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Dream About Silver Dollars meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my mom's dream mean?

So, last night, my mom had a dream about me. She had a very vivid memory of it too, which kind of creeped me out. She said that she put my body into one of those boxes that sit on the corner of the street in front of your house, ya know? That the electrical stuff is in. Ya, those. And i was in the fetal postion. I had a white t-shirt on, jeans and i was barefoot, um, she also said my hair was up in a messy bun, and my eyes were kind of sunken into my head. She would check everyday (by checking through the window) to see if anyone would find my body. Also, that she lived alone (yes, my parents are divorced, so it's just me and her), and she was wearing a green sweater and she was really anxious and nervous because she was thinking what would happen if someone found my body. It really freaked me out, because she remembered it so vividly. Her bouyfriend was sitting there too, and he stared at her with eyes the size of silver dollars. I just, acted like it didn't bother me, but in reality it did greatly, and now, i'm kind of nervous and a little scared, though she is my mother and a very nicde, gentle woman, so i'll just make sure not to piss her off. Any who, what does her dream mean?

This is what it means and is a way to prevent it: The end of your body is exposed or uncovered to your mother (your barefeet). Barefeet also shows that this will happen at an unexpected moment if you do not prepare. Your hair was in a bun because you are going out one night on a date or important event. You are then kidnapped and killed and your mother waits wondering if anyone will find your body. You're in a fetal position because she remembers you as her baby, giving birth to you and you being helpless. When she puts you out by the roadside, it means she finally gets over her anguish and sorrow after your body is found. Now this is the clue that will help you to prevent this...the electrical or utility box: Beware of utility vehicles or vans. The person who may try to do this will likely be an electrician or into electronics or utility services, probably in service to your house or neighborhood. Do not take any chances when you are alone. Don't live your life in fear, but take extra precautions to protect yourself. Your advantage is that your mother could foresee this coming and offer some clues. I hate to deliver this interpretation to you, but I believe it's true. Say a prayer to God, through the salvation of Jesus Christ dying for our sins...seriously. God is able to change all things when invited to do so. God bless you. Oh, and one last thing I missed, the green sweater shows she will seek comfort, warmth, and healing getting over letting you go if this were to happen.

Example: What does a dream about silver dollars mean?

i dreamed i forgot a dress that i needed to wear to an awards show so i went to my hotel and i found silver dollars on the floor and some other money and put them in my purse or pocket. one of them had dorothy from the wizard of oz as the emblem on the silver dollar...lol. but any symbology there that makes sense?

Example: I died in a dream but I didn't wake up. does it mean anything (sorry very long question) ?

I was on top of a apartment building under construction (roof), it was so empty it made me bored so i decided to put some extra floors to it and i started to build the building up with material lying around. It was very successful that i have put up the building three times its original height (yeah somehow i got out of my head) but i was still bored. Then I started taking off my clothes and running around naked thinking "no one can see me, I'm on the roof of the tallest building around!" and suddenly i realized there is another taller building right beside mine, and some people in that building are looking at me weird.

so i started to put on my clothes and then it struck me, a building built three time its original height in a Lego fashion can not be stable! immediately i started to run back to my construction site but i was so sacred of the height that i have to crawl back. there i was, on a extremely tall building that the people under it looks like ants, i thought to myself: "if i fall for sure i will die." suddenly a friend appeared (don't know who) and we proceeds to take the building apart screw by screw nut by nut. thinking it was so retarded of me to build this thing in the first place. it's amazing how fast i put the entire thing up and now it take ages.

and then it struck me again! why is this building not wobbling? considering how tell and unstable it is. oh it must have been windless, and sure enough there is the wind now. it first started to blow forward, and i can feel the building started to wobble, i said: "oh please don't fall, please don't fall." it bowed stronger but the building stood. all of a sudden the wind started to blow to the opposite direction, the wind force and the building's correction motion snapped the building into half, and i, on it fell to my doom. my last thought was "no im going to die." (usually i will just wake up right at this moment of free fall but this time i didn't) I was no longer inside my head, i can see the entire building rolling down the hill crashing onto the high way below, "yup no doubt, i died." i said. then I felt light, fast! i started running around aimlessly on the road feeling free, happy almost, between the cars on the high way, on the side walk but no matter where i go i will always end up coming back to the place where I died, police cars are all around the place, ambulance, firetrucks, the place was quarantined by those yellow tapes, but i refuse to look at the place in detail, refuse to accept the fact that i died, but my curiosity drove me to search for my body, and all i see is a pile of red goo on a smashed silver car.

