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Dream About Saw meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does seeing Lucifer in dream means?

Last night i had a dream that the world was taken over by the Satans. I was lying on my bed. I got a message written on a piece of paper saying "Be prepared for my arrival, remove all ur faith upon God" nd suddenly evrything turned red, i was evolving into some kind of a creature with horns on my head, nd Lucifer appeared from nowhere and said "u are the chosen one"...
What exactly does this dream mean?

It may mean the devil has entered ur dream and is trying to give u false details about who u r and what is to become of u. Keep praying to god my child and god shall keep him away

Example: Dream meaning?

what does it mean when you dream of someone you don't know? you have only seen a picture of that person.

Example: What does it mean if you dreamt about seeing ghosts?

The dream went like this:

I was on a school trip at a historic site but I didn't know what it was. We were all in our dorms and I could see out the window. Everyone else was asleep but I wasn't and I kept seeing soldiers marching in lines outside in a giant field, I also saw knights galloping past and they suddenly disappeared, then I saw a giant flag pole that faded away and then suddenly this knight came at me with a jousting pole (I don't know what they are called) and at that moment I woke up.

Example: What does this dream mean?See below.?

I dreamt that I'd won the lottery and I had tonnes of money . I walked past lots of jewellery and shoe shops and went to find one of my colleagues instead! I found him in a big workshop ,he was wearing a lovely 80s denim shirt and blue jeans, he walked away at first but winked at me. He looked so vividly real and totally beautiful - exactly like he does in real life in fact. I asked him to 'come here' so he did and we kissed . It was the most amazing kiss EVER. It really blew me away!

So what does it mean?

Example: What do these dreams mean. See below?

I have had a series of dreams where someone on the very edge of my life keeps getting slightly closer to me.

Example: Meaning of a dream seeing a rose apple tree full of red colour rose apples?

what is the meaning of seeing a rose apple tree without any green colour leaves ,and its full of red colour rose apples without any space in it? pls explain my dream.

Example: Meaning of a dream seeing a rose apple tree full of red colour rose apples?

what is the meaning of seeing a rose apple tree without any green colour leaves ,and its full of red colour rose apples without any space in it? pls explain my dream.

Example: What is the meaning of my dream, I saw the dead grandfather of my gf looking at me in the mirror?

I saw the grand of my girlfriend looking at me in the mirror in a normal look,then I was calling my girlfriend that I saw he's grandfather but she did not here me,what is the meaning of my dream?

Example: What does it mean to dream about seeing auras?

Okay, I really couldn't seem to find anything about this on google, (even though I only looked for like 2 seconds but oh well). So... I have had two dreams about seeing auras. (that I can remember...)

the first one:

I only can remember two images from this one, not the entire dream. The first image is of my hand, and there is this goldish-yellowish glow around it, and then there are these rainbow colored, ribbony line things around the outline of my hand. It was actually really pretty. But yeah... thats the first aura dream. Oh, and the other image is of me and I have the same yellowy-gold aura and the same rainbow ribbons/lines outlining my head, but theres only like one or two, less than around my hand.

The second dream:
Okay, I was walking around this wierd random-ish place with this guy (I think, I was walking around with someone, that's all I know for sure) and he was teaching me how to see auras. We would look at something and I'd be like, is that pink/purple/orange/green/etc.. to you? And he would say yes or no. One of the times we did that he said something like '50 out of 50!' or something. And then he said that I was able to see auras pretty well. It was something along those lines. Except at that point, it wasn't a guy, it looked like my best friend Sam...

So I'm not sure what that means. It might just be the fact that I am attempting to see auras, and developign my psychic abilities. (If you are onna say I'm insane and all the psychic stuff is crap then I shun you and do not answer this question)

So... is it just my randomness or does it mean something?

Oh, and the second dream: This was last night, and I had slept with amethyst under my pillow, which helps you remember your dreams more. (Well actually, it's supposed to make you have more dreams, But you already have dreams so I say that it helps you remember). And FYI, when I did that I remember three dreams today. I was very proud. Normally I only remember like, one or on rare occasions two.

k. thnx. bye.

Example: What does it mean to dream of seeing stars?

This is the first dream that I can recollect seeing the stars. In the dream I drive to the top of a mountain on a seemingly cold and well lit day, but I assume its dark. (I'm glad I had a Jacket in this dream) The dream ends with me looking up to the stars, which are bright and covered mostly by fast moving clouds. I remember struggling to see past the clouds before I awoke.

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