Example: What dose this dream mean?

I dreamed that I had a birthday party in my old house ( it is in another country) and there were only like 3 or 4 of my friends we were still planing but I don't know why I felt really creped out about it and the front door wouldn't open and there was a small window in the middle of the door ( like the ones sometimes for pets ) but in the middle of the door and everyone that came opened the door from outside and just jumped in and my friends were wearing really weird cloths and weird colours and like very very short skirts and there was that girl (that I hate in real life) she came 2 and the house looked really creepy to me it was dark and

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream I was in acting class and Hugh Jackman was sitting there, except he was a cross-dresser wearing a short jean skirt, a low cut v neck shirt with little sleeves and he might have been wearing flip flops. It wasn't a wet dream though, just very odd. If you know anything about dreams can you tell me what it might mean?

Example: Does anyone know what my dreams mean?

i was getting married to my new boyfriend
i put on the dress, it was a big white gown wit puffy sleeves and i loved it...but it was a skirt and belly top so my whole stomach was visible

but before i went to the church i panicked because i realized i had no tan my legs wernt waxed and my hair wasnt nice so i cancelled the wedding

another dream i had when i was about 10 (im 22 now) but i always
remember it because it was terrifying...i was upstairs in bed and could hear my family in the living room laughing and watching telly...its was dark upstairs an something scared me and was chasing me down stairs (i never saw it) but just as i got to the living room door i fell and something caught me by the ankles and dragged me back upstairs into the dark...then i woke up

Example: What does my dream mean?

I've had weird dreams all the time but none that would ever make me cry and there all in places that i would know ( like if you walked through a door and you were at your parents house ) but this one seemed like a whole other world i was at a play ground and the houses looked like something from a movie three girls walked pass with like shorts and skirts on but you could see all booty cheeks then i was taken and put into this mental institution so me and three other girls would go and ride bikes over these boards in something that looked like a old train station ( it had old boards, gray and white rocks, alot of dust, and bobbed wire around the place ) then we were in this room that could be the place where they put all the patients in ( for like eating and rec ) this guy was there and he was leaving on his bike so i rode on the back down the hill and he let me off and i walked back ( this is were my dream starts to scare me ) i get back to the top of the hill and there is a post where a guard had a gun and it was high up like in a prison so he let me in after he almost killed me and i was talking to other kids how the boy let me ride on the back of the bike and the man that worked there started to tease me about the boy with the bike saying that i liked him so i tried to walk away and he grabbed me from behind so i grabbed the pen but i dropped it cause i didn't want them to think i was going to be violent and they wouldn't stick me with the needle so when the nurses came out they had a needle and i froze cause i thought they were going stick me with the needle and they gave it to him and he stuck it in his penis i guess to make it go down and he went in this room then they came with another needle and i knew it was for me and i started cry cause i knew it was gonna knock me out but i didn't know for how long ( im not the type of person thats scared of needles ) when i woke up the next day this spanish nurse came in and told me to listen and the tv was playing in the other room and it said that Barak Obama became president ( the only part of my dream i was happy about lol ) they gave me a picture of the staff and the man was on it and i tore him off the picture they told me he was fired then she told me to get my toys and we can go in my regular room when i looked up this other nurse had my 10 month old baby in her arms and i froze like i was gone for a long time and there was my baby so when i got to my room i put 2 bibles in my lap and was going to write my father to tell him to come and get me and before i could put pen to paper i started crying and i woke up crying uncontrollably i cryed for about then minutes non stop

Example: What Does This Dream Mean?

i dreamed that my sister died,i didnt actually see her die, but my family told me. that she was holding these flip flops and she died. i burst into tears and was screaming.then i suddenly had little flashbacks (even thogh i dont know who this woman is) that she had anorexia and was a model andnhated her body, she thought that she was fat, but she had a nice butt, then she died. then my dream went outside i got in a car and my mom siddenly told me that a witch was chasing me. and it was true i turned back and there was a big black car behind us. i was scared out of my wits. and then its just me and my mom getting away from this lady. Anthen i was at school, i was wearing short shorts and i went to go hang out with my friends. they were all saying how cool it was that the school was giving away some awesome back packs for them. and thats all i remeber. I know there was more but thats all i remember.
Thanks. May God Bless You.

Example: What do you think this dream means?

The guy I like and I are best friends and we go to church together. In my dream, we were sitting together during a service, though I don't think it was at our church. After the service was over, I was going to look for my neighbor I ride home with, but he stopped me and pointed out that I had something on my skirt. After I got it off, his mom had came over and was smiling. He said "Screw this. You're really pretty and sweet. I really like you. Will you go out with me?" I was speechless, so I just nodded my head. His mom hugged me, then he hugged me and held me for a long time. My neighbor who is old came over and said something and sounded disgusted(she can't stand him) and then left. Apparently there was another service. We sat together again, except this time I had my head on his shoulder, and he had his arm around me and held my hand. Then I woke up. I typically don't believe in dreams, but lately this guy has been acting like he likes me. So, does maybe my dream mean anything, or do I have a wild imagination?

Example: What does this dream mean?

so last night i cut (not for the first time) before i went to sleep and then i had a dream that a girl in my class, (someone who i never talk to) she was wearing like the school skirt and she accidentally moved her leg and her skirt like moved too far up her leg and just revealed all these cuts on her leg. i cut on my legs so i want to know, is this dream telling me that this girl cuts or if i do something at school by accident, that someone might see my cuts.. it's scaring me because no one knows i do it.

Example: What does it mean that i dreamt of my GrandMa who just died recently wearing red blouse and black skirt?

My GrandMa just died recently. About a month ago. Last night i dreamt of her talking to me and she was wearing red blouse with black skirt and smiling at me, trying to hand me a money? what does this mean?

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