i was sad, i felt no weight, no fear, but i was sad, standing on the side walk looking at passing people, thinking of my parents. I remembered what i said to one of my friends back when i was alive, "if i were die tomorrow, i wouldn't be sorry." (i did say it, but at the time i was a little depressed) and clearly i said to my dead self, "i take that back, i'd take it back." (I was actually very clear minded in the dream) and all of a sudden i felt that i need to pee(?). so i started to search for a washroom around and at a intersection, i heard two person talk, one of them also need to go to a washroom, the other person said to him/her, "go to that gas station over there." and sure enough there is a gas station right over there, i got there in no time (literally), but when i got there i no longer have the urge to pee i found myself in a small snack store, all of a sudden i want to have a bag of chips, i dug my hands in to my pocket, i found one 5 dollar and a 10 dollar bill, and i said to the cashier, "i'd like a bag of chips plz.". He looked up, startled, and then he smiled! he produced 5 bags of chips from no where and put them right up to my face and said, "which flavor do you like?" I couldn't make out the word on the bag nor their flavor but i felt that one of them looked more appealing so i replied, "the middle one." and i woke up.

i just turned 18, if that matters.

I think it was an interesting dream. it is one of the two most interesting dream I've had so far, i mean come on it actually have a story line, and that is pretty rare, at least for me. hope it doesn't repeats itself like the other one (it was a nightmare and it repeated itself for 1 week straight to the point that its not scary anymore).

don't tell me it means that i died and became a ghost sort of thing, i know that, something a bit more interesting. :) thanks in advance for any answers, i know its a very very very long question.

Example: Confusing dream. same as before but has a small difference? what do you think this dream means?

i was walking down yet another dirt road. i was picking up more things. this time they were feathers. ravens feathers i thought. but they were made of stone. ebony. beside me walked a big black cat. built like a tiger, but colored like the jaguar. and on my other side was a similarly built cat that was white. in the same place around the tail and a dot on the forehead, they both had the same marking of the opposite color. i had a small bag slung over my shoulder and i was wearing a cloak. long, reaching the ground and black. and i felt wings. i still feel them, and i am awake typing this. i had dog like ears, i can still feel those also. and my eyes were a silvered green. which as i am awake, they are brown. all of a sudden a black dragon appears on the horizon and swoops and lands before me. it bows. sort of awkwardly. it is 30 feet long and has green eyes. and a white stripe down the left wing. he calls himself "sky-rider" and he says he is a teacher. he says he teaches about the dream realm. (what?). we walk and speak to each other. my dream self is not scared at all. (what would you do if a 30 foot long black dragon landed and bowed to you?). the black cat says " we are hear only once, to take the place of the wolves." the white cat says " and we have come with a message for the wolf walker."(wolf walker is one of my nicknames. and i have had it since i was at a place and they gave you a hundred dollars to stay in a pen with 3 wolves. they put the pen in half. there were 7 people on the human side. then the three wolves. i sat down and three people left. they then opened the gate and let the wolves out. every one else left. i continued to sit. the wolves cam and sat beside me. and they were wild wolves. the man said i scared him.) the black and white said at the same time " we have some to tell of war. blood will run in rivets. tears will pool in hearts. minds will scream with sadness and pain. and souls will whither. the battle is yours to fight, you must keep it undone. your actions might well cost many lives." all this time i had not noticed the dragon had left. i noticed now. there was a single black scale i picked it up. then i woke up. but just as i woke up there came the same female voice from every other dream saying " the sky is your home. seek it." and then i woke up. then in my bedroom i found the scale. i find that disconcerting because my dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, all of the animals, wild and tame, will not go near it. what do you think it means? and i would like long explanations. thank you for your help.
ok seeing as i will most likely be advised to add things about my life.
1: i am single. so can't be a relationship thing.
2: sure my life has had its snags but nothing, well not many things, severe.
3: i live with my real mother and my stepfather.
4: my real father is dead.
5: i am 16.
6: and these dreams are kinda creepy at times. though i take the creepy parts out. i know what causes those.i hope this helped. seeing as
thank you for your help.
and instead of a black dragon with a white stripe and green eyes and male. it is now a white dragon, black stripe, blue eyes and female.

Example: Does this dream really mean anything?

Tom, one of my friends, was banging on a snack-food vending machine that was completely empty. He was yelling, but I do not remember what. He looked like he was in a gas station store, and there were other vending machines, all in a row. The others had stuff in them, but he paid no attention to them. He had a green, portable shopping basket that looked like the ones at the Dollar Store sitting on the ground on his left. It had black handles. Tom was wearing a black t-shirt with baggy black jeans that had several pockets and loops. It was held up but a spikey, black belt and had matching spikey black bracelets. He had a lip piercing on the left of his bottom lip. A silver chain came from his pocket and was connected to his Spider-man wallet.

