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Dream About Sailboat meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ever have one of those fantastic dreams that seems so real...and then you wake up in such a sad, disappointed mood?
I did, last night.

It's a bit unclear, but I somehow had the chance to sail around the world, on a little boat - sailboat, catamaran, something. It would have been cool, the experience of a lifetime

Things kept getting in the way; I couldn't get to a radio to call the person who was going to take me.
Or a computer.

And once I did, there were these chicks who were hogging them, or the music was too loud to use the radio.

And the whole time I was on a ferry boat, getting closer and closer to the island (where I actually live in real life) and I knew that once I got there, the chance for this trip would be lost.

And that ferry docked. And I woke up.

And was sad...because it meant I was still stuck here in the same stupid life, still have to go out and get some stupid job, hang with the same stupid people and do the same stupid dr*gs, etc.

So what's it mean?

the sea is the people, the boat is you as a vessel.
You are having awareness of what others are doing and not at not of what YOU want to be doing.
This dream tells me that you have had opportunity to change your life, your life style, and an uncanny ability to set and reach goals.
Your reaction tells me that you WANT to do this, (cause change in your life).

Listen for ideas. When you are with people who YOU look up to LISTEN to hear the words, YOU SHOULD. and take their advise until you feel confident enough to chart yoru own course.

You are going to be going through some great NEW and EXCITING things very soo! Wear a life jacket! (meaning stay close to your mentors and away from people who get in your way. )

Example: What do you think this dream means?

Right this isn't the dream:Me and my exgirlfriend have been together twice. First time I betrayed her trust. Second time someone made it appear that I did when I hadn't but we're still friends. I really want her back.
Right the dream is in three parts so:
Part 1: I'm on a speed boat with my Grandad and the boat worked exactly like a car and the water had roads painted on it. When my Grandad was sailing the boat across the water the painted didn't smudge or smeared and I just sat there thinking and my Grandad shouted me to lift the handbrake.
My Grandad let me sail the boat and when I sailed it the paint smudge and smeared.
Part 2: I was at school doing aload of tests, I got almost every question right but I didn't get a hundred percent.
Part 3: I got on the school bus and my exgirlfriend was there and we sat together and talked about the holidays and then I told her how much I missed her and the truth about the second time we were together and that no matter what happens I'll...

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had this, well pretty awesome dream last night. I was on a huge boat. Like an old wooden ship. And it was the biggest ship ever made, and I guess it had the ability to go on water and land because sometimes it was traveling on land and roads. And basically most of the dream was spent in the ship, and it was basically like a plane inside, there was to rows of seats with 2 seats in each row, and I kept sitting at the back, but for some reason... lol, my i kept taking off my shoes and leaving them in the lower section (there are two levels of seats), and i kept having to rush down and get them every time the boat stopped and we had to get off. And also there was this very sexy girl that came to where I was sitting and she rubbed her vagina on my hand through her panties (which was on the armrest) then we made out. After that I somehow got out of the ship and was hanging on the hull of of the ship outside it while it was moving, and there were web cams outside the ship following me, ect.

Example: What does my reocurring dream mean?

I'm a student in high school and I've been having this really disturbing dream about once a week. It starts off I'm wrapped up in this like burlap sack and I feel really comfortable, but then all of a sudden I get ripped out and thrown into this dark basement. All of a sudden the lights go on and there's a big lake with a sailboat with my mom in it. I start sailing out towards this bright light and all of a sudden a bunch of giant weasels (they look like Sid from Ice Age) start climbing up from the lake onto the boat and i start like strangling them and throwing them in the water. This really weird demonic voice is talking backwards or something and my mom is just standing there and shaking her head disapprovingly. What does it all mean?

Example: What does my recurring dream mean?

In the dream I am in a seaside town I have never been to. I have to drive over a small bridge to get from one part of the town to the other. I can see a marina with different types of boats on the far side of the bridge. Sailboats stand out in my memory. I am on my way to visit a woman I have never met or seen before. I think she works in some small town coffee shop or bookstore but can't say for sure. I also have a feeling that the town is somewhat too "country" for my taste even though I grew up somewhere similar.

I have had the dream several times and it is the only recurring dream I have ever had. All the people and places in the dream I am completely unfamiliar with.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Ok so there's this sea and two boats, and my perspective is LIKE I'm on a mountain by the sea looking at the sea (there was no mountain, I was just describing my perspective).

The sea is not even, I mean, one portion of the sea (farther away) is higher that the other portion (nearer the coast). Imagine two books of different thickness lying on the table side by side, that's how it looks like.. What's weird is, it isn't a waterfall (water from the higher part flowing down to the lower part). Anyway, a ship is on the "lower part of the sea" while a sailboat is on the "higher part of the sea." Now the perspective changed and I was "on the coast." So the view of the two boats also changed. The sailboat appeared to be hovering above the ship (you know, because of the high and low thing).

The next thing I knew I was explaining this to the class and I wasn't on the sea at all.

Example: What does a dream mean when somebody you know comes out of an egg?

My friend told me about a dream she had that the people in her dream saved the world and out of no where this egg pops up and I break out of it and there's like confetti flying around like some grand entrance. And everyone was reacting like I'm some celebrity. Then right after I get on a sailboat, make the stereotypical sailor salute pose, and sail away into the clouds. As soon as I left. The rest of the people ate cake. I laughed.

Example: Why do I ALWAYS dream that I'm on a boat?

At least three times a week, I have some sort of boat dream. Sometimes it's a sailboat, sometimes it's a houseboat, sometimes it's some other type of boat. When I dream I'm on a sailboat, the sky is technicolor and the ocean looks like silk. When I'm on the houseboat, I usually live there in the dream, and it's usually outside on Manhattan. What does this mean?

Example: Dreaming with black sailboats, what does this means?

This is an unusual dream and I will like to know what does this means.

First I am a 38 yr old married mexican father of two. We are having some troubles with the marriage.

Now this dream was very unusual and let me very unrest. I dreamed that I was over some kind of cliff near a bay at some kind of party, soft relaxing party, sophisticated. Well i was about to look a gorgeous woman when something brought my attention to three boats, sailboats very elegant, luxury yacht with some chrome rails and ornaments but everything in the boat was black even the sails. The three boats navigated from left to right in the smooth bay.

The vision was short, because I see the boats through the hole between the armand the body of the woman, that's because she was standing with a hand in her waist, in her hip so it was a limited space to look the bay.
When I wanted to lookfurtherr to the bay, the woman seem to move so I can't see more. The woman was dressed ina black and white striped dress. Thigh. So I try to look then it fades and it seems that I'm on a gray cloud and the woman is getting away far and far

I never looked the woman really, i tried to recognize her but I couldn't and asked her to identify, but she only answered "You know who I am"

I'm open to scientific or metaphysic answers, please help me

I'm very disturbed about this.

Thank you in advance.

Example: What does this dream mean?


I had a dream last night that I was on a boat, a sailboat to be exact.
The water was calm, actually really serene, and clear. When I turned to left, I could see a really beautiful sunset. When I turned to my right I could see the New York City skyline (my hometown).
When I tried to look this up, I got conflicting meanings for the boat and sunset. Can anyone shed any light on this? Thank you in advance.

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