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Dream About Second Hand Store meanings

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Example: What Does My Dream Mean?

Ok so last night I had a dream about being in love with a guy i used to like. In the dream he loved me back. We were cuddling at school & my RL best friend tried to get us to stop but we wouldnt. We just kept holding hands. It felt like our relationship was a secret but we were starting to let people know about us. What does this mean?

I think it means that the guy you used to like is still in your heart somewhere..you still have feelings for him even if they are the smallest thing. Maybe your bestfriend likes him too? so maybe thats why in your dream she was trying to get yout two to stop? The guy loved you back in the dream...but would he love you back in real life? You need to concider that dreams are mostly images of what we love, admire, wish, hate, despise all these images are stored in your brain but you need to ask yourself what is in your heart!, maybe you still like/love this guy? :')
Hope this helped! :')

Example: What does my dreams mean?

I had two dreams last night. One was of my mother and grandmother sitting behind me in all white in an airport and my brother was sitting a few rows of seats infront of me in all black and my cusin was behind him in all black and pregnant. I got in an argument with my brother and i got in his face and when i was done i sat done and my cusin came to me and shook my hand and left. We were the only ones in the airport.
The 2nd dream was of me in a shoping center parkinglot that had a park bench in the middle and i was alone waiting on some1 but i dont know who. i saw my cusin pregnant again in all black being helped into one of the stores and after she walked in my boyfriend came and sat on the other side of the bench and started to introduce him self to me and ask me questions about my self. Its like he didnt know who i was.
can some one tell me what they mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that I was back in high school and there was this girl Karen that all the guys liked even though she wasn’t that pretty. I was a lot shorter in my dream that I was in real life and so was everyone around me. We were about the same height as your average elementary school student and looked about 10 years old. Some girl was being disrespectful or undermining us… I think she may have systematically insulted somebody or stepped on somebody’s toes. It was unclear what she did, but all the students decided the right thing to do would be to embarrass her. So the whole schools set up this fake lie for her to believe. When she was trying to accomplish her goals, we had everyone else, pretend that she would accomplish them through us when really we were arranging everything so that her victory over the situation would be a fake victory and not a real one, since we were forcing her to spend her efforts on building a life of lies rather than a life of substance and truth.

We made her slide down a plastic blown up stair case that had raspberry jelly covering it so that she gets herself dirty, sticky and unpleasant. Then we hand her this card made out of cardboard paper that was a purple color. The card was tall enough to equal the height of the girl that everyone had gathered around to victimize. She thought the card would tell her she was a winner, and was expecting recognition and praise for completing her mission but the paper cardboard said that she was a loser since her victory was a fake victory in a fake world and not a real victory in the real world.

Example: What does this dream mean?

OK so I just want to know what this stuff means.
The first thing, what does it mean to dream of lettuce? The lettuce was on the floor and it was wrapped in a bag (the way they are sold at some stores). what does that mean?

Second, I dreamed that I was sleeping on my best friends laps/legs. My head was resting on her laps and my arms where around her laps as well, oh and while hugging her lap, i kept touching the back of her legs with my hands but she wouldn't move my hand or anything. I could also hear a voice saying, "wow, she's (as in me) really asleep!" And my best friend kept touching or stroking my back while i was sleeping. what does this dream mean?
Help please and thanks :)

Example: Plane, Snake and Rat dreams meaning?

In this week I had many really weird dreams. The first one was that I was in a plane. I could hear the pilot's conversation with the control tower amd suddenly the plane lost control. I was concious that I was dreaming but I couldn't wake up until it crashed, The second dream several days after, was that a green snake bite my hand and I was scared if it was venenous or not. The third and last dream was thay a white bog rat went out from my friend's lunchbox. I would like to know the meaning of those dreams and if they could have correlation between them. Thanks!

Example: What does my disturbing dream mean?

Every so often, I have extremely disturbing dreams where a loved one dies. I've had dreams about my father, my best friend, and even several dreams about my boyfriend dying. Usually its not a bloody dream, just extremely emotional. Since I've had similar dreams I wouold lke to know if theres a meaning.

In my dream, my friend and i were a supermarket. I was look for an anniversary card for my boyfriend (our anniversary was last week :) and just as i was looking for a card, i ran into my boyfriend at the store. He acted just like he always does for a bit, and then he started holding my hand. I questioned this because his family was in the store. ( Long story made short- his family does not approve of our relationship so we have been hiding it.) He told me that he didnt care if they knew, and that he was proud.

