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Dream About Sea meanings

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Example: What does it mean when you dream about sea creatures and water?PLEASE HELP!?

okay so about 2 days ago I had this SCARY dream about me,my mom & my sister driving in our car down this highway in my town. the highways kind of old. But, it was covered in water, really Dark water, and I remember it had dolphins & Orca whales & sharks swimming underneath & jumping in and out infront of us and on there fins were bright orange labels about what each animal was & so we would known where it was so we didnt run over them, If that makes sense? This dreams really been bothering me and I looked into it and it said It might be from suprested feelings & being afraid, maybe thats it. But I need MORE ANSWERS!

-*** Also, I've had this other dream about Me , My grandma & my grandpa going down to this lake - stream - river kind of place with a lot of rocks & logs and watching these creatures swim underwater & they were barely visible but SO dark & mysterious at the same time & just looking around the river, I remember it having this weird ,dark, mysterious, important in a way vibe to it.

-Please help,I've havent stopped thinking about this dream since I had it & its been FREAKING ME OUT, I was in the shower the other day & I was almost about to get out and I thought about this dream again & I completley freaked out because I'm terrified of underwater creatures like the lockness monster & things like that. pleeeeesseeee help!

I have this too, the weirdest thing about it is that i love swimming and water
I have had these dreams like once i was in a HUGE pool and i was swimming all happy and suddenly i felt something touch my leg. I looked down and saw big seaweeds and all those other nasty plants in a sea, and the pool's edges were full of barnacles. There were sharks, whales, some of those longnecked Plesiosaurs and other big fish!
The next thing i knew i woke up all sweaty, it is just something you don't like coming to your dreams! No worries!

Example: What does dreaming of a sea mean?

I dreamed I was standing looking at the sea.and then I was in a house and it was pouring rain.
What does rain mean?what does sea mean?please answer

Example: Stranded out at sea in a dream? Meaning?

I had a dream me and some others were stranded out at sea. We had 2 paddles that we had to defend ourselves with, against sharks and such who would appear out of nowhere and attack us, or who we'd see swimming below us. We were always on guard

I found myself at the bottom of the sea but it was quite light, not dark at all like i was in shallow water. I come across what seemed like a shipwreck. It had gold strewn all along its bottom, some fish come up and i attacked them with a nearby object i was fascinated with finding a momentum & was always in "attack" mode.

I saw some stud earrings grabbed a blue one, put it back and decided with the purple one. I soon realised the fish were still beside me and not causing any harm to me

The eel i had numerous times attacked swam into my arms and settled while i pet it. It had injuries i inflicted. I felt real bad

Example: What's the meaning of my dream that im sailing on the sea.?

first with an old lady then in the middle of the ocean she left me.i was supposed to cross from 1 island to the other island my home town.

Example: What does it mean to dream of the sea?

Well i had a dream were me, my sister and mom were driving and we saw lik the sea and it was soo beautiful, relaxing and there were waterfalls.

Example: Dreaming sea turtles? What can this mean?

What can dreaming with so many small sea turtles mean? I had a dream with them last night. I kept trying to hide them, because it was just so many turtles, crawling on top of me ! ! Can someone tell me what this might mean?...

Example: Meaning of dream?; lost at sea?

iv only just remembered but for a few years now iv been getting similar dreams, fairly frequently, of being lost at sea with either nothing but a bit of wood, or so something, or just me swimming. the weather has never been bad, in fact quite the opposite. but can go on forever just swimming seeing nothing but the light blue see, sky and the boiling sun.

Sometimes when i do find land its just a deserted island with sometimes traces, things like a myan safe berried in rock with the top showing but you need weird key thing to open it in a cave by the shore or carvings on trees of just foot prints left by other people who have been there before, maybe on a boat or like me, swam.
Somtimes iveven seen people in the distancebut not for long, the just dissaper when i try and get to them.
Once i remembered there was a tour guide with 15 or so tourists that walk right past me and treated me as if i were a monky or a ghost kindof or somthing.

the only time i remember actually going into the sea was the swim from one island to another in a race with thousands of other people, but i eventually got lost,

what does all this mean?

Example: What does it mean to dream of the sea?

I was in an old sandstone house which was very warmly light it looked out onto a very beautiful sea it might have been on a cliff?

I was reading a book in french,my friend then came in through a long hallway and passed my parents leaving.He stood infront of me and tried to talk to me but I refused to talk to him and kept reading my book.

There was also a telescope to look out to the sea and a ledger with a bunch of book titles written down in it.

Example: What does it mean if I dreamed about a pregnant sea lion?

It was in captivity if it makes any difference. In captivity in a SCHOOL ... -__- weird dream ...

Any idea what the pregnant sea lion is actually supposed to mean ?

Example: What does it mean to dream of a black sea?

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