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Dream About Saliva meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Please can you tell me what this dream means - "a dog licked my hands thick and wet with saliva" -Thanks R?

I'm very scared of big dogs. My brother thinks this dream means something to do with the law and now its freaking me out.

Dog = something you are afraid of, high authority
Licking = something is close to you, taking away

Well, it could mean a lot of things. But on the surface, it may mean you are encountering some problem, or fear. You may experience some financial problem. Licking could mean taking away. Something seems closed to you and drives you away.

Think about something you are afraid in reality, all of a sudden, it becomes so close to you. It may mean that you are in a deep trouble in reality. Projecting a dog could mean you are closed to your fear and there is no control of it from your end. This may have to deal with high authority, cops, teacher, boss and so on.

Example: Hare with beavertail and green snakes dream meaning?

I dreamt i was looking at a large white hare with a bunny siiting next to it on a a log/rock. We were in the woods. The hare just kept looking at me then just turned around and went away, it was then that i realized it had a beaver's tail. My moter was there with me and i remembered she was saying it's called a babbit...Any ways, after it left i noticed some snakes coiled up below a sort of ledgelike rock. I turned to mve away but one of the snakes came out behind me, it was huge! Bigger than me...and all green. It attacked me in my mouth, i fought but it was so strong! I squeezed its neck until it finally let go. To me it was dead and i dragged it over to the bushes and threw it there, but then it slithered away, it seemed scared though because it didnt come back. However, the second snake followed me, a green rattle snake, larger than me as well, but smaller than the first. It caught me by my throat, i fought and fought and squeezed it's neck. It was very strong as well. I felt it's rattle tail stinging between my legs. I squeezed harder, and it let go, this one also dropped dead but slithered away also.I had a bitter taste in my mouth and my mother said that was the venom. I spit it out and the saliva was green! I lit a match and threw on it and it caught ablaze. It died shortly but the little sparks that remained scattered on the ground still shone very brightly. My sister was afraid of the fire light so i stomped them out one by one. I remember my mother and i talking about the snakes in the dream and i was telling her the snakes represented my enemies and the green represented envy...this conversation was going on in the dream. What do you think this dream means?

Example: What does it mean? Teeth dreaming while pregnant...?

Im 31/2 months pregnant and I had a dream that I was trying to brush my teeth and I just couldnt get them clean enough. No matter how hard I tried, they couldnt get cleaned up. I tried to get the edges of the teeth, the roots, the gums and there was a dirt and scum everywhere! It was the worst Ive had..well not the worst..maybe the weirdest. WHat do you guys think?

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was at skool and i had to go to english class, so i went down the staircase which led to the boys locker room, and the room was CROWDED WITH BOYS. While i was trying ot make my way through i feel someone tuggin gon my bag from behing (well moer like pulling forcefully) Anyway i look back and i see a boy from my class (i dont have a crush on this boy). I ask him, "AM i going to be dragging you to class?" He nods, so i try to walk to class but his weight on my bag is to heavy. It felt like he was trying to "pull me toward him". Anyway, we made it out of the crowd and i can see my classroom ahead, he finally lets go of the bag, and we both walk to the calss, he is walking right behind me. We go into class and instead of seeing desks there are round tables. SO i go to the table wre is ee 2 of my friends just standing there. I go there and he is standing right next to me! I try to ignorer him and the class starts. All of a sudden i feel his arm around me and he pulls me close and he kisses me on my cheek 4 times. I quickly turn away and wipe off the saliva that he left. I was so shocked! Then wen i turned toward him he was farther away than before. Then the scene changed and it was after skool. I walked to my house, and stand by my mailbox, and i see the same exact boy run down the street he smiles and waves at me, he says" i had fun! See you tommorrow!." I smile and wave back. ANd then i wake up.

I got so freaked out wen i woke up cuz i rllyy do not have feeling for this guy. I mean he is a nice guy and all, but i dont like like him! i like another boy in my class not this one! can someone please tell me what does this dream mean?

Example: What do think my dream means?

it starts off that my dog jumped over my mums garden fence this is about 6 feet tall and then another 3 foot drop the other side. My dog is French and has never been to the UK. i then noticed that the fence had changed from the original ranch style to a cedar panel fence.When i looked again , the panel was missing and i was relieved for the dog. i walked onto the neighbors and was impressed by the thick wooden tiles/decking.

being a dream i then saw myself in bed and was aware that i was dreaming, much to my horror i was in bed next to my husband . i felt a wetness on my face and i thought it was my saliva and that i had drooled on my ex husband. He then turned over and much to my surprise he had been crying. i looked over his shoulder and saw 2 small emaciated boys. They looked like a cross between Street urchins and elves. I thought well does one look like his mistress? but i thought the child looked like Gollom , it had a weird eye bulging eye . I noticed a parasite moving around in its eye and i said to my ex have you not noticed and he said yes i will take to the doctor eventually. then i woke up!

i am divorced but assets not split, my ex had an unplanned child and we have two children together.He does not see much of his children
my life is full of changes and different options?

Example: What does this dream mean?!?

