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Dream About Shiva meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: In a dream I had seen Lord Shiva well I fell at his feet he said offer me sandal wood paste what does it mean?

I had feel at his feet and I kissed his feet after asking if I can he said yes and he was in a white area why would he appear before me I don't go to temple or recite mantra's I just love Shiva but surely that is not enough why would he appear to a devotee like me surely he has better one's than I.

son you have been chosen bY lord shiva!

Example: Hi, i've seen the idols of lord shiva nd ganesha in my dreams around 12:30 in d afternoon wat does it mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

A few days ago, in my dream, an invisible 'one' told me that he is Shiva and gave me money, but he also asked me to perform some good deeds. Thus, I replied yes and aksed,'Shall I donate the money you just gave me to those in need?' Then I handed the money to a group of people who look poor in a painting. Subsequently, I could feel and see my physical body who is sleeping having intense kundalini surging upward top the crown chakra! I could feel this very intensely too even in the dream state.

Then in another dream, I was ordered to shoot some one with a gun who is gonna kill me with a gun too. Finally, I shot him. And there was a fire all around that I fled from that place immediately. The dream is over.

This is probably the oddest dream I have ever had till now. and it would be the first dream in which I kill people...

what do you think it would like to tell me?

Example: Meaning of Lord Shiva's crescent moon in dream?

Lately I've been seeing dreams about Lord Shiva - with his crescent moon being the highlight.

What does it mean? The crescent moon is very strongly featured.

Example: I keep getting dreams of Shiva lingam now and then. what does this mean?

dream part 1: i was flying with my sis and brother for abroad and in the flight i hear a child being born just then while the flight is in transit. i praise god for helping the mom to deliver the kid safely.

part 2:

we reach someplace and this time i was climbing all alone a hill to reach ma parvathi who was seen huge from land to sky and when i was walking towards her, i saw many many shiva lingams on the hills and could see many plastic covers put in-between each lingam. i was thinking how man kind has polluted this place.

what does this dream mean? why frequently i see shiva lingam in my dream? what does this mean?

Example: What would a dream about Shiva mean?

My wife is 26 weeks pregnant and she dreamed of an apocalyptic world. The Hindu God Shiva tries to get into our house. She becomes scared and I try to block his entrance and shut his arm in the door. His arm gets wet somehow and the blue color of his skin begins to wash off and reveals a normal flesh tone. Shiva manages to get inside anyway and my wife finds he is not threatening and is actually more like a friend who is trying to help her.

Example: What does my dream mean? who is shiva?

I had this dream about this god. I do not know much about him/her and I don't know why I would have such a dream, but it really freaked me out! I was driving with a friend and my 3 kids were in the back seat and all of a sudden I see this giant in blue dancing around and it had alot of arms and it kept pointing to us and saying"Iam everything and everything is me" which I dont know what it means...It was very strange it also kept dancing on this mountain top...CAN ANY ONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THIS MEANS...I dont practice a religion, but I am a firm believer in The Lord Jesus!

Example: What does seeing Lord Shiva in dreams mean especially if he is giving you an ignoring and bad looks?

I saw a strange dream last night. I saw I went to a temple and the statue there of Lord Shiva was actually moving his eyes. Then when I went to worship he was giving me annoyed looks and making faces. I was shattered as Shiva is the God I pray most. I asked and apologized for anything that I did wrong but there was no answer. What does it mean

Example: If you see Lord Shiva/Mahadev/Mahesh in a dream, what does it mean?

Example: I dreamt about someone placing a picture of lord Shiva in front of me?what does it mean?

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