It was really wierd, and I had this dream four time, all in a row.

Example: To dream of nails? What does it mean?

I dreamt that I was putting on an open toed shoe. And I pushed my foot in and my big toe nail was completely clear of nail polish. But the rest of my toes had nail polish. I don't know what this means but I feel it had a meaning behind it. I heard to dream of your own feet meant despair..
My dog passed away yesterday morning and we have been devastated and crying all day.

Another thing, in the dream my nails were purple. Irl they're silver. And it was only that one toe. The one on my other foot had polish.

.. It sounded to me like my dream said something around the lines of like one of the big things that kept me balanced is gone now..
I may be wrong idk. Help?

Example: Weird travel dream-any ideas as to meaning? (long)?

I was on a train ride up north. Husband was there, but in the dream I only saw him once or twice. It was beautiful outside-trees, rivers, mountains. Beauty everywhere. I remember hearing someone on the loudspeaker talking about a glass bridge that was once used, but has been closed down. They said if you look through the trees you can see it. I opened these russet colored velvet draperies and looked through a picture window. (still on the train, but stopped because no scenery was going past) There was a beautiful blue river below and spanning it was this bridge. Made of metal and glass. The sides/walls of the bridge were glass blocks, and the framework was metal. They were aged/cloudy, but still beautiful. I saw the floor (?) of the bridge and knew it was also made of glass, but it was dirty and if I walked on it, I knew it would break.

The scene changed and I was outside. The train was stopped for a break and we were allowed to stretch our legs. Then husband and I were in a rowboat, (I didn't see him, but knew he was there) but I don't remember any oars, but we were moving. No motor, no sails. We were on a slow moving river, and I was thinking how beautiful the scenery was. I dipped my hand into the cool water and it felt soooo good. I wanted to jump in. I looked up ahead and there was a kind of a pen in the water for swimming creatures. Kind of like a "Shamu" pen if you've ever been to Sea World. But more natural. There were 3 grizzly bears swimming in the water, lazily. Their fur was wet and I remember seeing the ends of their fur shining like silver.

Then I remember hurrying back to the train. I was thinking...OMG we're going to be late and miss the train! Sure enough the train had just pulled out of the station. We went inside and husband promptly disappeared, going to sightsee in the station/museum kind of building. I spoke to one of the workers and asked if they could call the train back. He told me no, but they would be waiting for us in Eugene and we can take a taxi up there to Eugene. I asked them if I could simply stay overnight and catch the next one. They said "No, because it's not the same train and your belongings will not be on the train." I am getting pretty stressed out at this point. I asked how much a taxi would be. The man told me to go outside and ask. As I approached the door, an older woman whispered to me, "Talk to the first car-they will deal with you" I went to the 3rd car instead and was told it would be 1400 dollars to drive up to Eugene. I gasped and felt my insides tighten up. I went to the second car and this woman was there. If you've ever seen the Muppets, she looked like a human version of Janice in the Electric Mayhem Band. Blonde-hippie type. She said she could get us there for 1000 bucks.

At this point I'm thinking, I don't have that kind of money in my checking account, and I don't have a credit card to cover it. I am near tears now and almost frantic. I am thinking..."Well, i could write a check and hope it didn't come through till I got paid" Then I realized that my wallet and all my belongings are on the train. I have nothing, no money, no cell phone, nothing. i am stuck in this town and no way to get out. Husband is no where to be found. I burst into tears, frustration, anger, sorrow, worry. all the emotions rolled into one. And then I woke up.

Example: Can someone please help me with this dream? Dream about "dirty money" Please help?

Before my vision I was praying beside my bed, and I was falling in and out of sleep. In the dream I saw a man's had out stretched towards me and in his hands were 3 silver dollars covered with mud.

What could this possibly mean?

Example: What does picking up coins mean?

I had a dream last night that I was walking around my hometown with my ex boyfriend (however I was sleeping next to him in real life) and I was finding a lot of dimes and half dollars and quarters and silver dollars. I was going nut-so picking them all up. I was excited. A lot of them were kinda old and rusty looking. The dimes always looked new. And I was thinking that people had dropped them in the snow in the winter and when the snow melted they were left for me to pick up and find. It was this time of year though so I didn't understand why nobody had picked them up all summer.

Now it doesn't snow where I grew up, but it snows where I live now. And me and my ex-boyfriend are working on your relationship maybe looking at getting back together. And I work at a bank.

Example: If the dollar is going down does it make sense to invest in Yuan?

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