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Dream About Sea Horse meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean to dream of a stingray?

Last night I was dreaming that while on horseback, I was leading a "flying" stingray back to the sea.

A purple stingray go figure.

Any thoughts of what this could represent. The only thing I know about stingrays is that they sting and one killed the crocodile hunter.

Stingrays... hummmm... they are shaped somewhat like female genitals... Horses in dreams are often "phallic" in nature - of the male spirit. Perhaps the Stingray is the opposite symbol - but only guessing.

Example: A dream with horses and crashes what does it mean? :)?

right this was the dream;

I was on my way back from school on a bus, i was going past the sea. Then suddenly I saw a white big beautiful horse in the sea running away then toward the bus, then i remember saying 'i love seeing horses run in water' ? :/. Then the horse disappeared and the bus was in the water crashing and sinking... and then I was the only one who was able to get out on dry land?

what does this mean?

Example: Dream Meaning...Help!?

Ok , i had a dream last night where i was standing at my grandparents old house near the fish pond. And in the pond were three seahorses. After watching them I walked to the back gate and looked up at the up stairs bedroom where the window was open. I could hear deep breathing and I kept telling myself it was just the wind. I ran inside to find my uncle and nana opening sympathy cards that they had recieved for my grandpa who passed away recently. I opened one and there were cheques in there. The card started playing island in the sun by weezer in the same way that they play happy birthday when you recieve a birthday one. I started to cry, my uncle told me to stop crying because I had gotten money and I told him i was crying because the song was for my grandpa. I turned around to see my nana near a bed that had my grandpa in it and she said that he blamed her for making him look too shy.

Im having trouble working out what this means! Please help!

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a dream that I crossed the sea to scotland with my childhood friend, becca but the funny thing was we was cycling accross the ocean and We could drown at anytime if we fell in the water... we then made it to the beach at the other side... I went into this kind of room and there was some kind of singing competition I can't remember the name of the reward but I remember earning one but it was locked in a cupboard and I didn't find out till quite late that I had won it. I think it was called the 'dark horse' or something like that. Me and becca left and we realized that we wasn't far from where we left at all and it was very illogical, we came to my nanna and grandads house (which is in the village where we left), and realized that there were two steps down and my nanna said that we could easily get back to where we started without crossing the ocean back. Me and becca decided to get in our pyjamas and go out.

PS I love singing on karaoke in real life and I don't tend to speak to Becca much anymore.

Example: What does my dream mean ?

I had a dream last night that I was riding my old bay coloured horse. I was on the beach and was riding bare foot and bareback and we were galloping on the sand and in the sea. I patted the horse to say well done and seemed to feel really grateful?!

Example: What does this dream mean?

So I'm walking through the woods with my cat. I have no idea how I got there or why, but I'm there, walking along a barely visible dirt path. It's sunset, but the little bit of light isn't much and everything is dark. I can barely see where I'm going. I hop over a log that has fallen on my path, and walk on in darkness. As I exit the woods, I come out to a small playground. Everything in it is gloomy and gray, including the sky, and there's still hardly any light, but somehow I can see pretty well. I walk down three stairs coming from the woods to the playground below. There is a swing set with a slide right next to it, and beside that there's a large bell. The swings are slowly swinging back and forth as if an invisible force is pushing them, but there is no wind. In the center of the playground is a black merry-go-round (a park one, not one you put coins in), slowly turning by itself in the same fashion as the swings. There is also a sea-saw that is completely still and two of those horses that rock back and forth on a spring. They are moving slowly like everything else. I don't know why, but I get a creepy feeling when I'm here, a feeling of dread and fear. My cat is gone now, I have no idea where he went, so I go and play on everything. After playing, I'm just sitting on the merry-go-round and I'm slowly turning it with my foot. I hear the bell ring and I look up to see my mother standing there, beckoning me to leave. I go with her and we end up back in the woods and it's sunset again. Then I woke up. o.O I've dreamed about this place about three times already. I've never seen it, so I know it doesn't exist.

Example: Water and sea horse dream? Weird!?

So I was at this place. It was like a school. We were in a room and the floor had a small pool sized hole. A few couples were there. Anyway the girls were put in the water head first. They would open their mouths in the water and little sea horse like fish would come out and swim away. The head guy in charge called it spawning. When it was my turn i got in but before i got down all the way I was pulled out.

What does fish or sea horse mean? This could just be nothing. Im curious.

Example: I had a dream about sea horses, any ideas?

I dreamt I was in some sort of pet shop in the mall of some city. There was an insect that sort of looked like a butterfly with clear wings. It crawled into its little home and I turned my attention to a kid crying. It wanted something and its parent dragged it out. For some reason I followed and the parent yelled at me outside the place "Watch your step, he didn't want it!" and there was a white baby seahorse flopping side to side on the floor. A worker came out and picked it up, putting it back in the water. Any ideas what it means?

Example: Dream about a sea horse dying?

So in my dream I had this fish tank, and there was a seahorse in it, he started growing and soon he got to big for the tank and because the tank was so small it started to kill the sea horse. So i went to search my house for a bigger tank to move him in so he wouldnt die. And i couldnt find one so i went to go check on the sea horse and it was half laying on the floor of the original tank and i became so i sad, i almost felt like crying but when the sea horse looked at me he forced himself back up to keep swimming to give me time to look for a bigger tank so he wouldnt die. What does this mean?

Example: I dreamt of a drowning white horse, serious answers please?

The horse was drowning in the sea and I got so upset and felt bad about it. Then After a while it resurfaces and i see that it's still alive. Does anybody know what this dream could mean?

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