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Dream About Sewage meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Please can anybody tell me what my dream mean?

I had a dream last night that i was in the gutter and i had lots of horrible green sewage on the back of my leg on the calf. I remember being very disgusted as i was trying to pull my trousers up because there was a lot on the trousers,near my feet and ankles. It was horrid and i don't/can't remember why i was there but i was and i was trying to get as many boots from the sewage thing as i could in a competitive sense as if i was competing with someone or something lol? and i remember just trying to get the boots no matter how dirty they were and they were brown in colour and i managed to get two pairs.

Later i dreamt that i met a man that i knew a long time ago, he was my uncle that i don't really see but anyway i saw him and we were meant to have a meeting or something. So i went to see him and i liked him and he was ok with me, we were in his car and then he told me to go home now and i was very far away from my house with no clue as to where i was. It was time for me to go now, the meeting was over but he said go home i can't drop you off and at first i thought he was joking but he said seriously i can't drop you off you will have to go home on your own just ring somebody.


Dreams, what does the dream you had mean?

If you ask say 1000 people what your dream means you will get 1000 answers, no two answers will be the same, this is because dreams mean what ever you want them to mean or what the person telling you what it means thinks you want to hear. Dreams mean nothing, sorry

Example: What does my weird dream mean?

I had a dream last night that I was swimming through a river that I thought was murky but some girl that was swimming in there too told me it was sewage. It was so gross haha ;(. So I quickly tried to swim out and saw a slimy tentacle reach up then go back under and I asked the girl what that was and she said "there's two tentacles in this river and they both would like to bond with you." I said "what?!?!" And appeared outside my house. I went to walk across the bottom of a big hill by my house but I saw a man in a turban yelling at the sky "I'm not who I think I am!" Then I woke up. It was really weird.

If it helps I've never seen the girl before or the man before.

Example: What does a fear of canals, sewage plants, reservoirs and dams mean?

ive always liked water , i like the oceans and the seas . but ive always had a slight fear of water that im not able to see what lies beneath the surface ?

canals , rivers , sewage treatment plants , reservoirs etc where there could be all sorts in there.

rusty tin cans , shopping trollys , hypodermic needles , sharp pieces of glass and metal, discarded cigarettes , plastic bags , algae , pollution , plastic bags and other pollution.

ive had dreams where ive fallen into sewage treatments plants and reservoirs , completely deserted and remote with no help around, falling into the god forsaken water .

i also remember once passing a dam or reservoir or sewage treatment plant with large pipes running through it ? - and i saw coming out of one of the pipes a yellowy thick substance that looked a little like mushroom soup ?

it gave me a shiver to look at it and i hurried away from the scene as quickly as i could.

anyone know what this means or would like to comment ?


Example: What does this dream mean?

I was at a park/zoo with my family and we were going places me and my sibilings went to this part of the park we were not suppose to enter my parents disappered and the park was empty so out of nowhere you see people like bodygaurds or security running everywhere so I pulled one over and asked him why they were all running and he said there's a big long black andaconda going loose so we get hysterical I walk into this small place because I seem to get smaller when I went there the andaconda was chasing me and it never showed its tounge I ran and I couldn't go anywhere but In the small place I got bigger and I had to go through a small window and I did the snake couldn't notice me but I noticed it when I looked its eyes where black when I jumped out I fell into water like sewage because it was dirt everywhere and it was pouring dirty water out the andaconda was nowhere to be found I got out of the water and there it was I was running it never caught me but it sometimes almost did. The dream ended but can someone tell me WHAT IT MEANT? :) thankyou

Example: What does my dream mean?

I've been very stressed lately with a new environment, new people, etc. and I had a dream last night that I need help breaking down. I've met and had a couple of relationships with these two guys. The first, practically stopped talking to me because I wasn't going to be 'that girl' (if you catch my drift) and that was rather hurtful to me and the second, him and I have been doing okay until recently. He is very busy, as am I, but I'm just confused because of how well things started out. Anyways, I had this dream that him and I were half undressed, kissing on my bed from my home town.While we were together, I hear a knock at the door and it's my mom (I don't have a very good relationship with her). I tell her not to come in, but he goes ahead and tells her to enter (it's weird because he doesn't know my mom at all). When she walks in she freaks out because he is in there with me. We hide from her furry in a sewer. Some of the dream is unclear but I do remember that he tried to kiss me and I told him no because I was covered in sewage. That is all I can recall. I'm very confused about my situation with him and I feel as if this dream may help with that. Thanks

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay last night i had a super strange dream and I wasn't sure if it had a hidden meaning or not. Here it is:

I was at school, although it looked similar to the one I go to it was slightly different, and I remember asking the humanities teachers if they'd seen my parents. One of the history teachers said yes, my mum had just given birth. I remember I was really frustrated at this as I didn't know she with child and then to be told by a teacher instead of by them left me feeling rejected. I was then at home watching youtube on my iPod whilst they were asleep, before realizing I needed the loo, however when I went into the bathroom the toilet had shrunk and the toilet seat had been cut in half. For some reason I had taken my iPod and my brothers iPad with me. I heard my dad telling my mum they were taking them off us so I hid them down my trousers.

