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Dream About Sailboat meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does my dream mean?

I keep on having this nightmare and it's driving me nuts!

Yesterday I had this dream that I was on a small sailboat in the middle of the ocean.
The sun had just set and there was still a blueish purple after glow.

I look to my left and there is a little girl beside me.
She has light brown hair and .And she looks about 3 to 4 years old.I am dry and she is dripping with water.Then I glance at the horizon and is a small twinkling city ahead.

The boat swifles around.
I step to the front of the ship.I look down.Water is oozing out of the boat's deck.I start to panic.The little girl walks inside the boat and locks the door.There is a foggy window below me.She is in the cabin.

She curls up into a fetal position and just lies on the floor in a puddle of murky sea water.The room starts to fill up more with water.But she just lies silently on the floor.It fills up all the way and the boat starts to sink.

And my mouth starts to start to bleed and blood dribbles into the sea water.Then I wake up.
Any ideas what this means?

This could be an interesting dream depicting how you left the world
on an earlier life time. Not enough details to make a good guess about that.
Like what kind of clothing, what period was the boat from, how far was the city.

But you say that you have had this nightmare repeatedly. Could be caused by foods
eaten near bedtime.

Have you had sad situations in your life lately? The death of your inner child
comes to mind which might indicate a loss of innocence.

Example: What does this dream mean?

So I bought my boyfriend of 2 years a sailboat for his graduation present - nothing special, it's years old and I've been repairing it for months, but it floats. Today his dad's supposed to come by with the pickup truck to get it, but I fell asleep waiting for him and had this dream.
I drove upstate with some kids I was babysitting to drop them off at their relative's house. On the way back I was invited in for a party, and I was tired and thirsty, so I went in. I knew a couple people there, vaguely; mostly I was lonely and I wished my boyfriend was there. He had refused to come with me - he didn't want to sit in a car with kids for hours. I had an hour before I had to turn around to come home and get the sailboat in the pickup, so I hung around. There was this part-Japanese kid there from my chemistry class who in real life had written me a very sweet letter in my yearbook about how when we talked he always walked away with a smile. I must have had something to drink or passed out or something, because the next thing I know I'm laid out on a mattress on the floor and he's walking frantic circles around me, asking me if I need him to call the police or an ambulance, and that my dad was on the way (he'd found the number in my phone, I'm guessing), and what had happened? Turned out he'd brought me home after he found me unconscious, and that I was lying on his father's mattress in the coolest part of the house in a hope of waking me again. I said that I wanted a hug and nothing more, but he continued to pace. Told me again my dad was on his way. I couldn't get up for some reason, so he lay down to curl around me in a hug, pressing his whole completely clothed body against me and tucking his head over my shoulder protectively. He has very nice, broad shoulders and I was thinking about this when I woke up (the first time) only to discover I was still in a dream, only I was actually on his bed and he was still curled around me, and outside his first-floor window I could see my dad's car pulling around and it was very late in the day. He helped me up, and leaning on him I made it outside strong enough to walk by myself. My dad told me I'd missed the sailboat pickup, but as we drove away I could see the Japanese boy watching to make sure I was safe. Not restrictively, not even lovingly. Just kind of as a friendly obligation - and I was warm and no longer thirsty.
I woke up for real to realize that it was still 3 hours before sailboat-pickup time.

Example: Please help me decode my dream?

Everyone from the place I take guitar at were on a sailboat. We were going snorkeling in the water and stuff. The guide (a girl) says that if any of us fall into the water and swim away, we are in trouble. But I fall in the water and start to swim really far away, having fun. But then I start to get scared, because the water gets dark. I reach an island with a metal house on it. A person (a girl) is on the island. She says she is going to sail me back to the boat everyone is on. She sails me on a huge sailboat with multiple sails, only to get to the small boat everyone is on. When I get there, I see that everyone is sleeping. I ask the girl if I can just sneak back onto the boat, without getting into trouble. She says no, and wakes up the guide. The guide yells something and a mean drummer guy, wakes up, startled, and throughs a life preserver into the water. The guide is very mad at me. and I missed my chance to see "angel fish and diamond fish.

Example: What's the meaning of my dream that im sailing on the sea.?

first with an old lady then in the middle of the ocean she left me.i was supposed to cross from 1 island to the other island my home town.

Example: Should i just buy a sailboat to live in, even though i know nothing about sailing?

I REALLY want to live in a sailboat and learn to sail as well. Do u think I should take sailing lessons first, or should I just jump in and begin making payments on a decent sailboat?

Example: Looking to buy my first sailboat and I have some questions?

I'm looking at a few boats in the 30-35 ft. range, mostly built in the 70's. One's an Ericson, there's a hunter and a Mc Gregor.

So any advice like stay away from this but this is good would be helpful.

Also, I have the obvious stuff like dock rental and such figured, but what am I looking at in terms of maintenance? Bottom care & such.

Basically, any words from the wise would be helpful.

Example: How much does it cost to live on your sailboat?

So i recently came up with this idea to eventually buy a boat. Im thinking that after college after 5 years or so on a mechanical engineers salary i would have enough cash to buy a used sailboat that is 30-40 feet for between 20-50 thousand dollars (tell me if im off). in a san diego marina, how much would it cost to live on this sailboat? im talking about everything like slip fees, boat maintenance, electric, insurance, etc. Also do marinas have washers/dryers and showers? And tell me if this is far fetched. Would it be possible to run my own boating business and get groups of people interested in a day in san diego bay to pay me to take them out on my boat? Im thinking if i did that most weekends with a group of 5-12 people (depending on boat size) who will pay 100$ each for the day, then i could make a fairly good amount of money every year having a good time on my boat while only working the business one day of the week (allowing me 5 normal days to do my regular job). Is all of this far fetched or have you seen people actually do this type of thing? Also i have done some craigslist surfing and most of the sailboats currently on there are from the 70's or the 80's. So with a sailboat, does the year its made really matter because you dont really have to worry about expensive motors about to go bad right? Thanks a lot to any boaters out there who answer

Example: What's the best type of sailboat for a Blue Water crossing?

I have a dream to sail the Atlantic one day but I need a sailboat meant for long-term deep-water trips. What kind of sailboat should I get? The more I look, the more different types of boats I see. Any help from someone who knows would be great! Thanks!

Example: Help me decode my dreaM!?

In my dream, me and my boyfriend were walking on a beach. I've never been to this beach before. Then I see these sail boats in the distances--that were the sailboats I sailed this summer. I run over to see the boats (which have docked on the shore) and see all of my friends from sailing class. My boyfriend and I board the boat, and they sail me to a beach I used to go to a long time ago. My boyfriend is annoyed that they did not drop us off at the beach we were at earlier. At the beach i used to visit, i expect to see it all beautiful. But the beach is covered with these ugly, odd, huge, dirty black birds. Among the birds, there is a giant scorpion on a huge rock fighting the birds off. My boyfriend gets annoyed with me, and while I am trying to figure away to cross the beach, I see him walking in the sunlight, holding hands with this girl I dislike. then I wake up? What is the meaning of this odd dream?

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