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Dream About Searching For Someone meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Ramadan: what does dreaming someone died mean?

Ive heard that means they will live longer, or that Allah swt has granted them more time. I this true?

Bq: is it okay to tell others ur dream when they have both bad and good things mixed in them?

Well, whenever I dream, I look in the dreamers handbook.

The dreamers handbook by Muhammad al-jibaly tells us what are dreams mean.
You can search it up on google to find the PDF.
Look at the page from 295 too see what your dream means.

From the dream book: it says that dreaming someone died means that:

Rest, travel, fear.

Example: Very abnormal dreams. Searching for meaning. HELP!?

I have had the same dream for about a week. First I start in a hospital, i leave I witness a man with a gun walking in, I speed walk to my car in terror and then an image arises of me and a girl and both of us look like we have done meth or something her mouth is caved in and my eyes are spread far apart, my eyes are huge and my pupil is in the middle making me look vacant, this image remains there for what seems like forever and then I see a pen full of pigs.

I know this sounds very obscure however it terrifies me It somehow makes me think I will be a drug user in the future which I really hope isn't what happens.

Example: What doesmit mean when you dream about someone twice in a row?

I've dreamed about this boy twice in a row. What does that mean?

Example: What does it mean when you dream about searching?

I have this recurring dream, well, not really recurring. I have extremely trippy dreams (no I don't do any drugs) and no matter what, every trippy dream involves me having to find someone. Like always, there is a group of people expecting me to search and locate something. Every time it changes from a piece of stone with writing on it or a person. I'm just wondering if this means anything significant.

Example: Searching for the meaning of these dreams?

During the last 5 years I have had a lot of dreams about being married to someone and not knowing it or being the last one to know that I was already married.

Last night I had a very similar dream. Last night I had a dream that this really gorgeous guy was deeply in love with me. I did not believe that he was in love with me. We became good friends. Then I discovered that this same guy had been sending me emails for a while and they were in another email account and I never knew that he had sent me those emails.

When I opened one of the emails it was like a long letter that he had sent to me and pictures that he had drawn of me and him dancing together and pictures of family dancing around us and it was like a country dance or something it was so beautiful. The pictures came to life. I could not believe that someone had been so patient and had loved me for such a long time and I had not reciprocated his love because I did not believe someone that great would want me.

Example: What does it mean to dream of searching for someone?

I'm dreaming about running around trying to find someone. I'm not sure where I'm at, and I'm not sure who I'm looking for. The location keeps changing, but I'm always looking for the same person. I've gotten glimpses of the person and know that it's a male, but I can never see enough detail to figure out who it is. What does this mean?

Example: Meaning of my Dreams.. can someone help me..please?

I had a Dream last night,

It started with a fish in a tank kept under a table at my factory. i could not see the fish since it was dark and the water was shallow. but could see somethin move around.. later it fell down. and we were searching for it.. later the whole became flooded with water.. and the fish was lost. later the water kept rising and we started to see mysterious fish kind animals(avatar movie animal kind) tht were eating small fish. later it started to kill my company staffs one by one.. i hid in a small place and got out with my parents who came to save me.. and then i was in my locker.. my watch showed 4.00pm. but everywhere i see it was 3.00 or 3.30. normally 4.00 is the time i leave office. i was worried i would miss my bus.. later i went in back to my office n saw the whole factory was water dripping from top and was kind of wet.. then i went in my office where my clerk told me they are appointing 2 new secretary for my boss(im his secretary).. and me n my clerk were laughing and moking the new guy.

thanks a lot guyz this jst kept bothering me for a long time..

Example: What does it mean in a dream if you are searching for someone?

I have this friend and we havent seen each other for a while, but when we were together i used to have dreams about him all the time where i was looking for him...sometimes we would start the dream off together and sometomes not and he would get up to go do something and i would spend the rest of the dream looking for him...sometimes i would find him and sometimes not..but the dream was just over

Example: What does it mean when you dream you are searching for someone who''s purposely avoiding you?

Example: What does it mean to dream of looking/searching for someone?

In my dream I was searching for this guy I haven't talked to in 2 years.
I remember walking through a dining room over to the backdoor because I assumed he was outside, if that has any significance.

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