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Example: Hungarian names that don't originate from English names?

Like Csilla or Géza, purely Hungarian...
Boy and girl names, please.

I guess you wanted to ask 'Hungarian names that doesn't originate from foreign languages' or 'Hungarian names that don't have an English equivalent'.

Well, here are some names that exist ONLY in Hungarian - there is no equivalent in other languages:

--- Boy names ---
Ákos (white falcon)
Álmos (one who is seen in dreams)
Alpár (hero)
Apor (father)
Árpád (noble leader)
Attila (father)
Balambér (king)
Barna (solace)
Béla (heart)
Bendegúz (?)
Bódog (happy)
Botond (one who fights with a mace)
Csaba (gift)
Csanád (?)
Csongor (falcon)
Elemér (?)
Előd (ancestor)
Farkas (wolf)
Géza (?)
Gyárfás (old man)
Győző (victorious)
Gyula (war leader)
Huba (?)
Hunor (?)
Imre (stablemaster)
Jenő (?)
Kaján (one who grins)
Kálmán (one who remains)
Kelemen (gentle)
Kerecsen (saker)
Koppány (strong)
Lehel (one who blows a horn)
Levente (one who exists)
Lóránt (?)
Nimród (hunter)
Regő (morning)
Regölő (bard)
Szabolcs (?)
Szilárd (hard)
Táltos (one with supernatural powers)
Tibor (?)
Tihamér (one who loves peace)
Töhötöm (prince)
Vidor (happy)
Zoltán (lord)
Zsolt (?)
Zsombor (bison)

--- Girl names ---
Anikó (?)
Aranka (golden)
Bíborka (a purple flower)
Boglárka (buttercup flower)
Borbála (stranger)
Boróka (juniper)
Csenge (?)
Csilla (star)
Dalma (?)
Emese (mother)
Emőke (newborn)
Enikő (?)
Etelka (?)
Gyöngyvér (sister of pearl)
Gyopár (edelweiss flower)
Hajnalka (dawn)
Hanga (heather flower)
Ibolya (viola flower)
Ildikó (?)
Imola (?)
Kincső (treasure)
Lenke (?)
Piroska (ancient)
Réka (sun soul)
Tímea (?)
Tünde (fairy)
Virág (flower)

Of course there are many more, but these are the most common (in modern times).

Example: What are some Hungarian names and the meanings behind them?

My husband is of Hungarian decent and I was wondering what are some nice Hungarian names for children and what do they mean? I am thinking of using Hungarian names for our children someday, since his heritage is the only one we know of, because I am just a mix of a lot of things.

I am looking for boys or girl names. Thanks!

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