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Dream About Shopping Bag meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dreams mean?

First dream:
There was a slideshow of me and my bff than it went black & white.
Second dream:
My girlfriend saw me, at school, and she didn't say hi. than i went to the princiable, than it turned out to be a shop, i was wearing a black head band on my head. wearing everything black. than somehow the shop turned into apartment, she stole my bag my money my wallet she wouldn't let me out, than i called my dad, and he took everything from her.


well the first dream is like some thing bad will go on between you and your bff or there would be some misunderstanding between both of you hope none of this happens


second try to take her out and show her that how much you love her and hang out with her so that your relationship goes on well

whenever we see a bad dream its a warning to us but sometimes we think that its just a dream so when we see the whole thing happen to us in reality its very strange..

when you see a good dream tell god to let it happen and when a bad dream talk that with the person you trust alot...

Example: What do these dreams mean?

Last night, I had a dream that I was out shopping with my mom, and I tried on a really pretty sari. It was gold and red, and very elaborately designed. However, I did notice that it was a little bit above my ankles, as though it were a dressy "country/farming" style sari. My mom, on the other hand tried on a green one...Although, we never bought either, and rushed out of the store. I noticed that my dad was waiting outside, holding a blue bag, and he was looking unhappy. Any interpretations would be greatly appreciated =)

Example: I saw Human Bones in my Dream, What does it mean?

Last night I saw human bones in a shopping bag or a plastic bag. I think I was holding the bag. I woke up feeling all wierd about it. I don't understand why I saw the bones. The bones were long mostly, there were all different kinds of bones in the bag but from what I could see I remember long bones.

Does Anybody know what it means to see bones, specially human bones in your dream?

Example: What could this dream mean?

So i was in this building and there was a massive swimming pool with a foam walkway to either side, my friend tk threatened to make it rock on the way across but he didn't, when we were done and was walking back across it to get to the stairs he rocked it and i fell in. i was really angry and felt like hitting him. i had my laptop in my bag.A video camera which i don't actually own in real life, digital camera and ipod in my hoodie but also i had an iphone 4 in my trouser pocket but i don't actually own an iphone in real life and also a watch that i don't own. when i got back to this shop i was checking it all and the iphone had partial water damage, the watch also had partial water damage, the video camera had partial water damage, the digital camera was fine, so was my ipod and so was my laptop.

What could this dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I left my house in the middle of the night without my parents knowing. My cousin and I went to a party. When I was walking there I put shopping bags on my shoes, which I took off when I got there. The party was in an ihop (we rented it out) There were these sample cups of alcohol everywhere. There were these table with pastries on them. There were also normal sized cups of alcohol on them. I was drinking a lot of the smaller cups, and a couple of the bigger cups. I remember I was drinking a lot of it that said cotton candy on a sign above it. I was walking around drinking a lot of the small cups. We were aloud to have the small cups but not the big ones, I would grab a big cup and run away. There was a tent inside of the building and I went inside of the tent and tried a sample of a drink. Above the drink it said "red" I liked it so I grabbed a big cup and tried to run away. An adult there yelled at me and told me I wasn't aloud to have that. I threw half of the cup (the liquid inside of it) on the table and walked away. A while afterwards, I went the pastry table and ate a piece of a brownie they had. I checked if my words were slurring to see if I was drunk. I couldn't tell if my words were slurring. I went over to another pastry table and there was a girl with her head through a hole in the table with her head in a cake. I asked her if she was okay. She told me she was supposed to be there, as part of a theme of the party, I said I thought she was just really drunk.

I'm 13 and I don't do drugs or drink or anything. My sister(14) sneaks out of the house and drinks. Just additional info

Example: What does my dream mean?

