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Dream About Shower meanings

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i dreamt last night that I awoken by a meteor shower I watched it for a while and one landed silently in my garden. I went out to look and there was a huge Ram lying in the garden. It was the size of a bull. What does it mean?

The fact that you woke up in your dream signifies that new ideas are being realized. The meteor shower suggests that you will experience success in a project and that you are trying to realize your greatest desires that are coming at you head-on. The garden is simply peace and tranquility, while the large ram displays that you are pursuing a decision that should definitely be approached with more tact and consideration.

Example: What do these dreams about bathrooms/showers mean?

I'm always dreaming about bathrooms. I have 2 types of dreams.

1. I need to use the bathroom but it's a public bathroom and there is NO privacy because either the walls of many stalls are knocked down or they are poorly designed with the bottom of the door higher than the toilet and the top low down so people can see in when they walk by. Aside from that it is so dirty. poop everywhere. all over the floor and the seat. and the bowl is full of it too. so i am trying to find a bathroom that has proper privacy and is not disgusting. the dream stops before i ever do find one.
2. i'm in a luxurious fancy bathroom either taking a shower or bath. usually it's a shower. it has all sorts of neat features. but there's a catch. in the dream one of these situations is a problem. never both at once. a)either there's no privacy. the dream differs as to why each time. sometimes it's because the bathroom has glass walls. sometimes it's because people keep coming in. and i can't enjoy it because i'm constantly trying to cover myself. or b) i have a time limit either because someone (usually my mom) is pressuring me to get out because i'm only allowed a certain amount of time to not waste water. but i don't want to rush. i want to enjoy it. or because it's not my bathroom, it's my mom's. and i'm not allowed to use it. so i use it when she leaves the house and i have to get out before she gets home. the dream ends before i have to get out.

what on earth do these dreams mean? i have them on a weekly basis

Example: What does this dream mean? Rats, showers, and hurricanes.?

It started out with my house being hit by a large storm (kind of like a hurricane except it was really fast) so my family and I had to move into a new house. For some reason all our money was in the old house so we bought a really cheap small run downed place with rats in it. And somehow, the rats got into our shower plumbing and died there. And then the water was being filtered through tyhe dead rats. And he dream ended. Does this mean anything? I woke up really scared.

Example: What does my baby shower dream mean?!?!?!?

(im 16) and well i dreamed that i was having a baby shower, but that the baby was already borned, he was like less than a month old but i never got to see the baby, i just knew he was born. in the baby shower i was going to tell my mom that im not a vigin anymore and that i was pregnant but the weird thing is that i was talking about the baby that was already born. the baby shower was like in a small house and my bf's friends were all coming up the stairs and i just kept looking at them, like it seemed like there was something bothering me and that i wasnt so happy about the baby, my bf or the baby shower, i really dont no. what does this dream mean? thanx!

Example: What does the shower monster in my dream mean?

In my dream my family was going on a trip, and amidst a bunch of other madness I went into a dark bathroom. The curtain was closed to the shower, but for some reason I leaned on it. There was some big warm solid creature on the other side, and it growled. I couldn't move or speak, just growl back at it. It never moved, just growled louder until I woke up.
Just a crazy dream, or is there something to that?

Example: What's this dream mean? ( see through shower)?

I was at my old house or next door to the house I use to live in. There was this whole wall cut out and made of glass. It had a shower in it... it was in the foyer- the front of the house, so anyone can see you if you take a shower.

Someone told me to get in and take one. and another family member was there ( i didn't notice right away but when i looked down there he was sitting there outside this see through shower and caught me by surprise- when he saw me he said " well, you better watch out and smirked and turned his head.

This family member in real life is kinda creepy. I think he has no life and spies on the family or knows a little too much. ( in the real world).

what do you think the dream means?-

im not sure if i took the shower or not but i know there was a see through shower and kinda remember someone taking one , i think it was me in there yet when someone told me to go take one i was outside it and he was there, they said " take one" - like it was nothing weird even though it was see through and there were people going in and out.

Example: What does it mean to dream of being showered with flowers?

Example: A meteor shower dream, what does this mean?

I was in my business studies class sat in my usual chair then I coud just hear meteorites outside. about 10 "dream" seconds later one crashed into the classroom, I did not die but quickly laid down to try and avoid another meteor... I woke up late for school the following morning.

Example: What does it mean to dream of taking a shower?

Example: What does it mean to Dream of taking a shower?

For a long time ive been stressed about my school project becasue my partner was not doing anything, i was crying, i was sad, i was emotional, i hardly had any sleep , and yesturday was the end of it all, now last night i had a dream i was taking a shower and a bubble bath what does this mean?

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