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Dream About Sex meanings

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Example: What does it mean to dream about sex?

the other night i had a dream where i was having sex with my guy friend. im a 17 year old female. im not in any relationship with this guy or any other guy and i never had sex before. this is the first time i ever dreamt about having sex with a guy before. what does this mean? does this mean im lusting for sex or something? or can it just be a regular dream?

Example: What does it mean to dream about sex?

I'm only 13 and I have dreams about having a little sex with my boyfriend. I'm still a virgin and I hope to stay that way fir a while. But it's really weird because I don't know what it means.. I mean I don't want to have sex yet, I'm too young and I don't think that's very responsible right now. (and think that's slutty for girls my age)
We kiss every now and then but nothing big.. So why would I have dreams like that.. Is it normal? I mean I'm not a perv or anything..(:

Example: What does it mean to dream about sex?


I know this might be a little awkward but I had a dream that I was with this stranger who was older than me and we were surrounded by healthy pine trees everywhere and a clear blue sky with the sun shining. All I remember was that we got on top of a truck and I got on top of him naked , and sexing him till I had an orgasm. While I was sexing him the stranger was just holding my waiste and smileing at me while I was just rideing him and moaning loud and enjoying the orgasm, that I didnt wanna stop but it felt so sensitive down there like if it was really happening ?
Then I woke up...Does this mean anything or can it just be a dream ?

Example: What does it mean when dream about having sex? ?

In real life I never wanna have sex with my boyfriend I dont know why really but last night I dream we had intense love making what does that mean?

Example: What does my dream mean ? (sex!)?

Okay so my first & only love cheated on me w\ multiple of my friends ... blah blah blah . sad love story ect... but iSTILL really LOVE him and he REALLY wnats to be with me . He's been reaching out to me almost everyday since we last broke up ( DECEMBER ithink ) Anywho , i am a virgin but lately ive been thinking abt him ALL the time . Ive gotten over the hurt he caused me and iKEEP 9 yes people , more than once or twice ) having these dreams where him & I are being intimate ! Doe this mean , Its time for me to loose my virginity , or am I just horney . LOL , ihave no CLUE . is there a DEEPER meaning ?! help (:

Example: What does it mean when you dream about sex?

Ive looked up on line what it means and nothing is answering to what im exactly asking. My dream was about sneaking off with a guy to a cabin whee no one was using at the time and we were planning on doing the "deed". It was like that exciting feeling you get when your a teen and starting to experience intimacy sexually (even though ive never experienced it because im a virgin but that is what i imagine it feels like).

So my question is what does it mean having a dream about having sex for the first time?

Example: What does my daughter mean by dreams about sex?

My 15 year old daughter has been really distant lately and when I asked her why, she started to ask me questions about sex. She told me she was having weird dreams about it, and I don't what to say to her. Is it normal of her to have these 'dreams'? I don't really understand what she might be seeing in these dreams. I know it's time to talk to her about this, but I'm just confused. Help?

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