I'm walking down the street in south yarra with my crush (who has admitted he likes me too)
and I'm really talkative and loud becaues thats how I get when I like someone.
Except he doesn't look like Jacob he looks like my friend but for some reason I know its him.
We see my friends and I call out to them and he doesn't wait for me he just keeps walking and he looks kind of embarrassed so me and one of my friends run to catch up with him. Me and Hilary are talking and for some reason I put down my cardigan and bag and we run to catch up with Jacob and the next shop we go past is a jewellry store.

It starts to get crowded and I lose Jacob in the crowd and I'm not sure what happened to hilary. So I start looking for my bag and cardigan and I go against the crowd and its really hard. I see my parents and I call out to them my dad looks at me and then they keep going and they look really tall even though they're actually short. I scream out that I'm going to find my bag and cardigan...so I go back to the jewerlly store and retrace my steps whilst in the crowd and I wake up without finding my stuff.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Can someone interpret this dream?

Last night I dreamt about going out for dinner with a group of people I know, some of my partner’s family and old friends I don’t see anymore. There was this really fancy restaurant and we had all arranged to meet at it. Each of us had things to do before hand; I wanted to buy something nice to wear. I arrived at the restaurant with loads of shopping bags but I hadn’t put anything new on. All of us arrived at the restaurant at different times and we were disorganised, a bit flustered, I was late and food was already being ordered. During the dream I struggled to find something I wanted to eat, I was being pressured to hurry up by my partner’s dad. When I got my food I dropped my plate and it went everywhere. The restaurant owner was really upset about what I had done but told me not to worry about it, she looked friendly and I remember someone saying ‘she’s a proper professional’. Throughout the dream I had this strong feeling of being preoccupied by loosing a possession, I’m not sure why.

When I left the restaurant I was sucked into another scene, one of a workplace lots of computers and I was a network specialist ( a job I have never done). The office was one I had worked in however. But I was being told by a manager there that I shouldn’t touch anything it was all set up and I was just a novice. ‘Just observe what the others are doing’ and at that point more workers came in and sat at their desks and started working. I then messed up a computer by barging into it, this annoyed the manager but I convinced him I could fix it. The dream ended with him stood behind me watching me try to fix this broken machine.

What could this all mean? I have my suspicions but I'd rather an outside opinion

Example: What does dream mean?

Last night, I dreamed something very strange. I was on a bus, with TV characters and those at my school. We were there for most of the time. For some reason, I had to decide who was going to be kicked off of the bus. I did not fall asleep watching TV while I was dreaming, and those characters were houseguests on the show, "Big Brother". Most of my dream was deciding who I was going to throw off of the bus. This sounds like a very stupid dream, I know. At that point, I looked out the window, and saw a man who had been run over by a car. His stomach had been flattened and his guts were oozing out. He was dead, but still clung onto his shopping bags. Someone turned to me and said, "Great, now for the first time, you have seen an actual dead person." Whoever said that made a good point; I hadn't ever witnessed someone die before. We passed a store, where a girl on my bus yelled to a woman, "There's the girl that gets out of everything!" We soon disembarked the bus, then were lead to a room, where I looked around. In the room were my school mates. I was confident and comfortable. Can someone please interpret this dream? I'm very confused.

Example: What does my Dream mean?

I'm getting ready to go on a plane at this airport and me and this 'friend' (I've never seen her before, but apparently we're best friends) see this mystical shop with like wicca stuff and incense. We buy a whole bunch of stuff and then its time to go and run out and find our plane out of this rinky-dinky airstrip.

But my friend intentionally drops the bag of her stuff saying its bad luck. In one scenario a person comes up and says "You dropped this" and then she freaks out and it sort of fades away.

But in another dream exactly up to the point where she drops her bag, I drop mine too and we rush out and no one stops us and it fades away to us running on the airstrip to the plane.

I'm not going on any planes, I don't get scared of planes, I don't know what this means, because I don't believe in the 'Witchy stuff" I mean come on thos are my fave. tv shows and I wear a pentagram on my neck (I like stars!) So Tell me please what does this dream mean? Thanks!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamed I was browsing in a shop and when I was ready to leave my bag was gone what does this mean

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