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Dream About Skinny Dipping meanings

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Example: Does This Dream Have a Meaning?

Last night I dreamed I skinny dipped at a public pool. I don't know why, but there was dirt at the bottom of the pool, so I dug down a bit and found a chest full of treasure. Did it mean something or was it just a weird dream?

Most times in dreams naked is being personally naked, is not wanted, and is embarrassing,
Skinny dipping is a choice to be naked.
So here maybe means revealing yourself, maybe being the inner you or real you, in public.
You dug past the dirt you found in you, finding the treasure within you.

So did you stripping off the superficial, or false, part of yourself reveal your treasure of your real more honest self?

Example: What is the meaning of this dream, that i had last night?

well, the dream started off with me at a party with my friends. it was about three in the morning. we were all sitting by the bonfire, and about to go, uh, skinny dipping. (the strange thing is, we planned to do all of this tonight... everything i've mentioned so far). all of a sudden, i couldn't find anyone, although they had been right next to me all along. And all of a sudden, my friend, (well, lets just say there's complications. i liked him, he always acted like he liked me. everyone told me to ask him out. i asked my friend to ask if he'd ever go out with me. he said right now he just wants to be my friend. as i was venting to my friend, i told her who he was, and being like a sister to me, 3 or 4 years older, she told me to watch out for him. last year when he was riding her friends bus, [when he was in seventh grade, like i am now] he asked her friend if "her muffin was buttered, and if she wanted him to butter it for her". creeper!)

anyway, he just appeared there. he started walking towards me... and i ran. i'm not sure why, it just felt like my legs just had instinct to run away. he didn't run after, but he just appeared in front of me again.

then, the scene turned into that friend i was talking about, her house. i felt the urge to cry, hard. and i did. i noticed boxes all around, and soon after realized that she was moving. far away. i started crying even harder.. and she hugged me, and then the scene and everyone in it just melted away, leaving me in white abyss. i screamed, and woke up.

this confuses me... what does this dream mean?!

Example: Can you tell me what my dream means?

ok so first off i remember my whole dream, it started off in my backyard it was really dark out we were having some kind of part i guess? and all of a sudden my ipod fell in a hole and sank lol? and it took me forever to dig out? and the other part of my dream we were at a wave pool me and my friend but there was like only 6 people there very clear water and the waves were unusually high, i could breather under water to and then the wave pool caught on fire? then that's when i woke up any ideas?

Example: What does it mean to dream of being called fat..?

It was an interesting dream... I was on a bus by myself, closer to the front, and there were two celebrities on the bus too, I think one of them was Amanda Seyfried, but I don't remember the other one.. Amanda was sitting directly across from me and the other women was across and one row up. They were both sitting closer to the inner part of the bus (so not the window seat) For some reason, I had a spoon and a lot of pasta... And I started spooning out all this pasta and dumping it on the seat next to Amanda! She didn't notice and she was looking out the window- I was literally doing it under her nose, like I was reaching across her and everything. I was doing it to the celebrity in front of her too. I sat down and I heard Amanda let out a small scream. Then I started to regret that I did it. She said who did this?! And looked at me. I looked across, expecting there to be a big pile of pasta and there were... books. The pasta had turned into books. I had stood up and I was looking at it now and I shrugged. Then the women in front turned around and said, 'me too! Who did this!' I looked in front and she was holding up albums and cd's. The pasta changed there too. They were looking at me thinking it was me, when my friend from my school got up, I didn't even realise he was in front of me! He said something like, 'I'll happily clean that up for you!' And him and his friend got up, I think he was from my school too but I can't remember too well, and they started singing as they picked up all these books and albums from each seat! I was laughing with them and helping them, and by now the two celebrities had left, I don't think they were that angry though. They were asking where I was going and then I became more aware that I was on a bus and had no idea where I was going. I said I had an argument with my mum and just got on the first bus (I don't remember the argument it just came out). I looked out the window and saw a pretty park and a dip as an oval- lots of trees. The boys said they were going to a pool party and I should come. I did.

We arrived to this party and there were two parents talking to a group of kids about the way they had designed their backyard. The backyard had sort of waist height limestone walls around the edges of the backyard with grass on top so you could sit there. The inner part had a pool under the veranda though which was weird and a swing under the verandah right next to the outdoor table. I remember being there and being excited because I saw an old friend from my previous school. We were happy to see each other. It was a normal party and I think I got in the pool at one point but I hardly remember. But I went to hang up my towel on the pool fence and I saw some guy point at my towel and shake his head, snickering. I noticed how my towel was really wet, almost saturated and it was dripping a lot of water compared to other towels. I felt really fat because I thought it was only like that because it would have more of a mass to dry! I don't know why I thought that. I sort of made a sad face and as I was going back inside four people came out of the pool up to me. It was my old school friend, and three skinny guys from my school. They came up and said they were really sorry for calling me fat (I never actually heart them say it) one of them said 'you should just work it, you know, work being fat'. I laughed slightly but went home early sad. My old school friend was the only girl at that party by the way, the rest were guys.

