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Dream About Sea Serpent meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

ok this is what i dreamt

A robust serpant appeared and dove into the sea. It stabbed an apple with its broad sword and then fired rounds from his shiny, black, imposing handgun.

what does my dream mean. i heard a good person to check this with is a phychologist called "Mr. Freud". can you plz tell me what my dream means?

'Mr.Freud' would interpret your dream like this:

Robust Serpent - Phallic Symbol, this is why it 'stabs an apple' (the apple is relative to Eve, as in Adam & Eve & the Apple in Biblical Christian lore). A 'Robust Serpent' stabbing an 'apple' could be the act ouf intercourse, especially w/ mention of another phallic symbol, the 'sword' and, the bullets from the gun, as sperm perhaps.

Freud has always been too sexual for me. Another interpretation, the ocean or the sea as you referred to it, is always highly representative of emotions going out of control, or feeling highly emotional. Many emotions surround you. Serpents are an interesting creature to see, serpents are symbolic of much - interesting you have a serpent and an apple - sounds much like Adam & Eve (this is something Jung would probably state) - is there some kind of 'sin' in your life? Especially if the serpent not only stabbed it with a sword, but also fired at it with a gun, is there some kind of 'sin' you need to take care of? Something emotional you need to solve? Interestingly your serpent was a man. Are you having man trouble?

If you need more of an explination let me know. Good luck.

Example: What does this dream mean?

i was at the beach with my friends when a sea serpant emerged from the waters. it was like the loch ness exept with an almost human head... it stared at me and next thing i knew, it was raping me. suddenly, the serpant changed into my friend rhys.. he stopped raping me and called me a whore. i ran to my truck and drove for awhile. i stopped and a man with a hat came to my window and threatened to kill me. i panicked at first but then realised there was nothing i could do so i surrendered and he shot me. i fell into a peaceful death sort of thing and then awoke from the dead and went to kill the man who shot me. i found him and tied him to a pole and shot him many times. he was dying slowly when suddenly he changed in my pet dog bella. i thought bella was dangerous so i kept shooting her even though my brothers were next to me, crying, telling me to stop. then i woke up... im so confused, this dream keeps coming back into my thoughts, whats it trying to tell me!?

Example: Dream Symbol Interpretation?

Last night, I dreamt I joined a swim team [not impossible, as I was a synchronized swimmer and a boogie boarder as a child]. Whe I hit the water, I transformed into a sea monster, a large serpentine creature.I don’t recall anyone noticing in my dream what I was. If anything people kept on swimming their laps, as did I. I woke up before I could crawl out of the water, nothing special happened otherwise in the dream. However, I realized today that every time I dream of swimming, I either turn into a mermaid or a sea serpent [mermaid being the most popular]. It’s been this way ever since I can remember…but what could it mean?

I’m considered to be a very feminine individual, despite my darker, gothic, and sometimes androgynous wardrobe. I’m a Pisces. In the Celtic zodiac my animals are the seagull, the seahorse [rendered a baby dragon] and the adder. 2 out of 3 are aquatic. I loved mermaids when I was younger, and I still love water and the beach. My friends jokingly call me a mermaid, saying that I look and act like one. Hell, my email has the word mermaid in it! My favorite colors are all ocean colors.

I listed some of this information, because I hoped it may help. Please help. I really don’t think it’s “just a coincedence” I’ve dreamt these things for all these years.

Example: Can somebody tell me what this dream means?

ok in my dream, i was standing near on bay side. the view was full of large stones and dried corals and the sea water was in it's half level of a boulder. while gazing at the those large stones, a serpent rose it's head and saw me. the serpent went down from the stone and went crawling towards me. i got scarred and walk fast.i looked back for the first time and the serpent still keep following me.i walk fast as i could and reached a small green place with not so many trees around. for the second time i looked back and to my surprise i saw three white dogs blocking the serpents way. one of the white dogs started attacking the serpent and he got bitten by the serpent. the two other dogs were trying to tear apart the serpent. and thats were i woke up early in the morning.

idk what this dream means? if somebody can tell me what it is, that would be greatful.

Example: What does it mean if you are seeing live snakes, not dreams, but live snakes?

Do not answer if you don't belive in "signs." I believe this is a sign of some kind. I have been recently told by a pyschic that I know my soul mate. The person she said is my sould mate also studies snakes and sales them. I use to be deathly afraid of snakes, but now they don't scare me at all. In fact I find myself attracted to them. I have searched for the meaning of snakes, but can only find out what they mean to dream of them, not to see them. Please help.

Example: Wierd dream, what does it mean?

i have this house in north carolina. my grandma lived in it then died in 2002 or 3. I love the area and the stuff i do there. train rides, shopping, snow, and a bunch of other stuff. i haven't been to the house in a while but i had a dream about it last night like it was calling me to go to it, and now i have a strong urge to go to it. any ideas of why i had it last night or what it means?

Example: What does my dream mean? its really odd...?

I add this dream a really long time ago (3 months) but I still remember some of the details...

My dad was driving the car and me and my mom were just looking at the surroundings. We were going on an empty road and the sky suddenly started to get darker (dark like the sky before a tornado) so my dad turned on the radio to see if there was any signal. The radio had a very clear signal and a person was saying "There will be monsters behind you, drive your car fast and do not look back!" Then the radio went blank. In about seconds, the monster were jumping behind us and breaking the roads. It was a Sea serpent or a Loch Ness Monster. so my dad stopped the car near a temple and we me, dad and my mom ran in. There was a bathtub filled with blood. So I put on some blood and played dead until the monsters came. I told my parents to do the same. As expected, 3 monsters came in and smelled my dad. But then I started moving and talking rubbish and I couldnt stop it so the monsters took me to their home underwater o.O...I could breathe and The monsters started talking in my language and became friends with me and I think I woke up after that..

What the hell does this dream mean? `_`

Example: What does this dreams mean? PLEASE READ?

I had a dream that a giant black serpent with rock hard scales rose high and dove deep into the ocean, I thrust a sword into an apple. I then fire a shiny black gun again, again and again.
What does this mean?

Example: How do I interpret my dream of an ocean liner and sea serpent?

I am on a very old luxury ocean liner. The ship has an old swimming pool.
I am sitting next to the rusty, murky pool water when a light colored sea serpent jumps out of the water and starts to torment the other passengers. It is very scary with fangs, scales and fins. It is several feet in length.
The serpent makes its way toward me. I jump up from my lounge chair wearing a singlet type bathing suit (old time,one piece) and grab a brass candle stick. In an instant I am beating the serpent and wrestling it. It is strong and feels like its all muscle. Eventually I snap its neck. I remember the struggle and the strength it had in fighting me before I killed it.

Example: Dream about sea men ?

Okay I had the creepiest freaking dream!...my dream was about beautiful sirens singing ... not to me but just singing..their was a male merman in the water who kept calling for me to jump in so I idioticlly did despite thinking even in my dream sirens kill people... but he caught me in his arms..and well when he did everything started to shake like a hurricane and all the sirens went underwater am swam down out of sight... the merman I was with took me underwater..btw apparently I could breath underwater... and as he did A serpent swam from below past us..the merman hid me in a underwater cave where we watched this ugly half man half serpent thing yelling my name .. he was the size of a leviathan and his voice was so scary ...the entire dream was so vivid and I remember so many details that it kinda feels like it was a chapter of my real life, Thisserpent man thing has very very very long red hair and a jagged face and a musclur body and he carried a trident.. what in the world could this mean if anything?

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