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Dream About Silver Coins meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

Last night I dreamed that I was sitting on a field at night, looking up at the sky. Instead of stars there were gold coins and I could just reach up and pluck them out of the sky. Then I started eating them. Actually chewing through the metal and swallowing them.
Just interested in what it means

The Age of Aquarius is here.This was a new age dream.Piscean translations are in error in interpreting a new age dream.The Aquarian is a spiritual age in that our Creator will draw us closer to Him.Subconscious just letting you know what you need to know.
Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) psychic for all ages;
"Silver and gold are those necessary elements that are needed in body when mind has been attuned to Creative Forces."3491-1
"strengthening influences of gold,"1931-1
"Nothing more effective in the blood supply than gold,that we obtain from the seafoods;such as oysters,clams--but not crabs,not such natures as these.Certain elements as we would find in the lobster,but not the Maine Lobster;preferably those of the southern waters."698-1

Example: What is the meaning of dreaming with silver jewelry, wedding, and fear of theft?

I had a dream in which I was dressing up, about to marry my husband(we had a civil wedding but decided to wait for the religious ceremony, something that I've been waiting for) in the church; I was in my childhood home, and took out some silver jewelry to go with the white lace dress I had on. In my dream I owned the jewelry. My mother came and brought me a box full of silver jewelry. It had some small gold pieces but I did not pay attention to them. I took them out, trying them on, trying to decide what to wear. I remember all the silver shinning as if it had moonlight on it. I decided for a small crown, almost a diadem, and a silver necklace that reminded me of the moon, and started trying and looking at earrings and rings to match. The whole time, I had the jewelry on top of our dining table(a rectangle, Wood, 6-seater table I loved in my childhood home-I lived there right up to my marriage.) and I was afraid of someone stealing some of it. In my dream, I knew who it was, but now all I can remember is that it was either a girl or a woman, and she was small, perhaps with an ugly/distorted by hate face. As I was waking up, I was seeing her picking up some of the jewelry, but I was in a hurry to go to the church and decided to forgo my fears of her stealing. It was implied she was a close friend or relative. Of this dream, I remember the most, the silver in the jewelry. It was very shiny and well-finished, pieces that must have cost a lot to buy, and I loved every piece. They made me feel good when I saw them(in the dream) and I was surprised in my dream that my mother had rounded up so much silver, since she likes gold(I like silver best), so I knew some pieces must be new, and some might had come from my husband or family. This dream has stayed with me all day, like other dreams that have had some impact in my life; however I don't understand this dream too much, but at the moment, I'm looking for a job, and expecting several other good changes in my life, I thought the dream might be telling me something...could you help me understand it?

Example: Help, what did my dream mean please?

last night i had a dream where i went to the circus with one of my old mates, i left the circus and ran down this steep hill, i jumped and i was flying over these beautiful fields, there was a forest nearby but i didn't want to crash so i landed, i went back to tell my mate, everyone was leaving the circus at this point and then me and my mate went flying down this hill.

there dream then went to an arcade, i was with my sister and dad and i found lots of coins on the floor.

*i woke up in real life and then went back to sleep*

then i had a dream where i was getting ready for a competition to see whose balloon could go the furthest, that same hill was there, but i couldn't fly down it this time.

then i was in my kitchen and my dad told me to put the cat out.

what did it mean please?

Example: Meaning of dream about picking coins from the ground?

I dreamt that i was about to buy cigarettes from a store, but i didn't buy it when i got there, instead i bought a chocolate flavored snack. Then i saw a cake, i wanted to buy it too but i thought it was expensive, so i just left the store. On my way home it was already dark (i walked to the store and it was late noon i think) and i saw a coin in the ground on the side of the street. Take note it was the soil type of ground just beside the cement, and as i was picking up the coin, i saw more of them in silver and gold colors, they seem to multiply and i keep finding more so i picked them all up. Then i woke up. The coins that i saw were just a small monetary value in our local currency. I already researched the basic meaning of the symbols in my dream, but i'm looking for a clearer answer/opinion as to what this dream may be suggesting. This is the second time that i have dreamt picking up coins, the first one was several months ago, i saw a coin inside the church and as i picked it up i keep seeing more of them. I hope someone can give me input on what this dream may mean.

Example: What does it mean to dream of very shiny coin which design is gold in the center and around it is silver?

I dream of a very shiny 10-piso coin in my dream. In our country the design of 10-piso coin is gold at the center and silver around it. In my dream it was given to me by someone I can't remember who. I was fondly looking at it for it was very shiny coin. Please interpret my dream. thank you.

Example: I dreamt of coins?

I dreamt about coins. what does it mean?

Example: Dreamt of silver necklace with my nickname on it. What does it mean?

I was searching something on the bed of this guy who became special to me before. Then I found a silver necklace. It has a coin-like pendant. I was thinking on my dream that maybe it was for her girlfriend. Then when I flipped it, I was surprised when I saw my embossed nickname there. I panicked that he might enter back to his room and then.. I woke up. What could this mean?

Example: I dreamt vividly of a penny black but in form of very old coin...saw the words penny black what does it mean?

Well the dream central bit of it is that I was excited could this be true I cupped my hands so that I could see clearly the coin and focused in on the coin and saw more than two times clearly imprinted penny black ...had it all polished by someone so from old coin to silver and shiny. Of course after waking up I thought hey maybe I get into some kind of money or is a good sign but remembered penny black is a stamp...actually the very first adhesive stamps you know many of them were printed however some of them in circular may fetch more than several hundreds perhaps even in the thousands...anybody know maybe the significance especially if the penny black coin was meant for me.

Example: What does this dream mean?

i recall from my dream that i was in a church and i found a coin on the floor. right when i picked up the coin the part where the president's head would be fell right through the whole coin. I was left with just a pentagon shaped coin with a whole in the middle. the rest of the coin grew larger. Anyone have an interpretation on my dream? If so, thank you so much!

Example: What could this dream mean?

in my dream there was a woman. I don't quite remember how I came into contact with her, but she claimed she was spying on me... something like that... she told me exactly what was in my pocket. several coins. she pulled them out. I feel as though more happened, but it is very vague... sorry for lack of information. I feel as though this dream is significant. thank you.

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