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Dream About Safety Pin meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I had a dream some girl I don't know was trying to hurt me? What does this mean?

I had this weird dream where this girl (who I have no idea who she is) kept walking next to me and pulling out a safety pin and scratching my arm. I just started running and trying to tell people there was a weird girl who was hurting me and everyone was like confused and didn't know what I was talking about...They just told me to ride the merry-go-round...? I also woke up with a small scratch on my arm. lol I don't know if I got the scratch during sleep then dreamt about it or what...but what do you think the dream means?

I don't know the meaning of your dream, but for my interpretation i would say... that this girl is a unconscious projection of the negative qualities of your self, or the negativeness you have in the waking life. she is scratching you because she is probably trying for you to recognize these problems, again either consciously or unconsciously. the merry go round either represents you are trying to revert back into a childhood state, to get away from this problem. or that you feel you keep going in circles and are not helping this problem. but i cant say for sure as i don't know you personally...Peace

Example: Can You Interpret My Horse Dream Please?

I had a dream last night that really sticks out in my mind. I don't know all of the details really but themes that were important. I saw a stallion that I thought was black and he could talk. He was in a hurry and told me that we had to go. The setting was the plains and I could see some trees in the distance. I think I felt the presence of fire, but far away, maybe trees burning, potentially a storm, potentially many things that could. (nothing about my setting could be pinned down though, which I remember I couldn't really do, see the details of my surroundings I mean.) When I got on him he was actually a roan (red) color and his mane was blond colored like some roans have. He started to run very fast and I remember being proud of myself for riding bare back so well. I just saw everything blur by and was more worried about holding on. I looked at my hands and they threaded into his mane in big handfuls so I could hold on. At a few points I was falling off so I held on around his chest, which isn't comfortable to do unless a horse is walking, but I wasn't uncomfortable, just trying to hold on. I think he was talking to me, but he just expressed concern, trying to get me out to safety or away from where we were. I didn't see anyone else, I couldn't see the surrounding setting really, just the ground fly by under us and his strong legs and my hands. I saw it in first person, not my whole body from a more third person point of view. I don't think I had any feelings except wanting to hold on. The horse was more concerned about myself than I was and it was like he knew something was coming. Then I woke up. No resolution to the dream.

Some background about me is that I'm 22, female, have had the same boyfriend for several years but we are more rocky currently, so not getting married anytime soon, I've been concerned about post graduation from college in a year, unsure about what I'm going to do or if I want to go to grad school. Maybe it's unconscious worry?

If you know anything about dream interpretation, please help!

Example: A dream about getting getting an eyebrow and ear piercing?

In this dream I got an eyebrow and ear piercing - both on the right side of my face. For some reason having only one brow pierced bothered me, and I wanted to pierce my left brow to make it look more symmetrical. My cousin was piercing my right ear with a safety pin (hurt like hell) and saying that if I won't like how the piercing looks, I can always take it out later, though I ended up liking all the piercings. What could be the meaning of this dream?

Example: I had a dream of stabbing someone's testicles with a toothpick to set my friend free but failed i think?

we were like prisoners in a war and my friend and i had to somehow get passed this group of people. when we tried to sneak around, one of the guy got a hold of my friend and suddenly im on the edge of the cliff hanging and had a toothpick and the guy was standing right in front of me with my friend wrapped around his arms. i had a toothpick and stabbed his testicles and he kept struggling like he was about to let go of her with the pain, so i kept stabbing it like i was stabbing an egg many times and tried to move it in different directions and it seemed like he was struggling hard and about to let go, but he never did because i woke up suddenly. what does this mean. did i not save my friend?

Example: Dream about a window that would not close, meaning?

In my dream, I awoke and noticed my bedroom window was open but had the knowledge of knowing I did not open it. This is factual too because my screen in my window is currently broken, and I never open my window because if I do bugs are let in. I went to my mom and we tried to figure out who had opened it overnight and pinned it on a neighboring kid. I closed and locked the window but when I went outside to check it it would just open again. I did it multiple times and came to the realization that the window could not remain closed and that the lock was broken. What does this dream mean?

Example: Crazy dream about a hole next to my belly button?

Had a funny dream where I had a hole in my stomach by my belly button and it was filled with water and debris. I turned over to pour it out and saw a few safety pins at the bottoms. Any ideas or interpretations of what that could mean?

Example: What could my dream mean ?

I had a dream that I lived in a huge ranch house and I was like an exorcist or a priest (not sure there) and i was trying to remove a demon from a little girl . And i recited some prayers that im not sure even exist , "God watch over this child , God protect her soul , remove this demon inside " and she changed into something like a devil . and pinned me to the ground and it was like i fell asleep again to wake in a dream of a quiet suburb green grass and neighbors having a good time , then it went to flames again and the demon was laughing in my face with yellow teeth and yellow eyes that glowed bright . So i been thinking on this dream all day and havent came up with any meanings and its been in my head still as vivid as it happened this morning . And if it helps I awoke at 3:20 am when I almost always awake around 10:30 am .

Example: What does it mean to dream of a broken clock?

I dreamt my friend needed some clock? or smthing but a friend of his had stolen or betrayed him by taking part of his clock? I had a safety pin that I gave him and they used this pin by pushing it through a hole to
become the timepiece for the clock.E.g the pin part ticked around the clock.

Example: Dream interpretation, I remember 3 key things...?

My dad lives in AR & I recently spent a wk there for my bday. My friend flew in from TX for 3 days. In my dream, Kristin was getting ready to go back to TX & Dad had gone to bed. I was in bed listening to her packing in the other room. She reminded me of 3 movies I needed to return. It was 10:40p & they were due by midnight. While I was getting dressed, I saw Dad wandering around in the hallway in a red sweatshirt & sweatpants, an outfit he's had forever in real life. Except this time, there was a pistol dangling from the back of his pants by a huge safety pin, not a holster. I was alarmed because we've never had guns in our house. When I ask him what he's doing, he gets mad & says, "I don't have to work tomorrow!" Meaning he can stay up late if he wants. Then he mentions my cat had a cut on his cheek. It was horseshoe shaped & you could pull it down like a flap. It was fresh. But this cat died in 2003. Please help me interpret!

Example: What does it mean when I dream like this?

Ive been dreaming of my mom for like at least 4 dats in a row ( she died over a year ago) and yesterday i was at the mall and i didnt know of i should get them but they said ineed to come back the next morning if i still want them or they wil be sold - they r ripped with white patches on them they are straight leg and they r kinda tight on the top but loos eon bottom but not boot leg or nething - and i dont know cuz i think they make my bum look big since they r well fitted there but not tight fitted and my *** got bigger so i dunno but they r from stiches and 30 buks and its hard to find ripped once for that price and they r wripped a lot so look cool and then i had a dream my mom said to buy them since yesterday i was crying how i cnat even ask my moms advice anymore... and in the dream they had teared hole son bum and mom said I could just use safety pins tere and that that would look cool... anyways what do u think of this dream?

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