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Dream About Sea Urchin meanings

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Example: In my dream my eye looked like it had a disease, kinda sea urchin looking? What does this mean!?

It's kinda hard to describe, but I was up in this huge tree like thing that I had to balance on and when I saw my eye, it looked like i had a disease or something..sort of like a sea urchin.

Does this mean anything?

You'll find that you brain is quote the mystery. It boggles scientist belong belief for the most part. Dreaming is one of those odd mysteries that we aren't 100% on but there are some things we know it.

When you dream, you've probably seen someone you know in them or maybe even famous celebrity of some sort. Well, dreaming is your brains way of sorting through all of your memories and throwing some away and keeping the rest. In this process you have dreams that your brain pieces together so really, They do mean nothing. It's not your bodies way of telling you something is wrong in you eye or cornea, retina etc. If anything, the fact that you can even remember your dreams is short of pretty amazing. A lot of people can't even remember any of their dreams (You actually have multiple dreams though the night and generally only remember parts of one of them)!

I hope this has helped you with you question.


Example: What does this dream mean?

I had this really wierd dream and I have no idea what it means, PLEASE HELP.

Ok when it started I was at work, kitchen, making some Bok Choy and all of a sudden a starfish flew out of the deepfryer and sucked onto my face. IT implanted a vital mission for me to achieve. I had to get 6 oz. of Oprah vaginal discharge. So I found her on some dating site and went out to Nobo and ate some sea urchin, and then we went back to my pad and started getting it on. When I pulled her pants down there was a frothy green discharge coming from her privates. I was grossed out but the starfish had told me this is vital for the survival of the human race so I dug in. I let it all soak up in my beard and rung it out into a tuppawear container. When i tried to leave cops busted in and they were all black midgets in leather they took me to jail and put me in a meat locker. IT was kinda cold and then the guy from Beyond the Thunder Dome came in, you know they retarded one, and grabbed a huge salami

Example: What's the meaning of my dream?

i dreamt of seeing a clear water but below it there are worms and a small snake. then the 7 coins i was holding fell to the water...actually the coins didn't sink and it floated only...i want to get my coins but i'm afraid of the small snake(looks like it's resting) in the water...then i decided to go home when i stepped in a sea urchin...then i woke up after that...my dream's kinda weird for me...

Example: Dream... it was confusing sort of?

Last night, I had a dream where I was in this confusing maze-like house, giving my contact information to a friend I was leaving. In real life, it is a friend who I actually did leave. I left the house and got on the "el" which is the elevated track sort of a subway train that goes above ground in my home city. It was going really fast, and at one point the tracks were on the ceiling. Then I got off, and got into an auto-rickshaw. Where I used to live, auto-rickshaw was the most common form of transportation for me. Only, the driver was a person who I haven't seen in like 5 years, and in real life he molested me once when I was a teenager. But I didn't have any bad feelings towards him in the dream. He took me to a place which looked like where you get your tickets for the subway/ "el", only I couldn't figure out how to work it since I was in a different country (the one I used to live in). He helped me to get my ticked, I thanked him by name, and then I went up the stairs and waited for the next "el" train. I got on, and then got off after a certain while, and went to this courtyard of a building with lots of other people. I think that everyone there was like an urchin of some variety (I mean the street kids and tramps, not the sea creature, BTW), but I was with them, waiting for the next train. It took a long time, but finally the train came in the evening. I could see the people on the train looking at us. One white man had a sweatervest. I remember feeling like they were looking at us but not understanding us. Then I finally left the urchins in the courtyard and went up the stairs and got on the train.

I really appreciate any help on what it means?

Example: Dreams about a crush?

A couple of months ago I had a dream that my current neighbors moved out and we got new neighbors, a boy my age, his little sister,and his mom. I somehow ended up at thier house and was playing with the little girl, when I met the boy. I remember thinking he was super cute, and kept on smiling and basically trying to get his attention. I had a couple more dreams shortly after that just the same, I would always go over there and smile alot until he noticed and smiled back. Now, after months I had two dreams about him. The first one was where I met him at a pool with my aunt, and me and the boy were partnered up for some type of amazing race thing. I didn't have shoes on (neither did he) so he carried me through the whole thing until we got to this swamp that we had to cross, complete with floating sea urchins.lol.he made some type of comment like "ouch this is horrible,it hurts when they poke you, dont you agree?" And I replied "it cant be that bad because im here with you.." I stared into his ...heartwarming brown eyes and he stared back at me until it felt akward, so I looked down and smiled as I got up, and grabbed his hand to get him up so we could finish the race. (We won, btw)
Then, the next night I had a dream where we were hanging out with some of his friends and I made another of those hints that I liked him. Then we did another eye stare and we just started making out! I kept trying to french kiss him, but he wouldnt let my tounge go into his mouth.ugh, frustrating because I was trying so hard, but the kiss was still perfect.

Anyway, ive never seen this guy before in real life, or his mom, sister,or arcade friends. Thier family just appeared in my dreams and now I go to sleep thinking about him in hopes ill dream about him and feel wonderful .When I dream, its the best feeling ever. P.s. ive never had a boyfriend or first kiss ar anything, and im 14 if that even matters.
So what do you think these dreams mean?and how do I keep dreaming about this boy

Example: Can anyone explain my really odd dream?

the other night i had a really odd dream but i couldnt stop thinking about it all day, can you try and explain what it means?
well my friend was self harming and it was on her shoulder but it had got infected and grew like foam that went hard like you know sea urchins you get in the sea? but was on her shoulder, and then i had one on my back but it had a bat inside it? (like the animal bat) and my brother was like 'oh i used to get them all the time' but when you pulled the foam off if left like a cut in your skin which was like a hole and all cut.
but the odd thing is when i was thinking about in the day i felt that in my dream pulling the foam of was really satisfying.
im not a freak lol
but i just want to know what it means?

