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Dream About Saudi Arabian People meanings

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Example: What's my dream mean?

I was in school and there was this magazine that I was reading and it had a smirnoff bottle and a bottle of coconut mixer. So I drank the coconut thinking it was acohol. It wasnt so I said I wouldnt drink the smirnoff but then I did. I was really high instead of drunk and I was on this bus with all these people. I've had a lot of dreams about missing the bus but I was finally on in this one. It was like I was on LSD or something. Then I had another dream that I was running down this hall and it was in slow motion and I noticed the empty grey bathtub and the walls and the floor creaks but I never actually saw myself. Right after my next dream was about these killers trying to kill these people. In my dreams I'm almost everyone in differnt forms. Anyway these people were trying to kill us and made two of us lay down in this pit. I almost slipped in but I clawed out. They killed evyone. I almost lived in one part because I told tv killer I would help him. I was only a severed head and we were laughing together. The guy left so anther killer came I hopped on my neck into a closet but he opens it and stabbed me in the head. Then I was myself and I started running. There were these guys dressed up as Saudi Arabians and I called out to them but they killed me. I wassayong my last word and I asked am I alive andbthy said yes so I figured I wasnt going to die since I was still talking. But I went to a supermarket ad smoke but no one respnsed so I must have been a ghost?

Dreams don't really have a significant meaning. Dreams are the brain's way of "cleaning out the closet" every day. If you have vivid, very active dreams, that simply means that you have a very active thought life and a very good imagination. Start writing these things down. Hollywood will need new ideas!

Example: How does a Saudi Arabian man or Afghani man cope with four wives>>?

.. ...and " No similar questions found", eh.

Well thats it? What do they do with four wives as I see on a doco that in some parts and amongst some ethnic groups like the bedouin it is common to have three or four wives. Is it a matter of economics, ( ie more people to do the work), the man's legacy,( ie more sons possible), or is it as basic as more sexual partners available makes for a more exciting life, for the man at least! I mean I am sure many western men have day dreamed about a bevy of beauties at their beck and call and perhaps the Arabs have simply put dreams into reality.
What is in it for the women? Do they feel more at ease and confident amongst a group of wives rather than alone, ie they prefer a polygamous way of life.
There must be some simple reasoning as to why a man would want more than one wife, but what are those reasons, or what do you think are the reasons, if no ready info exists.
I also wonder how things operate at night and who decides wha

Example: Why do Saudi Arabians worship non-muslim expats who have absolutely no respect for Saudi's?

Just asking, I was born in the west and my parents are Muslims. They always told me the crap about Saudi Arabia being the home of Islam and a great place where Muslims live equally and in peace. But now I am older I realise this is all rubbish and that preference and respect is given to white non-muslim expats over western Muslim and not because of character and intelligence but solely because of name and skin colour. Whats funny is that these expats have no respect for Saudi Arabia, Saudi's or Islam. They come only for large salaries and try to avoid talking to, or mixing with, Saudi's. All they do is talk bad amongst themselves, on blogs and websites, about Saudi's, the country, and Islam.
Here is what I realised, other than being socially arrogant and thinking they are superior to other Muslims, Saudis also ideolize white westerners, they will prefer to employ an under qualified white westerner, instead of a qualified Muslim from the west. They will pay non-muslim westerners more, than muslim westerners, and generally will treat and respect white westerners more than muslim westerners?

Again, I do believe that people should be respect more than others because of race or religion, and if someone deserves more respect and a bigger salary then me then I will accept that, regardless of there name, race or religion. But in Saudi they discriminate, and they discriminate in favour of those that are most different to them and also hate and have no respect for them, but only see them as easy money.

Example: Why do I see a lot of futile arguements between muslims in Y! answers?

What is the point of disagreeing between shia and sunnis?...ok it is natural to disagree,but some people ( may God forgive them), have taken the hatred to a level of cursing and uncivilized rants- which is wrong in ALL PERCEPTIONS OF ISLAM...(cursing and swearing is haram, like it or not)

Its a really shameful thing and its something that has lead to the ravaging of dreams of the unity of the muslim brothers and sisters all over the world...
Shias and sunnis are brothers and sisters of the same faith. A few disagreements does not make either sect "non-muslim". And moreover only God has the right to judge who is muslim and who is not...

What we can do for now is to treat the other as muslims should treat other human beings.We all claim to be muslims and we all firmly believe in God being the judge of our actions. Why dont we work for a common cause then?

Ask and answer others politely, never curse and be nice to everyone(the Islamic way)
May God(Allah) guide and forgive us all

Example: Jews. Can somebody enlighten me.?

I have so many questions abouts Jews can somebody tell me. {Please no racist views here}
It so hard to pinpoint my question exactly or to sound dumb or naive but I will just ask.
What is a Jew? Is it an ethnicity? A religion? Both? Why have they got so many stigmas attached to them? Why does the would Jew carry so much meaning? What is it all about? Was this all Hitlers doing? Why are they so prominent in certain industries? Can someone fill me in on what makes a Jewish person and what it means to be a Jewish person?

