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Dream About Secret Santa meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

For some reason i believe it has a message but i cant figure it out! Okay so in my dream i was in bed, my bed room door was open and out of no where Allot of deers and baby deers came in but I was afraid of them and ran. No matter where I ran to they kept on finding me and every one i knew was a deer. This dream i feel has allot of meaning. Can you guys help?

Deer in dreams may also play on the sounds of the words. If a deer appears in your dream, take care to look at the symbols surrounding it, because this may indicate something that is actually "dear" to your soul.

In this new year, look at a deer dream as a gift--a symbol that is guiding you toward to a secret talent, a hidden desire, or something that you have previously thought unimportant that holds a great treasure! The idea of the dear deer is especially significant in Western culture where people may often unconsciously associate deer with gifts and Santa. Look to see also if there is something that was close to your heart as a child that you gave up on as you matured. Oftentimes we give up on our dreams because our experience has apparently taught us our dreams were useless or childish when they may have simply needed more time to develop.

Example: Really weird, extremely vivid dreams?

I have the craziest dreams. They're extremely unusual, very vivid, and I remember pretty much every little detail about them. Also, I don't just have one every once in a while, but every day pretty much. It's so often that my friends will ask me what I dreamt about last night to hear my crazy dreams.

For example: last night I dreamt I was a princess in a castle at my house I haven't lived in for like two years. I discovered my uncle's secret library and found out he was a dark wizard who was going to take over the world. I tried to reveal his plan to my mother and father but the uncle denied it and exhiled me. I secretly stuck around to try and "Save the day." He was having a meetin in my backyard and told one of his henchmen to check the perimeter. So I scaled the side of my house like a spider monkey and hid on a balcony. all of a sudden there were three other people on the balcony, one of which being frodo. not elijah wood, but frodo. Then my uncle [who's outfit reminds me of a male version of the evil witch lady in the sleeping beauty disney movie] and his henchman were walking with this other bad guy [i didn't get a good look at him but i want to say it was satan]. the henchmen climbed up the side of the house and caught me, but he was secretly on the good side so when my uncle asked him what was up there he said "there's two people up here." and took the guy and the girl who were up there leaving frodo and i to save the day...the dream lasted for like another half an hour and included "guest appearances" by santa clause and his elves, john stamos [uncle jessie from full house], joey lawrence [who had magical powers and we developed a plan to stop my uncle based on his and mine combined magical abilities], and demi lovato. it also included a meeting between my uncle and the gorillas from the movie tarzan [but they were like the size of king kong and 30x more angry than tarzan]. it also includes my uncle realizing we are in the house and shutting off the water supply to try and drive us out. needless to say i woke up before i could save the day.

when i tell my dreams to my friends, they are always like, "my dreams are never that exciting!" or "you remember all of that!?!?!" or "i barely ever dream that much!"

so i'm just wondering if there is a significance in the way i dream that means my brain works in a different way or something?

and before you try and be smart...no i don't "smoke something before i go to bed." =]

Example: I have extremely realistic and strange dreams? what does this all mean?

for the past year or so, i've been having extremely realistic and strange dreams. but ive never had these sort of dreams before. they are so realistic that sometimes get mixed up between real life and what happened in a dream. like one time, i dreamt i had a pool table(i don't). when i woke up, i went to go play pool. after a few minutes of searching for it, i realized that it was a dream. my dreams are also very strange sometimes. they usually don't make any sense and are very random. this is very constant. also, i have a certain pattern with my dreams. one is, the faces of the people in my dream are not clear (almost blurry) but everything else is. but i still know who that person is. another pattern is, my dreams are always (except for a few dreams i've had) in a place i've never seen or heard of before but i know that it's a certain place. what does this all mean? here's an example of one of my strangest dreams:

I dont remember how my dream starts exactly. But I'm in the USA at our old house (it doesnt look like our house, its a lot bigger) and im fighting some guy (i dont reckognize him but I think its Christian, my brother) who has a giant robot about the size of the house. I don't have any good weapons. I think I have a kind of stick thing. But its useless against the robot. I slowly sneak away to auntie jessie's house across the street (it doesnt look like it eaither.) i go into the backyard and I see my "friends" tied up against the wall. (i don't reckognize them) I untie them. It seems that they have made some weird kind of weapons. Some of them are these weird big weapons that look like big plates with weights on them (im not sure what they do but I know that it will help me fight that guy, i think theyre some type of bomb) and there are also these big hammer type things that I was planning to use against the robot. We put the plate things on a sort of trolley type thing and we slowly and sneakly go across the street and for some reason the guy doesn't see us. (he's busy shooting a LOT of missles from his robot towards Turkey(the country) which is apparently right above us. We go through these weird tunnel like things on our sidewalk and oddly the trolley fits. We're all laying on our stomachs wiggling through the tunnel trying to sneak back into the house. After wiggling for a while, we finally reach the house. We get out of the tunnel and quicly sprint to the door. But as soon as we leave the tunnel, its as if its a whole differrent dream(it's not). There's snow everywhere and mountains, and our "house" is a lot bigger and it looks like a mansion. When we open the door, using some sort of secret way of opening it, we're suddenly in Santa's workshop. I see elves running around a lot Christmas decorations. Some of the walls are just glass. And I can see some of our "enemies" right outside but for some reason, they don't see us. We hide in the mansion for a while and go upstairs, very high. Just sitting and eating. Then I see Christian out in the balcony with a sniper rifle trying to shoot some of the enemies walking (we're really high up) but somehow they see him and they start telling their comrades that we're hiding here. I yell at Christian and I hit him then I go to the balcony and I start shooting them with these weird pistol with a really big barrel and a scope. (i suddenly get the pistol from nowhere) The aim is really off though but I manage to hit a few of them. Then all of a sudden hundreds of girls wearing the same kind of weird P.E. uniform storm the mansion, coming from every door, passageway, and window. They just stand their looking all mean but they don't attack. They actually let me shoot them. After shooting a few, I wake up. END

Example: What does my dream mean? (father)?

