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Dream About Sea Lion meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Just had the srangest dream does it mean somthing? O.o?

ok befor i start im on my phone so my double u key doesnt uuork. So instead i'll just put 2 u's like i did there. I'll try my best to avoid that letter tho lol anyhoo my question is about the dream i just had...i uuas in a castle that looks alot like the girls lockerroom at school except more midevil, and it uuas divided in half. The left uuas for the good people and the right had the devil in it..if i stepped on the right my feet started to burn and a chianed up lion appeared. I uuas in the castle uuith all my classmates but suddenly they all disappeared so i searched for them. It ended up that they had all gotten on a bus and decided to use it as a boat in the ocean but that did uuork out cuz a huge tsunami overtook it and tipped it over. I ran into the sea and grabbed the bus to save them but it uas incredibley hard to hold because it uuas so heavy and i almost had to let it slip uuhen my boyfriend shouued up and picked the bus up like it uuas nothing and set in on the shore. Then i uuoke up...D:

That is a normal dream , theres alot of people with a specific dream thst keeps happening to them but they cant describe it because its proven you can only remember 5% of a dream after a day . I've git this dream that happens every half year , the best way to describe it is i pretty much see a line that shakes the more i panick and i panic because im scared it sill shake in the first place and think no... No... And then i sorta have a sezuire in the dream and wake up all sweaty. This could be a recurring dream like mine , its pretty much something you must live with.

Example: What does this dream mean about a fish, lion, and bear?

There was a like dead fish floating in the deep water just off shore. A lion try to grab it and fell in and went under. Then a black bear swam over and got the fish.

What do you think this dream means?

Example: What does my dream mean?

What does my dream mean?
It first started with a party (it was a pool party), and my friend brought in a rabbit. She said I could keep it. It drowned in the pool, and my friend brought it up, since she knew how to swim. Then,

I was walking next to an open field, one next to the sea, with wire fences. In the field, there were all sorts of animals.The field was not green, it was a darker green and it looked like nobody came to water it and cut it. The sun and the water from rains is all it needed to survive on.

I started at the very botton of the open field, next to the sea. There was aligators and crocodiles. I slowly asecnded up, and three quaters I saw elephants, lions, and hippos. When I finally reached the end of the large field, I saw tortoises (the old, big ones), rhinos, and giraffes.

Somehow, at the end of a field, I found myself in a local bus, with my classmates from last year. The person in front of me had two new people by his side. I saw sitting with my best friend. She said something that offended me, and I stood up, and stepped off of the bus. I asked the bus driver to get off, and he let me.

Oh, and right after I stepped out of the bus, I saw 2 ostritches in an small intersection. I remember the place I stopped off being sort of like a desert, like the mexican abode towns. It was all pink, and dusty.

The is a reacurring dream. What does this dream mean?

This dream keeps on happening, what does it mean?

Example: What does having a dream with a jacuzzi, fish, dolphin, lion, sea turtle, and swimming in the ocean mean?

I was at a beach house with family and went on a walk. I bumped into a female friend from high school who wanted to see my older sister. When we arrived back at the house, we were walking past a very large jacuzzi when all of a sudden you can see something dark coming out of the jets filling the water. I walked to the edge and saw it was tiny fish coming out and they immediately began getting bigger and bigger. I have a fear of fish, so I panicked and fell into the water. It took me a few tries before getting totally out. When I turned to look back at the water, there was a big dolphin and on the other side standing was my father beside him was a majestic looking lion. They were just staring at me. The lion began to move so I looked around and saw the ocean. I thought to myself "my only chance to get away is to jump in the ocean and swim. It won't follow me there". I ran toward the ocean and the tide begin receding. I ran faster and dove into the water as soon as I did it moved further back. Then a huge sea turtle surfaced close to where I was. I thought "I'm going to follow it because it knows where the water is deep". When I started following it, two more big sea turtles surfaced and they were surrounding me swimming with me. The entire time this happened the lion walking along the beach parallel to me staring. I felt peaceful and had no fear.

Example: What do reoccurring dreams mean?

Ever since I was about 3 I've had the same reoccurring dream, as I've got older I've had a few more dreams added onto that one - I am now 16. The one since I was 3 was that I was asleep, in bed and I heard my mum and dad screaming, I woke up to see cartoon animals - tiger, lion, giraffe, rhino - in my room. The Lion had my mum and dad on it's back and the other animals were trying to save them and me... This occurs every so often and has done for 13 years.

