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Dream About Sinking meanings

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Last night i dreamed that i was on a mission for some medical company to this far-off place. We, three other people and myself, were on this huge ship and it sank in this lake. there were huge sharks in the water and there was this huge monolith sticking out fo the water. There was only room for 2 people to sit on the top, but we managed to get everyone out of the water. suddenly we were near the shore, and i was really sunburned. We got to the shore and a cop was there. she was bangning on some can drinks like a bell and yelling that there was a fire. She didnt try to help save us or anything. Then i saw some loons, the birds, and they were getting ready to mate. Then i woke up. I would love some interpretation.

Ok, it's starts off that your on a mission for a medical company. You went on a ship together, but it sunk in the lake. All managed to get out.. then you got sunburned by the shore. Then a cop yelling fire. And then you saw loons and birds and such.

Ok, maybe you were dreaming about saving wildlife, maybe polution is bothering you. From you getting sunburned, this might be because of the increase in global warming, [more heat]. When the cop was yelling fire, maybe she was referring to you as "forest fires", these are a major destruction to peope. The loons and birds were getting ready mate, probably due to the fact of extinction of animal species, so they could re-populate.

I have tried my best to interpretate your dream. I hope I've helped in some way. :)

Example: What does it mean if you dream there's loads cockroaches in the kitchen eating a dead horse's head in the sink?

Example: I had a dream i was throwing up alot of blood in the sink wat does this mean?

i was in my down stairs bathroom and i was throwing up blood in the sink and i guess my mom was in the up stairs bathroom and she said she saw some blood come out the up stairs sink.

Example: I had a dream that I urinated into a sink and there were ladybugs in my urine. What does that mean?

There were about half a dozen ladybugs; the smallest were already dead, but there were two large ones that were alive. I smashed one and then I was going around in circles trying to smash the other but I never could catch it. I was so angry. In real life I never smash ladybugs or urinate in the sink.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about sinks filled with orange juice?


Example: What does a sinking cruise ship dream mean if the ship sinks in shallow water and I travel as a ball of light?

I had a dream that I was on a sinking ship along the coast somewhere in the the southern tropical hemisphere. The ship sank in shallow water between two islands and sat there tipped to one side with everyone hanging off the edges screaming, and islanders were waiting for us to go ashore to kill us. Some people that fell off the ship and were being tortured by islanders. I got off and started traveling through the islands as a small ball of blue light with two companions to try to find help over mountains and woods. One of my companions got eaten and I lived the pain as if it was me...what does this mean?

Example: I had a dream that a cruise would sink what does this mean?

im going on a cruise and tihs dream scares me its so that i can get away from wintter for awhile!to the bahamas!i hope><

Example: I had a dream i was on a sinking ship... What does this mean?

I was on a cruise ship that was just leaving its port and a boat that was traveling on the side went up in flames. I jumped off and starting swimming to help save people. After i had brought some to safety, I went to save more because a lifeboat caught on fire. After that, I was back on my boat when it lost control and hit something. When the boat was sinking, I gathered cushions from furniture that could float and handed them over to people. When the boat was in the water, we were all just floating there and laughing.

It makes no sense to me because my mother, uncle, and cousin were in the dream.

Example: What does it mean to dream about a sinking ship?

Last night i had a dream i was in a cruise ship in cold waters and it was slowly sinking. We called for help but left there for days with the ship sinking right before the sink sank all the way a little water poured in then i woke up

Example: What does this dream mean? A ship sinking and rising.?

I saw dis dream a few nights back. Stormy sea...Saw a ship sinking and then rising and then sinking and then again rising...

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