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Dream About Scythe meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What Does This Dream Mean?!?

ive been having this dream for about 3 months now.. and i was just wondering what it meant..
its at night and im running away from my mum down the street where i live.. then i run into my grandparents garden(they live no where near me) and then suddenly i am lay down on the table in the garden.. with all of my family stood round me in a circle.. with those scream masks on and the grim reapers scythe..(i havnt talked to my family in around 4 years because of reasons i dont think ill have enough words to explain..)...then they all start hacking at me...and ill wake up at the same point ever night..(the blade is just about to hit my face) but recently its been changing and im being chased round a old abandoned farm by my family in scream masks with the scythes...
so basically i was just wondering what it meant..
oh and im 15 and i dont and never will believe in god.. and please dont say because i dont believe in god this is why im having this dream...

First off... DUUUUUDE LOL i had a dream sorta like that, cept it was my brother in a clown mask with a scythe :P... neways

The fact that you were running away from your mom on the street you lived into your grandparents garden means that you're neglecting your origins or your family and you need to be more nurturing them (im assuming its your family). Since the its a repetitive dream, your spritually bound to your family and they miss you/need you.

The Scythe and masks represents, rejection and end/death. You are repressing your feelings for your family and rejecting them. You might be unsure about confronting them because you have nothing to say but you definetely feel an enormous amount of love for them (Which is indicated by fear of death associating with your family).

The farm is suppose to suggest that you need to develop aspect of yourself and utilize your potential. You are ready for growth. This probably is tying something else from your life into the dream. Or it means you dont need to be afraid of doing things alone, accept help from others.

The dream is haunting you, so it is building up to something. You should get in contact with your family...Good luck man
Hope it helped

Example: Christians: What does my dream mean?

OK So last night I had a dream about me and my friend and her friend (We had a small fight last week so please don't ask me about it) anyway it's been a week now and I miss her I've been praying for her and asking God please give me another chance with her. We have funny memories or she does with her other friend. And I had a dream about us and we were back in Elementary school still in a fight 6th grade and we got into a huge fight but I had a Scythe and Jazmine (my ex-freind) had a sword and Libby (Jazmine's gothic friend) had ninjas weapons and I don't know what happens next cause I woke up but is God gonna do something for me?

Example: Meaning of the following dreams?

First: In this dream there was this giant pool, about three or four times the size of those olympic-sized pools, and an above water single-roomed house which erected above the water within this giant pool - which had another miniature (about 12'x12') pool inside of it. Both of these pools had many different kinds of fish swimming around within them. So the dream started off as i was exploring the bigger pool... Not sure why i was doing this, but i kept grabbing random fish out of the water and tossing them back in. I kept on doing this until i saw the most beautiful fish; unlike the rest of them (which were orange and yellow for the most part) it was blue and quite bigger then the rest. Every time I tried to grab it but it bit me... though in time, i managed to grab it and take it out of the water. I took it and decided to keep it in the miniature pool within the house. I brought it in and let it go. Soon it was time to go and i had to board the miniature pool. When i was about to leave, i heard loud thumping sounds as if something was hitting and banging against the board that covered the miniature pool. All of a sudden the blue colored fish which i found earlier broke out from the board and flopped around bleeding all over the cement floor. I thought about letting the fish back into the bigger pool, but I couldn't make up my mind... and i woke up. This dream i already had a few months ago, so this was a the second time i've had it.

Second: In this dream there was a winding tower which narrowed as it extended into the clouds. I remember having a notion that this was taking place in the 'future'. This dream begun as i was climbing this tower, in a hurry, because something was after me. This tower was almost cone shaped with a winding road along the exterior. There were also a number of entry doors along the way as i went on. After a time of climbing i decided to enter one of these doors. It was really dark inside; there were many hallways, staircases and chambers. I proceeded within it, and as i walked along i saw many people that were diseased, very out of health, wearing rags, and some even chained in cells. Soon i found an entry way which led to a staircase which i started to climb. I climbed for a while until i reached the end of it where i stood on a platform, the peak of the tower. This platform appeared to be a ruin... as if the original peak of the tower has been torn off... as it seemed the tower should have extend much higher. This platform had a disfigured wall which divided the platform with an entrance way connecting the divisions. The end of the exterior path and the end of the interior stare case which i took form within the tower were on one side, and the other side had nothing but an edge or precipice. Upon getting to the top i walked across to the other side. As i looked standing on the edge i saw a city burning not too far off; i remember feeling some familiarity with this city and became upset. Soon after i heard steps behind me. I got closer to the dividing wall and peaked out from the entrance way. I saw a strange looking creature emerging from the staircase; the one which i also took. It had a figure of an oversized bull standing upright. It was mostly red in color and started to resemble the chinese dragon, in flames, carrying a scythe, as it got closer. I was terrified, in panic, unable to decide if i should jump the edge or confront the creature.

Example: What do these dreams mean?

I have three dreams here though feel free to just pick on to interpret.

We can call this one "death."

I had a short dream. I was in the exact same room I was sleeping in. On the same bed. Yet I was alone in the dream while there was someone else in real life.

The door flew open and a creature that looked like death. Had the scythe and everything. For some reason I get confused as to whether it was a swarm of cats or bats that burst through the door with death.

The creature grabbed me by the throat with 2 hands. I didn't see where the scythe went. He strangled me for what felt like a minute. Then I woke up still feeling the hands on my throat for a few minutes.

Well dream 2 we could call "Sex dolls."

Basically I was with other people in the street. Though they weren't quite real. Their skin was shiny like some mannequins are. I started having sex with a female mannequin person in the street with all the others. They appeared to be speaking but I couldn't hear and I didn't care. Before i'd finished with the first one I was already going to another. I woke up before I got there.

