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Dream About Secret Rooms meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do my dreams mean?

For the last year I've been having dreams about secret passage ways that lead to a hidden room. Other dreams I'm being choked, locked in a small room, or drown. I'm afraid to fall asleep anymore... What do they mean?

Oh yes - those are fun, aren't they?

Mostly dreams concern themselves with the operations inside your unconscious mind. If you're in teen years/early 20's, the unconscious is much more active. And it's just throwing symbols in every direction.

Hidden rooms and secret passages and just symbols for things in the unconscious which are "secret" - you don't know about them. These are generally old repressed and "forgotten" memories and emotions which you haven't dealt with since you were 3 years old.

Choked, locked in small rooms and especially drowned are all common symbols in dreams for being "swallowed" by the unconscious. As the unconscious becomes more active and these old repressed emotions and memories move closer to the surface, they threaten to overwhelm you - "drown" you in "water". Water is a sort of main symbol of the unconscious.

It's all really normal stuff - can be pretty scary for some people. Some people will develop anxiety from this - but everybody goes through it.

Example: Dream Meaning?

So the past few nights I've been having the same dream where I am dragged into a room to be operated on.
I fight to get off the bed but the doctors hold me down and give me a anaesthetic jag so I can't fight anymore and dose off.
I wake up in real life with the fright of everything going black in my dream and feel paralysed and in shock. I also still feel like I am dreaming when I wake up for a second?

Anyone have any ideas as to what this recurring dream means? Its actually scaring me more than it should

Thanks xo

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I keep having dreams that I am in a house I live in (its never the same house) and I find a secret room that no one knew about. In one dream I was in a flat and found a hidden attic room with a fish tank (with live fish) in another it was a large house and I found a secret staircase leading to a room that looked lived in but no one there.

Example: Dreams about secret rooms and compartments - what does this mean?

I'm not much into dream-meanings, but I keep having the same type of dreams over and over. In each dream I'm in a different house, but each one of these houses has a secret - like a secret room, alcove, or compartment. I spend my dream looking through the houses and finding it's secrets, which include passageways, hidden jewelry, hidden ladders, and old toys from my childhood.

Each dream is different, but they are all so similar I'm starting to wonder if this is a reflection of something that is going on in my life - but I don't know what.


Example: What does my dream about this secret room in a house mean?

This is a dream that I have had many times.

In my dream I am in my grandparents house. They live six hours away from me and I don't get to see them often. I enjoy spending time at their house, and I loved it when I was a little kid. In my dream, the house is empty and has the same furniture as it did when i was a child. They have remodeled the whole house since then. I start walking around the house and I enter one of the rooms. I don't know where the stairs are or if it is like an attic staircase but, I go to an upstairs area. It is a bedroom/office area. It is dark and very cozy. I always want to stay at that part of the house. After being in that room i move on. I don't know if i go up another set of stairs, or if i enter another door but i end up in a room i have never seen in their house that doesn't exist. The room is an attic and has a very steep pointed ceiling. It is empty and just has an old wooden floor with no lights. There is a single window overlooking a view which reminds me of the Chronicles of Narnia. There is sometimes snow, sometimes the sun is out, and sometimes I see a field of flowers. I only look out the window when i am sitting in the clawfoot tub that is in the room. It is the only piece of furniture in the room and is positioned in the very center right in front of the window.

If you can help to translate the dream or give your thoughts I would be very thankful.

Example: What does my dream mean? (New rooms?)?

I often have a dream of being in my house, or my old house and finding a new room. The room and location is different in every dream though. Once there was a secret room behind a closet at my old house, another time I dreamed my dad built like 5 new rooms on the back of my house and they weren't ordinary rooms. One was a flashy movie theater, another looked like an old fashoned 50's diner, along with other crazy rooms. Another time I dreamed I had a huge bedroom that was all redone and well pretty amazing. So do these new rooms in my dreams mean anything?

Example: What would dreaming of secret rooms mean?

For many years now I've been having strange dreams about finding secret rooms, sometimes in familiar places, or at unknown locations. They usually involve some sort of stress and anxiety to get too; either a narrow crawling space, or just a creepy dirt walled basement.

The rooms usually connect to more rooms, either like a house or a continuous chain of rooms. Some times the rooms are elaborate, beautiful and magnificent looking, and other times very basic or even dirty.

Is there anything this could mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream about finding extra rooms in your house you didn't know about?

I've had several dreams like that, and other people I know also have had similar dreams. What does it mean?

Example: What do these dreams mean?

what does it mean when you dream about secret rooms, passage ways, etc...any place thats hidden?
i have lots of dreams about lakes/swamps too

Example: What does it mean when you dream you gave birth to a stillborn in secret? I was alone & wanted no one to know?

I was with my brothers gf, visiting a church I recently stopped attending. I am a black girl, happily dating a white guy, and that was a problem for a few members at the church. Specifically one. I was told to stop dating white guys and after setting her straight on that one, she lectured me about not being on the rigth path. I took it as another tactic she tried using to get me to stop dating him. Instead, I quit attending. In the dream, my bros gf and I stayed the night at the church and I went to the br and gave birth. I hid the baby, then showed my bros gf. She didnt act surprised or alarmed, almost like it wad normal. She left my room and I tried to figure out what to do. I remember thinking this child was concieved before my current bf. And i knelt down close to the baby to see what he actually looked like. Then i heard someone coming and wrapped the baby up. I began packing up my things and blowing out candles. The person I heard coming was someone I always felt responsible for him leaving the church. He tried to come onto me, but my bros gf walked in and he left me alone. I looked back before leaving the room and then I woke up. Yikes!

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