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Dream About Shoes meanings

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Example: What does this dream about shoes mean?

I had a dream of me with my family and some relatives stopping by a store and it had some nice shoes and I tried some that were pretty but I didn't like them for some reason although everyone said they looked nice and I was being very picky. We were about to leave or something and I remember trying a simple /odd vintage styled shoe that I really loved and it fit me perfectly but the owner said to us" just so you know this pair is really special and quite expensive " and e told us the price and they were shocked because to them it wasnt that pretty and was expensive e but it fit me it suited me, it was so perfect for me . I remember telling my mom don't worry I'll pay you back from my 120$ at home. I don't remember though if I bought it or not

Your dream makes me smile. The interpretation.
Going into the shoe store means you're about to embark on a new journey/ a new opportunity which will be a part of your purpose. You will indeed have more than one opportunity or options. The one of your options your family will want for you. It will be what they believe is the best for you. The will believe that it fits you. You will indeed like it as well. But you will know it is not for you. You will not settle. They will not understand why u didn't choose it. There will be a little time may pass but you see the one opportunity that is for you. It will not be want you family wants. However it will fit you and you purpose in this season
It will seem old and out dated. Something
that's not as popular anymore. It will cost you to wear these shoes. But the price / cost you will be able to endure. This cost maybe how much time you will b able to be with your family. Because you will have travel. The shoes fitting means you will have definitely found means to get to your purpose and you'll walk in it. The shoes is just a means to which you will get to your purpose.

Ps. I'm I smiling because your dream shows that will act in wisdom in making the decision.

Example: What does it mean when u have a dream about shoes?

I had a dream that I was given so many shoes
What does that mean

Example: Dream meaning...?

I saw 2 silver horse shoes on the floor and picke it up in my dream what does it mean?

Example: What broken shoes dreams mean?

I have been dreaming that my shoes are broke and I can see my toes out . What this mean?

Example: What Do Missing Shoe Dreams Mean?

I have these dreams about me going to places with no shoes. I have no idea why. But in my dreams people ask me "where are your shoes" or they laugh. I dont care much for shoes. I prefer sandals more. But i always seem to have dreams of me missing my shoes!
so what do these dreams mean?

Example: What does my dream mean about shoes?

I had a dream that my moms friend bought a new pair of shoes and I really loved them ( which is weird cus im very picky when it comes to that) and I wanted to borrow and she said no which is also weird cus shes really nice, does this mean something?

Example: What does it mean to dream of shoes?

or more specifically... mismatched wedding shoes? im confused...

Example: What does it mean to dream about shoes?

i keep having dreams about shoes, the first one was that i jump into a creek and i had forgotten to take off my shoes, when i go to take them off they are dark purple high heels. and i remember getting very upset when i thought that they might be ruined. the second dream i've had is im on the beach with my friends and we are playing in the surf. i look down and there is tiny shoes with little gems in them, they look like charms for a bracelet. i dig up 3 or four all different but all very beautiful. i keep having these dreams over and over again, but sometimes little things change, like the people im with but where i am and the shoes never does. what does it mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of shoes?

I had a dream I was at a graduation ceremony and for some reason we had to change shoes. I was frantically trying to find my shoes, trying on all the others. I was missing the ceremony because I couldn't find my shoes!

I have had a lot of career stress, so maybe i am looking for the right "fit" in the future? Does anyone else have any ideas?

Example: What does it mean to dream of baby shoes and baby blankets ?

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