Recently I've been having family issues. I have told my dad I don't want to see my step mom anymore because of how she treats me. My dad still wants to see me but knowing him, I'm afraid he will try to make me see my step mom or try to talk me out of everything. I've been really stressed, scared, and I think my dad doesn't want anything to do with me anymore. Then the next night I had a dream. I was in my choir class doing a "Secret Santa" Thing. My present was brought up and when I opened it, I saw my dad's head. There was a lot of blood and one of his eyes were gone. Everyone seemed to think it was normal. It scared me so much. I haven't been able to see or talk to my dad since then. Can someone please tell me what my dream means?

Example: What does my dream mean?

My dream is hazy but I've had it two nights in a row; kind of like a part one and two deal.

In the first dream, my brother and I arrived at a place. It had a pool that changed into an ice rink sometimes. What is interesting, that I didn't realize until I woke up, was that no one in my dream, including myself, didn't notice when the pool changed into the rink or vice versa.

Anyway, when we arrived, someone told us we couldn't swim/skate because someone had fallen through a hole and drowned/died. Somehow, I went back in time and changed the past so this person wouldn't die. It was now that I discovered that she was a girl I new named Gladys. (I know her in real life.) In the dream her name was still Gladys. For the rest of the dream, I was trying to keep her from dying in the pool/rink.

Another detail: Underneath the pool/rink was many wooden floors with beams holding them up that were hanging from the ceiling. I know I'm describing this well, but I have never seen structures like this in real life before. The people in my dream explore these spaces for clues about the death.

Another detail: Every person in my dream I knew in real life and recognized. None of them are close friends and none are people I even like that much. In real life these people interest me more. Like I stare at them, wondering what goes on there mind.

When I woke up from the first dream, I had no memory of it except that I had dreamed of something. I only remembered the first dream when I was in the middle of the second dream.

In the second dream, two people I didn't know and myself arrived at the rink. We put very strange skates that I only describe as looking like platform shoes. Our instructor said we had to wear them because they were safer and she didn't want us to fall through the holes like the girl did. I kept complaining that the skates were bad and that I had skated for five years. It was near impossible to stop in the skates I was wearing and I desparately wanted to wear normal skates like some of the other people on the rink. After I skated, I sat down next to a girl I knew named Brooke. In real life Brooke is very quiet and I've only heard her speak once or twice. I gave her a secret santa present that was wrapped in orange paper that looked exactly like how I had wrapped my mom's present the day before except the paper was different. When someone came to pick my brother and I up, he was swimming in the pool and I was deeply worried for him. I woke up before he got out of the pool.

I know I am forgetting some major details but I did the best I could.

Please help me understand this dream.

Example: Very scary space dream - please help astronomers?

The first night I had a very scary space dream but it wasn't like a nightmare. It was about an asteroid and it was circling the moon but we could see it as a white speck to the naked eye, it was just going around in circles. My sister said was it was going to crash into Earth and kill everybody then I tried to find a hiding place so I hid beside my mums bed? Then I got back up and said if it was going to hit Earth it would be all over the news and my dad said ''Exactly''. Next minute I'm driving in a car and I see the asteroid getting closer so I run back to the house and duck down beside a bed and there is a huge bright light then a HUGE boom. It was so loud! Nobody died though and it only hit Australia because that's where I live.

Last night I had another scary dream. My Parents saw two stars in the sky but they kept saying it wasn't stars and it was something else? I tried to tell them they were stars but they would not believe me. Then I woke up.

Why am I have space dreams?

Example: What does it mean to dream of a white elephant?

Meaing of dreaming of an elephant? And then finding one the next day?
I found a small toy elephant the very next day. Any significance? Does that mean perhaps the building I was looking to buy will become a reality as I described it as a white elephant to my partner? Maybe the loan will come through? All thoughts, inputs, suggestions welcome. and thank you.
26 minutes ago - 4 days left to answer.

Example: ATTENTION: I want your dreams! Will try for publication.?

If you have ever had a dream that...

-was really vivid and "out there"
-meant something to you (explain)
-or you just felt like sharin' it


(fine print) Any responses will be used at my own will. By sending me your dream you are agreeing to this. I will be asking a variety of people. Serious answers only. Please give full answers and details.Thanks!

please only serious answers,

Example: What does my dream mean?

I don't drink, I'm 16. I had a dream that we were doing a secret Santa at my house for Christmas, and my friend who also doesn't drink, gave me a mason jar full of moonshine... what does this mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

i was Santa Claus in a dream, but it was a secret so i would go into the basement, which was rather dim lit and web like, and would try and hide my santa disguise, a beard, hat, and a kind of mask all connected. i also seemed to be moving furniture too and from my basement from other areas, though to note i had never seen this room before in my life. i am very confounded to what this dream may mean, any insights?

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