That of course, made me really happy. so we passed by his family who was starring at us acceptingly. He noticed htat his close group of friends were with his family on the otherside of the parkinglot. so he said that he would meet me back by my car in a little bit. ( i need to add that this was a HUGE parkinglot...like a forrest combined with a parking lot.)

so as i waiting for my boyfriend to meet me at my car, a group of 3 guys came up to me (In real life, these are men who i used to be friends with, but are no longer in contact because of the evil things theyve done to me. ) They were bullying me around and trying to steal my weed, (hah yeah) my car, and trying half heartedly to rape me. I somehow got them to leave me alone, and i went back into the store, because the parking lot was dangerous and too dark now. The store somehow became my university on a beach, and there was commotion everywhere. After some investigating, i found out someone was killed. No ever told me but i knew it was my boyfriend. I was completely devestated, and let me tell you that the emotions I was feeling in that dream were so real. I was walking along the beach crying, when my boyfriend appeared. He looked completely normal although i knew he had already died. We later caught up with his group of friends and he told us about how it felt to get shot and die. He told me about how those group of men who had harrassed me had been the ones that shot him. His friends were smiling and acting as though they didnt just loose a friend. I was really freaked out a devastated about the whole thing. I couldn't hug him and squeeze him like i love to do, and that made crying pretty uncontrolabley.

I woke up already crying and didnt realize it was a dream, for a few minutes. This dream and other similar dreams i've had are soo vivdly emotional that it is really disturbing for quite some time.

Example: What does my dream mean?

i keep dreaming every night that i'm in the grocery store a someone comes in with a gun and starts killing people.
on night one: i dreamed i was in the makeup/hygiene section, and a guy was looking over his shoulder and my mom and i. we didn't know he was suspicious, but he turned around and pulled a gun out and pointed it at our heads.
on night two: i was sitting outside the grocery store at these tables eating panera (which is across the street) with five of my friends. a white escalade sped by with guys hanging out the sunroof. everyone screamed "they have guns!" so we ran inside and they were shooting through the glass. my friend claudine died.
on night three (last night): i dreamed that we were on an aisle and two guys just walked in with guns. they shot in the air once to scare everyone, then starting shooting and killing everyone in site. my two best friends and i climbed into a bottom shelf and bowed our heads and covered them with our hands.

anyone know what this means? what does the grocery store have to do with it?
please helpppp

Example: What do these dreams mean...?

Usually it's rare that I have bad dreams, they're mostly just weird, but still fun. Lately I've been having dreams and I'm just in my room doing nothing, looking out my window at the world go by. My brother would be hanging around his friends and my mom would be just outside holding hands with her boyfriend, and everyone overall was happy but me. I was alone, by myself. I also have dreams of family members (and my moms bitter ex-boyfriend) coming after me with verbal and physical abuse. I don't really go out with my friends much because I can't afford it, and even when they have movie nights I can't go sometimes depending on who's house it is because I have really bad pet allergies. Also, my mom and I don't really get along (the family never bonds) and I'm graduating high school this May and off to work/college this fall, and I'm stressing. How can I just relax? I've even woke up crying a few times because of the hate and abuse in my dreams, it seemed so real? Thanks in advance

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I have no idea what these two dreams mean, could I have some help?

1. I was at this Native American campfire with this cute guy who was kind of cowboyish. So anyways after a bit the fire went out and it was all dark and the sky was starry, and I was on a swing and the cowboy gave me a hug and then turned into a wolf. He had to go be a wolf but as he was running away he kept looking back at me, and then I sort of slipped off the swing on purpose and I fell asleep on the ground. When I woke up the wolf had carried me over to this snowy field.
I got up and walked over these cliffs to this big city filled with all these colors and pretty things, and then there was this store that I was running around in. There was an obstacle course in the store and I was going through it when this robber jumped out at me and scared me.

2. I was standing with my brother in my hallway, and he had these weird blue matches, they were a drug of some sort, and you lit the end of them on fire and then ate the whole thing, and so he handed me two and I ate them but they were sort of sickly sweet and I didn't enjoy it. Then I was telling my mom, who oddly approved of the whole thing, and then she said I had self restraint because I only ate two. Then I was at this college, on the lawn, and the ghost of a serial killer appeared to me and only I could see him. So he told me where he had left all these secret messages on the grounds and I went and dug them up, and then the serial killer and I fell in love even though he killed a lot of people. During this dream, I thought it was Saturday.

Thanks for the help!

Example: Can someone tell me what these dreams mean?

My friend has been having crazy dreams n asked me to see if i could find out about them...

First dream...He is running thru many tunnels with a kid being chased by Jason so he thought. Jason catches the kid and my friend saves the kid.as they almost get free, leaving out the tunnel the man grabs my friend, he takes a meat cleaver n cut his hand off he has on a wedding ring. the grip is still tight so he cut his hand at the palm

Second dream...He is walking with a woman and a kid to the store. He is in another country by the way they clothes look...Africa or something. Anyway, he gets to the store and there are three turtles. He picks up a turtle n the turtle starts making this noise n pees, so he put the turtle down.

Third dream...hes been having dreams of being with celebrities

Thank you for your help

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