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Dream About Seeds Used In Perfumes And In Making Sweets meanings

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Dreaming with Seeds Used In Perfumes And In Making Sweets may be related to...

Dream Examples

Example: How can I persuade my parents to give me permission to get pet rats?

Right, so I've been wanting a pet for a while now, but my parents really don't want to commit to having a pet. I haven't had a pet in over three years now, so I think I'm ready to get a pet without relying on my parents to look after it.
Anyway, I've basically found the perfect pet for me: a Rat! (Oops, my bad-TWO rats) But my parents really aren't up for the idea; my mum thinks that they're stinky and unheigenic and my dad thinks that they wee everywhere and that they'll make wild rats want to come inside the house.
So is this true? How can I persuade them that they're amazing pets?
P.S I really do have everything planned, I've even picked out the cage and have earned the money to buy everything they need.

"Stink, and unhigenic"

Absolutely NOT, that is such a stereo type. Because the rats your parents are thinking of is the old movies where they have poop everywhere,they stink, and have scary ret beady eyes. Nope! The ones you get from the pet store(or breeder, breeder is better, because you know there health, exact age), they are especially breed to be social, and loving! They have cute brown eyes, and soft fur, you can ever teach them to use a litter box, they are highly intelligent!

"Persuasion time"

Make a power point of EVERYTHING they need! Cage, toys, food, food bowl, water bottle, the breed of rat (i suggest fancy, or dumbo rat), the treats, the total cost, and some facts to show how much you really, really want them! Mention that you will be paying for it yourself, and that they never have to go near them, and they do NOT! Stink at all.
I feed my rats the sue bees diet it has regular cheerios, raisons, uncooked spiral pasta, and lots of othe stuff, but if your parents won't let you make your own diet get reggie rat, it's a good complete diet.

"Cage cleaning"

Rats are prone to Lots of illness (which do not require expensive vet bills, most are fixable on your own), so you want to use a natural cleaner, you can definitely find them at the pet store, the one i use is called small pet cage cleaner, it works and is dafe for them!

"Health facts"

They are very prone to respiratory disease, and is the number one killer in rats, so no spraing perfume, fabreze, oust, and NO wood chips, or shavings as the bedding for your rats! I use sun seeds fresh world bedding but brands like "Kaytee" and care fresh are just as good for your budget and your rats! Also stress is a big one, stress is caused by them not having a clean environment, or constant loud noises, stress can also lead to heart attacks, but son't worry with a buddy (another rat in the cage), stress and heart attack, you can blow it off. :)

"Gender Tips"

Female are your more adventures, always getting into something rats, the males are more laid back, and cuddly (aka males are your fat fluffy ones:)

"A Good rat Cage"

Has no wheels made of wire, there feet can get stuck in it, get a plastic one instead, is big, and has lots of toys for them to play with, has a water bottle with fresh water, and a food bowl with food always available because like humans rats like to snack!

"Caring Tips"

Rats love to be the center of attention! They love to be cuddled, and you to give them treats, they are the DREAM pet! Oh and lie you said rats are best in pairs, because they are highly social, and love to have buddies!

"If your mom and dad are going to read this"

You should really give her some rats! They are the sweetest things you could ever wish for! I know all the stereo types it's hard to believe just look up fancy rats look at all the happy people! They are low maintenance, BEAUTIFUL, they don't stink, an you can litter train them with almost no effort, they are highly intelligent, and underestimated, and she s paying for it with her own money! You guys will not regret it if you get her one! Take it from me guys (owner of two male fancy rats:) They are wonderful pets, and so intelligent!

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