Example: Where can I buy 3 gallon tubs of mini icecream balls?

Similar to "dip n' dots" or "mini melts" but a different brand.. I can only find companies looking to franchise or sell pre-packaged cups.. I own an ice cream shop and want to purchase them by the tub and dish them up myself. Any help? Thanks!

Example: Christian in Lebanon are neither Lebanese Arab nor Phoenician, So what r they?

Why do most of those who try to separate Lebanese apart from Arabian identity are MOSTLY (christian lebz who live abroad)? <<oh, Does not this make any sense of how naive their claim are?

most of migrants leb who live abroad are christian (=they r not big fan of Islam or Arab who r muslim). moreover, the 2nd generation of those lebz were born outside lubnan and grown up into a different cultures (mostly western ones) where tcultureparents taught them to HATE Muslim include Arab and to reject the Arabian identity and this 2nd generation live,speak and even think in the same way of people of that country. thus, they probably do not have anything Arabic except for eating Mashawy and 7ummi9.

(Canaanite cultureالكنعانيون apparently developed in situ from the Circum-Arabian Nomadic Pastoral Complex, which in turn developed from a fusion of Harifian hunter..)


Can3an or Canaan= very common Male name among the past and present tribal Arabian people of modern Saudi Arabia!

Phonesian = Tan skinبشرة سمراء<<typical Arab NO colored eyes no white caucasian skin complexion while current christian lebanese look more like french people.

Phonesian = worn loosey purple robes like Arabian رداء<Arab NOT Christian Lebanez

conclution: Phonecian people are sheer old nomadic people of Arabia and todays Christian Lebanese are no way Phonecian they r just try find old identity otherthan Arabian=Islam to stick themselves to so they can be proud of somthing they r not and make-up the lack of self-convidence, (Identity Dilemma) and (Double standards) issues which they have been suffering from for a quite long term.

Example: Why should Illegals be afforded special rights and dispensations?

Why should illegals be afforded special rights and dispensations? Why should illegals get special treatment for breaking our laws? Why should illegals get to jump the immigration queue, when there are tens...hundreds of thousands of potential legal immigrants waiting patiently to come here.

Each and every illegal displaces and deprives a potential immigrant the chance of coming here and achieving THEIR American Dream.

At least legal immigrants are vetted by our embassies in their home country to make sure they are morally and physically sound. Which means no one with diseases, mental illnesses or criminal records is allowed in.

There is no such vetting process for illegals. There is a VERY high incidence of HIV, TB, and other horrid diseases amongst illegals. They also have a very high incidence of criminal behaviour and mental illness.

The very fact that they had to come here illegally only shows they would not have been able to meet the legal requirements for coming here, thereby indicating their undesirability.

Immigrants, yes.

Illegals, NEVER!

Example: I can't handle my parents anymore?

I feel so frustrated and angry by my parents. They constantly favor my youngest sister because she knows everything about Football. She never gets grounded unless its something really severe and if she hits or kicks me and my younger sister (which she does daily) my parents think we are over reacting. Everyone says we need to treat my youngest sister better but we already do. She is so immature and whines when she doesn't get her own way. I have never had to compete for my parents affection and I feel invisible and unloved by them. Three years ago I tried joining the National Guard. I admit I screwed up I had no plans of going to College. I purposely failed because I was afraid I wasn't going to make it in the Army. I know that was the easy way of taking it out but I also did no research for anything. I wasn't ready for it that's for sure. Then six months ago I mentioned the idea that I was serious about joining and they said I would never join because I wouldn't ever be good enough. My dad would only consider it if I went into the Air Force"Because I am a wimp". I already have several M.O.S.'s in mind and I understand I will require some training before I am qualified to be a 31 B Military Police or a Criminal Investigation Special Agent( Yes I understand you need to be in the army for 2 years). My Aunt was in the Army for 20 years and she really approved of me joining and got emotional for me wanting to follow in her footsteps. When I was five or six I tried on her Army Uniform and her hat she wore in the Saudi Arabian desert where she fought and I knew I was meant to join one day. My parents don't think I am capable I am 5'0 and 104 pounds. I know I am small but you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. I can do 17 pushups in two minutes 66 situps in two minutes and I can run two miles in 14 minutes. I am in really good shape and I know this Is what I am meant to do. I work right now and I am not happy with my job and have been working there for a few years. I feel like this will help guide me in life and shape me into a better person. Why are my parents like this? I am a good kid I don't do drugs or smoke I have the occasional beer with my friends and I don't party. Any advice.

Example: Have you heard of the word 'Sama' before?

salaams to all...

hello. this word came to my awareness the other day and i have done a search on it. i have discovered that it is a Hindu word meaning 'sacred song or poem' (i believe). it is also one of the Vedas.

what i am interested in... is whether or not anyone has heard of this word and its meaning... and can you share your knowledge of it with us? your help is much appreciated. thank you.


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