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Dream About Shaking Hands meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: My friend dreamt of me laughing and my bf in the background w/ his hands up shaking his head with worry. mean?

what does that mean? i was told maybe cheating, but when i research in the dream dictionary it means differently. what do you think? help!

It could mean a number of things!

1. You have done something mean that your bf don't agree with?
2. Your friend thinks that your bf is worried about something you have done,something you are doing or going to do!

Try looking it up in a book about dreams but all in all i wouldn't worry too much it's only a dream!

Example: What does dreaming of getting posessed by a doll and a cross burning my hand mean?

I had this dream that I was sitting in my basement and someone threw me a pink doll and it just didn't feel right. So I threw it across the room and then I started shaking screaming and not even speaking english at this point, and i was crying. Then this kid i was friends with came up to me and he gave me a like wikkid weird hug and tried to put a cross in my hand telling me that everything will be okay. So he squeezed my hand shut and the cross burned me really bad and then i woke up crying. I have no idea what this could mean. I've been trying to figure this out and its driving me insane!

Please help if you have any idea

Example: What does it mean to dream that rats are biting you all over you arms and hands?

I could not get these rats to stop biting me. I was at work, so I eventually called 911 so I would not die. I awoke out shaking and breathing so hard, as if it was real.

Example: Dream Interpreters, what does this mean?

I had a dream that I was a party and my ex showed up with his mate and we shook hands. What does this mean?

Example: I dreamt that a giant rat bit me on the hand; it really hurt and I couldnt shake it off. What does it mean?

In the dream, the rat was huge, the size of a large oversized house cat. I could actually feel pain in the dream and I was spinning around in a circle trying to shake it off my hand but it wouldn't let go. My husband was standing beside me in the dream and he couldn't get it off either. However, I wasn't scared by the rat biting me but had knew matter of factly that I was going to be sick from the bite. What does this mean?

Example: I had a dream that a golden retriever bit my hand. What does that mean?

At first I saw the dog running toward me and I got really scared that he was going to attack me... but he ran right passed me through a fence. I felt a sense of relief, and then all of a sudden he came back all aggressive and latched on to the side of my right hand with his teeth and wouldn't let go. I was on the side of the road crying screaming for someone to help, and then i woke up. What could this mean?

Example: What does shaking hands with a devil mean?

I had a dream I was in this fiery place, and this little demon led me to a large room. There I met a handsome man with hollowed eyes. We talked, then he shook my left hand. What does it mean?

Example: Dreams... what the heck does this mean. Very Important. Can't shake the feeling HELP?

I had a dream last night, that everyone was yelling "THERES GONNA BE A FLOOD" And i wasn't scared at all, yet everybody else was freaked out. Everything started flooding and I got somehow transported up on a giant hill as if i was watching over everybody, a long with other people we were on this hill. We were watching everyone dieing in the flood, seing house parts and trucks get washed away in the flood. And there were these black leach type creatures with teeth all around there round mouth, yet they were human sized. All they did was eat birds though on the road wear the flood is. Than the flood went away and this guy came for us. He was walking and we all followed and there was a big number of us. And we walked and walked shouting "THIS IS THE SON OF BETHLAHAM!" over and over. And he came to a stop saying "THIS IS A START OF A NEW MILLENIUM" Putting his hands up in the air. What does this mean?! I can't shake this weird feeling it gave me. HELP.

Example: What does this part of my dream mean?

In my dream I met this girl and I was reaching out my right hand but then she reached out with her left hand so I shook her hand with my left hand even though I'm right handed. Does that mean something? Thanks :)

Example: Dreaming of shaking hands?

Last last night , I dreamt that I shook hands with ellen degeneres for 3 times and she was wearing a tuxedo , I was about to leave a place and go inside a car and that's why I saw her and shook hands with her and she smiled . What does that mean?

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