The third we could call "mistaken identity."

It starts of with me walking down a really dark narrow middle class street. I could only make out shapes. I walk around a corner and there's a guy with a shotgun in my face calling me a nazi. I duck and run back the way I came.

There's another guy with a gun who calls me a member of the aryan guard. Then I escape to a beautiful, moonlit water garden. There is 'little person' love scene.

The rest of the characters are little people. There is a little sherlock holmes and dr watson. The rest is kind of fast forwarded. Sherlock needs a leather and steel headstrap type thing for some reason while he is in prison then he makes a remote control helicopter out of it after he escapes. He also mentions something about liking the headstrap. I think it ended there.
4 days ago - 4 days left to answer.

The girl I was with said I was making strange noises while I slept.

Example: What does it mean to dream about the grim reaper?

i have had a dream about the grim reaper in my dream i was in a cottage by the lake and it was my grandma's my and my family would disappear from sight all of a sudden i see the grim reaper beckoning me to him but i yelled no and my family came back then he would come back and i yelled for my mom (which in my case is rare cause i'm 20 and living with my dad) she didn't come. the he cut me with his scythe then i woke up in a sweat, then i fell back to sleep then i dreamed about zombies (note this took place 3 hours ago) but i woke up and wondered what does this mean.

Example: What does this dream mean ?

in this dream i woke up in a un-familiar environment i was standing in what looked like a dessert with some sand dunes seeming to rise miles into the air, i looked in the distance to see a huge mountain maybe a few miles off in the distance and towards the top of one of the peaks there appeared to be a abondoned ship lodged there; crashed .
I then looked up and it looked like the sky was made of water, i could see the ripples, and the surface of this ocean sky looked like the surface of an ocean or lake, like when your looking down at one from a helicopter. After that for some reason i started to dig after i dug a few feet of sand out , i saw a bunch of sand drop , and i looked through the void of sand and it looked like i was looking down at the normal day time sky, i could see the blue sky, puffy clouds and everything... i then walk away from there confused when i look up to see a mn walking upside down, with his feet against the water sky... i noticed blue suade shoes, then his fancy suit, then his tie ... and the his head, but his head was a giant black question mark symbol. In his right hand he held a large scythe, in his left hand a hourglass, with every one of his steps on the water sky, drops of water would come falling down, turning to glass when hitting the sand and then the sandy dessert floor began to open up and as i ran away i looke up to see the mysterious guy standing aloof on top of that abondoned ship on the mountain and thats when i woke up

bonus question) if you dont have an idea of what it this dream means, what do you think of it... neat , odd etc

Example: What does these two dreams mean?

Okay the first dream I would like to ask about is one I had a long time ago now, but still plays on my mind from time to time like it was yesterday. Basically it got to a part where I walked out of a building amongst many men. We all looked across a canal which the building stood next to. On the other side was a fence which was in a box shape. Next second a women had kinda run into this fenced area with three 'reaper' looking people with scythe's. They slaughtered her but I could not quite see this happen but all I could hear was this horrific screaming for a while and a hand reaching up above the fence for help. Me and all the other men on the other side of the canal just stood and watched.
No this was most definitely not a film.
The next dream I would like to ask about is actually a couple of dreams I have had recently where I have been in the mountains either stuck, falling or on the run from people that are either close to me or used to be close because they want to kill me. I don't quite understand why I have been dreaming about mountains so much.
Any answers of thoughts on the two dreams will be appreciated. Thanks

Example: Any ideas what this dream could mean?

Okay, well. It was a bit weird..

I dreamt about the grim reaper and these random people in hospital beds. The people weren't recognisable..
There were like these white and red flashes of light, and each time there was a new frame..really strange, and the grim reaper was lowering his scythe(sp?) over this bed.

Even weirder, you know those advertisements you have at the sides of rodes? Well, behind each bed there was one of those, and before he stood by the beds and lowered his scythe he was on this, which had a deep blood red background, and sometimes he was in a Roman soldier kind of suit.

The last bed I remember best, it wasn't like a hospital bed..it was like a normal double bed with white/cream coloured sheets etc. There was a man and woman in it both wearing oxygen masks, there was a machine with a long tube going into the mans mask. And the woman woke up and plugged it into her own mask.

The reaper didn't come...my Dad woke me up.

...Have fun. =P

Example: What does this dream mean?

Like i said it was a dream so what does it mean.
I was in my class at high school and everybody was happy and walking around , it was a 15 min brake.
Than suddenly everything got louder and louder and at a certain point I didn't wake up bt it was like a semi-awake state , than in a split second a small figure of The Grim Reaper was floating above the chair. He held his hands like screaming in agony and I literally heard the single scream that was so strong that it woke me up in a position like i was sitting on my bed (he wasn't holding his scythe but it was leaning on his shoulder).
What the f*ck was that?

Example: What does this dream mean? Im confused!?

What does this mean? Im confused!?
What is saint gabriel archangel patron of?

I just a had a dream where i meet a man. I saw a glimpse of the side of his face and then I walked away in a room and started looking at the pictures. One was of a statue of michael angelo and the picture morphed into a person that I Identified as Saint gabriel and he told me that the man i saw/meet was the man of my life.

This makes no sense to me cause in real life im single and i have not meet anyone. The man i saw in my dream i have never seen nor meet. To be honest, he didnt seem like the type of man i would be attracted to.

What does this dream mean? Im lost? Im hoping that by knowing the patronage of saint Gabriel it would clear things up...help.

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