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Dream About Shaved Head meanings

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Example: Dream meaning?!?

Last night i had a dream that i had bald patches of hair on my head. i recently discovered that i might have had trichotillomania (the compulsive urge to pull out hair and in my case eyelashes) in the past and in my dream i kept thinking "oh its okay its only that". I remember having this uneasy feeling throughout the dream about my hair like it was permanent and when i went to show my friend my head they said they don't see anything there. I remember thinking oh its okay ill wake up in the morning and my hair will be back but I still felt sick to my stomach. And in my dream i "woke up" and the bald patches were gone! But out of nowhere came back again. What does this mean? These bald patches weren't completely bald. There was hair there but it was skin tight and prickly like i had just shaved it off.

It sounds like it could be related to the discovery of past tricho...whatever.

Bald patches can be about feeling that you are in some way incomplete, lacking, or unwell, and hair also often represents thoughts or more generally products of your mind. Worrying that it is permanent means you worry that the past condition shows some mental illness or imbalance that you still have.

Asking your friend may represent you consulting someone for their opinion. I'm not sure if they meant they don't see anything there, as in they don't see hair, or they don't see a problem. Being asleep in your dream is about a period of unawareness. Waking up is being more conscious. During that time the bald patches, representing the evidence of mental imbalance, go away.

Keep in mind that it could also be anxiety about getting older, as baldness is associated with aging, at least for men.

The last part is harder for me to grasp. If it was like you had just shaved it off, then it could be about being a result of your own actions. The skin being tight and prickly represent you feeling uncomfortable in your skin, feeling hurt, and possibly feelings of guilt (pricks of compunction).

Example: Meaning of shaving my head during dream...?

Before I went to bed I thought about how I want to talk to my dad about the way he treats my fiancé. As I was planning it out in my head it was really more of a, not wanting to spend time visiting when we are given the silent treatment.

An hour or so later I went to bed, and throughout the night I started dreaming that I shaved my entire head. I had a friend whose dad was extremely conservative (like mine) who said that I was not allowed in their house since I no longer had hair. In my dream my hair grew out a bit, to my chin, and then I shaved it again. The second time I shaved it I had a hard time getting all the hair off. I guess I was shaving it while my hair was in a ponytail so in the front there was additional hair. I had to work really hard at getting this part of my head shaved, and then I had the same friend's dad say I was not allowed to come by.

I woke up soon after, and don't really remember any other details. Does anyone have any ideas on the meaning of this dream?

Example: Shaved my head in dream what does this mean?

in a dream last night (aside from other things) i decided to shave my head, this has occurred at least twice to my knowledge in my dreams lately! does anyone have an idea as to what it could represent? I don't want a spiritual metaphor or anything someone who has some particular knowledge in these dream based areas please haha, but any help is appreciated :D

Example: What does it mean when you dream your boyfriend shaved his head in your dream?

Right so he isn't prescicely my boyfriend, he's been my best friend for 2 years and were starting to give things a go, after one night together we realised what we had been missing and haven't looked back since this has only been going on for 1 week bare in mind but I'm crazy about him as I had these feelings a while before we got together.

I had a dream last night that I met him and he had shaved all his hair off. It was really strange haha don't know why something so random would come to my head. He also had a whole knew bedroom of which is NOTHING like the one I know he had and he couldn't remember his old bedroom that I knew and was talking to him about?.. If you understand that part? We was normal in the dream with him having no hair, I was a little shocked but still we acted normal - kissing and all that

An anyone tell what on earth this dream is telling me? Its so random and would like to any clues as to what it means?

Example: Head-shaving dream?

I just had a dream where mainly the only thing that happens is that I shave my head. (I have long thick wavy hair I often get complimented on.) Is this one of those common dreams like flying, or showing up in public naked, or all your teeth falling out? has anyone else had it, and what do you think it means?

Example: What does my dream mean? I had my head shaved,but I'm a chick not a dude!?

Last night,i dreamt that I had my head shaved. I have long,medium length,thick hair..i seemed to be happy when it was done,i was putting on earrings and everything. But i wasnt the only one in my dream with their head shaved,it was about 2 or 3 other people. Then my ex-boyfriend popped up out of nowhere,and then i wanted to hide. So i covered my head with this brown mixture and then i was back to being happy. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

Example: In my dream my cousin shaved my head at a family picnic, what does this mean?

it was my closest cousin and my hair was actually thicker after she shaved it. My head is normally shaved.

Example: What does it mean to have a dream about being attacked by your teacher in with electric shaving razors?

Well i had a dream in the morning which i always have a dream in the morning and i was sitting in a art class and it was a small classroom but in the dream i was in high school but im not in high school i am in middle school and i was drawing a man and i was pretty much almost finished drawing him but to tell you the truth the picture looked nice and i really cant draw people in real life but only animals and plants so anyways for some reason i went outside and so did my teacher but then the teacher started attacking me with electric shaving razors 2 to be exact but the weird thing was they didn't look like ordinary razors and they were not paper shredder's either so i finally beat him but i have cuts all over me after i finally push him down i run and i find myself in a bathroom i lock myself in a stall then in my head i wonder why i did it but while this happened the teacher calls a whole bunch of gangsters and the thing about the gangsters was they looked animated and i was stuck in the bathroom and then as soon as that happened i woke up from the dream

Example: What does it mean to see your boyfriend in your dream with a shaved head?

Example: I had a dream last night that I was trying to shave my head but it didn't cut at all. What does that mean?

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