Another is one where I'm on an island with my mum, nanna and granddad (who has now passed away) I have no idea what island it is but you can run the width of it very quickly. I can describe in detail what happens, what there is surrounding me: there is a car garage - painted red and yellow; a supermarket; a beach; a wall, that has an opening where you can crawl into lying flat to hide and there's also platforms out in the sea where people can go to sit etc. Then there's an announcement over the tannoy that a massive ship - like a naval airship - is coming to dock on the beach and there's going to be army people shooting everyone. In this dream I'm running around, with a gun, hiding from the army people, I hide behind the wall with the opening with 5 others, and they just run straight past us. Then, we run into the supermarket and get told to hide on top of the shelves amongst all the goods, so I start to climb the shelf and then a robotic like man comes and carries me to this room with other people where we are kept hostage, but kept safe. This 'man' then starts to kiss me... After a while I escape and I meet up with my family again and we run down the road, towards the beach and we see an ally, so we go don and come to an old town... We casually walk through the crowds - which are huge - and we come out near a restaurant. My nanna wants food, but the guy doesn't speak English so won't serve us - he gets nasty to my mum. We walk off and we come to a corner, as we round the corner we see the hotel where we are staying, I'm stood shouting ''LOOK MUM, THERE'S THE HOTEL, WE'RE GOING TO BE OKAY'' and then the dream ends...

I have another, also, I can't even describe any of this one, it's as though I have the dream and then somebody wipes my memory so I can't tell anybody it. Though I can remember it involves 3 soft balls, all of different sizes, and I'm sat in my nannas conservatory and my mum keeps asking what I'm doing... I can't remember anything else.

Like I said, these have been on going reoccurring dreams for at least 6 years minimum (all together) sometimes they all happen in one night and sometimes they're spread of months of one another. I can have one dream multiple nights in a row too. Does anybody know why this happens? Is it to do with past experiences, am I scared of something? Should I talk to my doctor? I don't know, please help.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream where I had to find Sea Lions by playing my PokeFlute, then I would get teleported to their caves where we would play for hours on end, then I had to teach Freddy and Jason not to kill teenagers, which after a while actually worked, then Freddy ran around picking up trash with his claws like those pole thingies that people use on the side of the highway when they are doing community service, then somehow I was in my house, and my dog bought me a Wii, which I was, like, CRAZY excited about, and we played Super Mario Galaxy ALL day, it was so much fun! After that, I discovered a time machine, and I went back in time onto the set of Full House to get Bob Saget off his amphetamine addiction (who knew Bob Saget had an amphetamine addiction?) but the weird thing was, the time machine was actually a stuffed bear that you had to talk to to go back in time, and you also had to name it, and I named it Einstein and I sent it exactly one minute into the future to test it out, (none of my friends laughed at this reference, which made me sad) and it worked and when it came back it was a stuffed Barney the Dinosaur doll which made it twice as awesome as it was in the first place, then I flew off to Hogwarts on my broomstick, which I got from the future with my Time Barney, where I met Harry Potter and stuff, then all of the sudden, my friend appeared out of nowhere and started goin' crazy about Nutter Butters being the most underrated cookie or somethin' like that, then I got chased down some stairs by a stick figure wearing a pig costume, and then I ended up being the best of friends with Randy (that was the stick pigs name) and we ate Rice Krispies and did other stuff best friends do, like escape from a prison in Maine after the Warden starts using the prisoners for his money laundering schemes, to live in a the city of Zihuatanejo in Mexico, where we lived out our days in harmony. True story.

Example: I had a very weird dream, what could it mean?

I had this dream a long time ago, but now I'm curious as to the meaning.

I dreamed I was despairingly struggling to climb up these redish orange sandy cliffs. I had a horse with me and I was trying to help him get up the mountain too, but I barely could myself. There are these huge lions (not mountain lions..like, African ones with huge manes.) I can't tell if I was afraid of them or not..but they're were also wolves. Anyways, I'm just clinging onto the side of this mountain and it was really windy and high. The whole time I felt like I was about to fall. Like an adrenaline rush in my dream that I could actually feel. What could that mean?

Example: Whats my dream mean? I went to a NASCAR race and the national anthem was honked out by a chorus of sea lions?

What is the meaning of that?

Example: What does it mean if I dreamed about a pregnant sea lion?

It was in captivity if it makes any difference. In captivity in a SCHOOL ... -__- weird dream ...

Any idea what the pregnant sea lion is actually supposed to mean ?

Example: What does the symbol of "sea lion" in a dream means?

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