I got home and my mum had change my room. On my wall, I have all these positivity notes and inspiration type things about life and photos and she had taken them all down. I dropped to my knees and started screaming and crying, I was so upset- It fills up a whole wall and its collected up over a year. I then realised that she had put her own notes and photos up. I was still angry and upset.

I wonder if the fat thing is because I stopped working out as much lately. I'm nowhere near fat but theres always a bit of weight to lose (as any teenage girl would say) so I want to get back into it, and I'm planning on doing a fast. I sort of have wanted a boyfriend lately so that might of been why there were so many guys around, but its hard to have the confidence to date when I don't like my body at the moment.

Example: Does my dream mean something?

I had a dream I was at a lake and at first it was dark and scary. Once I was in, the water was completely still and not quite clear and not exactly murky. It was as if there was light in the water and I was with this guy (I know him in real life). We were all skinny dipping but before I even saw him in the water I went to the shore to check if my clothes were still there but instead I put on what happened to be his necklace (it was some sort of silver animal). We then kissed and stuff but when we were eating out with friends, his arm was around me and I tried to kiss him but he pulled away. I was kind of sad but I went to sit with his girlfriend and he sat with his guy friends. His girlfriend had no idea.

Example: What does my dream mean? Recurring?

So last night I dreamed of a place I have never been in my life, but I dream of it a lot. Its a small town, and I always happen to be near one of those children sized trains. In my dream, teens can fit in it. Anyway, the train goes down a slope and through a small tunnel. It pretty much an amusement ride. Its the only place I ever see, the park and the train ride.
But this time, I was at a party in a huge building. I know that it was in the town, because me and my friends ( some of them i didn't know, but I was familiar with it them in my dream) walked there. I guess I was friends with this boy, and he didn't talk to me a lot but I was always aware that he was there.
So I was dancing and talking to my friends when another boy kissed me on the neck, a weird way of apologizing for saying something mean about my ex. I blushed and looked away, and that's when my ex walked up. He was looking at me angrily, and he said that I promised him that I wouldn't go out with other guys after we dated. (in real life, I did say that) I disregarded him, looking behind his shoulder. Thats when I saw him.
In my dream, I knew he was the one. He was the one that I was going to be in love with.
Suddenly we were swimming in a lake, and he was watching me and smiling. Did I mention we were skinny dipping? lol im extremely shy, but in my dream I was completely comfortable. It was night time, I think. I dont think we were allowed to like eachother, so it was forbidden.
Next thing I know its morning and Im staring at the train again, but this time I'm horribly sad. He's with me, and people are forcing me to say goodbye. Im going home, to another state.
I hug him, even though Im not supposed to, and then we decide to ride the train. I stare into his eyes the whole time, and they're crystal blue.

Can you please, please, answer me? This town and this boy keep showing up in my dreams. Every time I see him Im completely in love, and the town is always familiar to me.
Thanks! :)

Example: What could my dream mean? Confused?

I had a dream that I was walking in the woods behind my house, my favorite place, and these two guys came up behind me. They had a group of girls with them and said they made the girls skinny dip in the creek and let the boys mess with them or they'd take them out into the woods and get them lost. Then the girls dissappeared as the boys were approaching me (guys my own age) and the guys became my friends (literally, replaced by guys I know) I forgave them, accepting that they were just joking around. Then I woke up.
I'm really confused as to what this means. I forgave them really quickly, even though it wasn't them attacking me, and it's not something to joke about.
Maybe I've just been watching too much TV?
Or could it mean I'm taking something in my past that's creeping up on me too seriously?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamed I was at a lake with a bunch of my friends then we noticed two guys in the lake swimming. suddenly my friends were gone and only one guy was swimming. We were skinny dipping and I felt like I loved him... it was weird. What did this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Okay I really like this girl in my school, but she wasnt in my dream, in my dream was my sisters best friend who is 19 and I am 13, I had dream that we were in my pool and we kept grabbing each other and she whipped off her bra and stuffed my face in them and she pulled down her panties and we totally skinny dipped and I got out and I layed my face in her butt... weird dream but what does it mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream yesterday where me and Bella were walking beside the beach during the sunrise holding hands and talking to each other, then all of the sudden Freshy appears and start yelling at us, so then Bella pulls a knife and stab Freshy 12 times. then we put his body in a large bag to throw him in the water but all of the sudden a cop appears and says "hey, u cant throw trash bags in the water!" so zeid says " oh no sir dont worry its not a trash bag, its just a dead body in the bag"
so then the cop says"oh I am sorry for that, sorry for wasting ur time" so we threw the bag in the water
and then we kept walking and at the end we sat under a tree and...
I WOKE UP UNFORTUNATLEY! At the sound of my mom yelling my name. :'(
what does my dream actually mean? I wish My mom didnt yell my name so i couldve finish that beautiful dream.
I really had that dream. Please serious answers only :P

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