I just dreamt that I moved in my "cousins" really nice Mexican looking house (it was this guy, but I've never seen him before and he was supposedly my cousin the dream) with my mom, aunt and her three girls. Then i was eating some bread on the table and there was a glass sliding door so i looked outside and saw that my "cousin" was talking to my ex and in my mind i was like"what the hell is he doing here? How do they know each other?" And my ex just gave me a look and i looked away then the dream kinda changed...we were now outside my godmothers house and some guys and my cousin were riding bikes and my cousin told me to ride with him so i got a bike and starting riding with him around the block and he was asking me stuff about myself and i just felt like comfortable talking to him...when we reached the house i stopped, but then his friends started racing across a really busy street and my cousin started racing them too and my family and i were watching him nervously and afraid he was gonna get ran over and they started looking away but i didn't i kept watching him until he got run over by a speeding car and my heart just dropped and i couldn't move or cry, but my heart hurt so bad until i managed to cry and point towards the accident then my family started crying and i just wanted to go to the body but i couldn't something was holding me back and none of my family went either (i thought this was very weird) and we just stayed outside crying and cars were running over my cousins body! Then i woke up choking on my own saliva:p soo what do you think this dream means? :o I've never been or witnessed accident like that and mostly all my cousins are alive O.o thanks for any answers!:)

Example: Zombie dream meaning?

I know food can have interference, but I had cotton candy ice cream, macaroni, and a lunchable before I took a five hour nap without a dream. I awoke for two hours, then fell back asleep. My second sleep was when my dream started.

Anyone got an idea on what my dream means? Lol. :B

In my dream, the government was going to create this experiment where only worthy people would live and wipe out the petty lower and middle class. They had already gone through neighborhoods with tanks to clear all the people out of their houses, and tried to drive them to a main point in the targeted city. A few other people and myself were hiding in one of the houses of the neighborhood already cleared and deserted, our surroundings were empty acres of wastelands and fallen homes. I saw this farmer on a tractor driving around on his field aimlessly, and he pointed somewhere. We went in that direction, and eventually, it led us to where all the people were forced to be. Everyone was walking calmly, confused, but no one was panicking. Far off in the distance, someone screamed to look behind us, and in that direction was an entire barricade of walking dead. Or running, rather. We all began to ran immediately away from them, that seeming like the only escape. I watched behind me as the zombies were quickly catching up, not seeming to have lost a breath or caught any fatigue. I saw as slower people were eaten and taken down as I ran past. For some reason, a man in a white trench coat was running in the opposite direction, grabbing human survivors and bringing them towards the zombies, and successfully running past them back into the devastated city we were forced out of because he thought the city would be clear and free of most potential harm. He was right for the most part. We ran into the city without a clue where to go. It was me and about six other people running clueless from a few miscellaneous zombies that had wandered back into the city. We ran into one of those RV homes and the people inside quickly pulled us in, my foot almost caught and eaten by a zombie. The zombies beat against the RV for a few minutes, but gave up as we drove away too fast. The survivors introduced themselves to us and we all acquainted one another.
Later on in the dream we began to run short of supplies, and it was also time for a bathroom break. We parked somewhere, (the time now is at night and all the street lamps are automatically turned on) and got out of the RV. With our guns and other random sharp objects used as weapons, we got out and walked into a building that was specifically for bathrooms only. Men and women, we all went inside together and conferenced on what to do and where to go as for food. When we finished that business, we checked both exits, and the one we entered from had zombies now on the other side of the door, unaware of our whereabouts, so instead of that door, we took the other door since it appeared to be clear and free of danger at the time being. We walked with haste to our RV, but to our surprise, it was either gone or we forgot where we parked. So we tip-toed around carefully, worried and terrified. In an alley were some mutated humans, zombies yes, but they had humanoid actions and could communicate with us, and they were skateboarding in their alley. When they saw me, they made their way over to our group and a battle commenced after they taunted us for a moment. Soon enough, I was held and bound by one zombie as he laughed at me. I had no other weapon but a pencil, and with the knowledge of zombies dying when damage is dealt to their brain, I stabbed him repeatedly in the head, the pencil piercing all the way through, five times. And he still didn't die. Shocked and confused as to why he wouldn't die, I tried screaming for help but no one could help me. Then, he laughed at me again, and bit my finger. It was all over for me, I would change into one of the zombies now with their saliva coursing through my veins. With no other choice, I took the pencil and began to stab it through my brain. The first strike didn't kill me, nor did it hurt, so I stabbed it again and I still didn't die. But all my friends were dead, or bitten and infected.
Then the dream restarted in that exact area, as if it were a video game asking for a retry on the level from the last checkpoint- being the bathroom and not being able to find the RV.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Met a guy i didn't know .went in guys house to buy some weed. ending up smoking some and felt really stoned got a bit paranoid as i went downstairs and the guys sisters were there. We then went upstairs sat around talking i was against the wall sat down feel really stoned and self conscious
The guy was dealing out some weed i can't remember how much i wanted but i felt as though the guy was trying to rip
me off. His sister asked me to get her a drink. I went down poured a glass of juice into a wine glass and drank it myself.
One of the people ended up comin down to see what i was doing so i for some reason pretended i was just coming out the
bathroom i must have been downstairs a while. I don't remember much a part from seeing a pickle jar with what looked like
blackcurrent juice and saliva in filled about 1/5 the way up.

I am writing a dream journal to learn to lucid dream and i am trying to find common themes in dreams any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

Example: What does it mean to dream about choking on someone else's spit/saliva?

We were kissing, and I choked on the person's spit and could actually taste it? And after that we kissed again and then it went smoother and felt better doing it...what does this mean? 1st time done wrong? Room for improvement? Or something deeper?

Example: Dream interpretation?

i dreamt that foam was coming out of my mouth , what does it mean ?

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