Next I was a cafe with my mum, grandma and brother and I got covered in sewage. I know that there was more to this part but I can't remember what.

Next we were at a farm and I was told I had to save the earth in 7 minutes by getting this plant away from the tiger. I managed to do this so earth was saved. At the same time my brother had managed to release the sheep on accident and also a brown and black dachshund with her two puppies. I went after the dogs and managed to rescue them. I was able to communicate with the dachshund, so I told her I'd carry one of the pups so she only had to make the trip to safety once. Safety turned out to be under my neighbor's shed.

The next thing I remember is being in a flat with a guy who looked like the character Barry Barry off Waterloo Rd. We were in his room which was empty except for a bookshelf with books and cd's on it. He was in his en-suite and I was told by friends to pick a cd up and leave. He came out the en-suite before I could leave but he wasn't too fussed by the fact I was in his room. He then got his jeans on and helped me pick a cd. But before I could leave we heard the voices of Chalky (another character of Waterloo Rd) and my parents, so we hid round the corner as I wasn't supposed to be with him. I was sat on his lap as there wasn't much space and we were below a window. We looked out the window to see what was happening and the view was the same as the view from my brothers room (I didn't know this in my dream but it was). When we sat back down I was naked so I had to put my bra and pants back on, I was just about to get my clothes back on when Chalky's voice was right outside the door so I hopped back on the guys lap. Chalky and my parents came in and thought we were about to have sex (we weren't) and despite all our protests otherwise they didn't believe us. *I woke up*

Additional information;
-My mum is not pregnant
-My grandad owns a sheep farm and has a male brown and black dachshund
-Barry Barry is one of my favorite characters on Waterloo Rd, and I do kinda like him
-I've never had sex or a boyfriend or been alone in a room with a guy my age.
-The room I was in with the guy had two beds, one red and one blue
-Although I don't think in the dream the guy was my boyfriend, I felt safe with him, flirted with him and also wasn't bothered by the fact he saw me naked.
-In the dream I was slimmer than I am in reality, but not much slimmer.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

First I dreamed that my little sister had dance classes (she doesn't dance. Than rain than I dreamed of a field trip with my class to some white place that kinda looked like a store it had white walls and carpet and everything & I dreamed of snow.
And than I dreamed I was a hotel and it was white and I had to lock my door because there was some little kid that wanted to kill me.
Than I dreamed of being in a toystore and looking at baby stuff.
Than I remember going up to a little kid in my dream and saying "I'm a witch so if anything happens to your cat... you'll know why"
Than I dreamed of old fashioned gangsters with black slicked back hair.
Than in my dream I was swimming.
Than I remember being on a wooden playground bridge except it was really high up and shaking and everyone was scared & it was right by the ocean.
Last I dreamed that there's a big, green waterslide that goes into a harbor in the capital of my province
And I screamed to my mom and sister that I didn't wanna come

Example: Dream meaning help please?

I've been having these odd dreams on and off for a couple of days now. The latest one was last night and I was in this sewer like place and all the water drained out and I was standing on 2 or 3 dead body's that looked asian. I proceeded to carry on walking and I came to this door on the side of this corridor so I opened the door and went through it I was outside the building and there was these emo/goth girls there. They seemed to have a lot of knowledge and I went over to one of them and she said lie down next to me so I did and she opened her mouth and all this spiritual knowledge/ energy came out and went into me. After that I couldn't really control my body as I could before and she got on top of me and started to kiss and have sex with me. At that point I woke up. During this dream I was half aware that I was lucid and half not if that makes sense

Example: I had a very bloody, gross dream. What does it mean?

I had it a couple of months ago, but it was so disturbing. I was in the bathroom when I noticed blood inside the walls of the toilet. I yell to my mom & ask her about it. Then I notice there's a sewage square in the center of the bathroom, & there's a grinding sound. Bloody pulp comes out of the sewage on the floor, then as the grinding continues, bloody cuts & organs are pushed out.
We run out of the bathroom & shut the door, fast. The house is completely dark, & there's thunder outside.. My mom has a problem w/ her eye, she says it itches, & pulls it out.
I keep looking to the computer to see a program I had about a female singer or something & her life to feel distract myself

Example: What does it mean if I frequently dream about moving?

Beacause I do... almost once a week...

but there is always something wrong with the house ew move to; bad pipes, crappy paint job, broken windows... and sometime I dream that I move back to a house i've already lived in... is there a meaning to this?

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