Example: Creative Writing Poem/ what do you think..?

OK I have this assignment and I have to write a story/poem. A poem with a story basically. I'm not going to tell you what it is about. just read it and tell me what you think. Now it is a rough draft and I will probably rewrite some of the lines. But i want a basic idea of what it sounds like to others. thanks

All she ever saw were puddles
When she woke, she saw a puddle
When she went to school, she saw a puddle
When she went to the mall, with her friends, she saw a puddle.

Slowly her world become water
Knee deep she struggled to breathe
Drowning in her sorrow
She was stuck to deep

Reaching for the surface, that taunted her every move
She prayed for a savor to come along
Someone to help her
To love her

Drip by painful drip
She lost herself in her grief
Becoming a shadow of her self
Walking through the motions like a dream.

She waits for him, under the sea
A grieving urchin moving in the waves
Longing for her life
Before the puddles came.

Example: Would you read this book...or does my idea suck?

My novel is mainly about a really poor, dysfunctional family in modern-day Ireland. Here are the family members:
The father, who is diagnosed with a mild case of schizophrenia. He perceives things about the world that aren’t really there, often supernatural things. He’s very culturally aware and has a rather old-fashioned view of things (So it’s hard to say how much of his “schizophrenia” is real and how much is just stubborn traditional beliefs).
The mother, who married the father to escape from her dreary life. She’s the kind of person who’s never content with what she has. In fact, she’s still looking for an escape…
Their “six” kids (I still need names…any ideas?), a 16 year old boy who is burdened with supporting all of his siblings, extremely close 13 year old identical boy twins, a troublesome 11 year old girl, a 7 year old boy, and a roughly 12 year old boy who is not theirs at all. About five years ago, the girl found him unconscious in the street outside their house. He was a street urchin who had been nearly killed by a rivaling gang, and they took him in. When they washed him off the dad thought he was a changeling, but his kind nature won out and they took the boy in, although the dad made them keep him hidden from the world.
The main part of my novel starts when the social workers discover the strange boy in their house. They think they’re abusing him, and the mom is afraid all her kids will be taken away, so she drives them halfway across the country in the dead of night and leaves them at this old abandoned castle she visited when she was young (People say it’s haunted, that’s why no one will go there, but the kids don’t know that). Their father is in an institution “temporarily,” receiving treatment. Their mom isn’t planning on ever coming back for them, she’s leaving them there to fend for themselves (Kind of like Hansel and Gretel).
They soon realize this but they are too furious with their mom to go back home, and they don’t know the way. So they stay. Soon strange things start happening. The youngest child insists he saw a girl in the window of the castle, but there is no one there. One of the twins, the one who has always feared turning out like his father, is having strange dreams about the twelve year old boy. Like he really might be something other than human…
My novel is going to be fantasy. It will combine original ideas with Celtic mythology and ghosts, stuff like that. It’s also about family bonds, though, and the way magic is suppressed in the “real” world, given reasonable explanations like schizophrenia.
What do you think? Would you read this book? What about my plot or characters could be improved? Any ideas about certain events that could happen? All feedback is greatly appreciated!

Example: How hormones work?

How do hormones work?
Why are some people un-explainably attracted to a person?
How do hormones reciprocate eachother and attract people together?
Just always wandered how they work...?

Example: What do you think of my scholarship essay?

A career in the culinary arts is my biggest dream. When I get in a kitchen, I feel at home. Food is beautiful and creative, so what is there not to be passionate about? I have had many different dreams in my life, done my soul searching, but never committed to anything until I found cooking. The way you can look at a few simple ingredients that you have never imagined together before and transform them into something beautiful that makes people happy is an incredible feeling. From mouth numbing spicy tacos to rich and creamy cheese ravioli, I feel inspired when I make it all. It’s this burning desire that stretches through my bones, to the edge of my skin, and courses through my veins. I just have no way to make it happen for myself. When I close my eyes I imagine standing in an Italian ristorante making fresh mozzarella and rolling out just made pasta dough. I would drink in the laughs and excitement of the crowd just outside the kitchen doors as they sip pinot grigio and twirl spaghetti on their forks. I dream of bringing my passion for Italian food to more than just myself. But none of that can happen for free. Some may be the type who can go into a restaurant with no prior experience in the kitchen and come out as master chefs, but for the rest of us we need training. And that is exactly what this grant could give me. But to be honest it is so much more than just money. You would be giving me the chance my parents don’t want to. No one but me believes in my dream. They don’t think I can handle it and that I will fail. They don’t believe I will find my place in this world. If you granted me this scholarship I could prove everyone who ever doubted me wrong. I could fulfill my dream that until now I felt impossible. Take a shot on me; help me achieve what I cannot do alone. Help me expand my culinary horizon and give me pursue the passion that only money has so far denied me. If you can give me this scholarship I can show the world how much I am truly capable of.

These were the basic parameters but we were free to expand. Also there was a 2000 character limit

What cuisines are you passionate about? Explain how a scholarship from The International Culinary Schools at The Art Institutes could help you expand your knowledge of global cuisines.

I only have a few days so please be prompt if you could. Thanks!

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