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Dream About Safe Haven meanings

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Example: What do my dreams mean?

Help! I keep having these dreams and i would like some insight into what they mean. Either i am hanging out with someone or someone comes into my room. As soon as they are in the room in the dream i wake up. When I wake up it feels like they are in the room. any insight?

Let's see here...

That 'someone' I suspect, is a person you know, correct? If yes, I have a small insight on your dreams.

There must be, there has to be, a door leading to your room. You start out alone in your room, as you described above.

Perhaps, your dreams mean that you're afraid of being alone.

Think about it like this:

The door in your room represents the passageway. A gate. An obstectle. Something that 'someone' needs to get past to get to you.

Your room represents a haven, a safe haven, since you sleep there.

There is, after all a saying that home is the safest place, and your ROOM, I'd assume, must be even safer.

Your heart (which i strongly believe is the cause of dreams) is afraid of being forever alone, so it stops the dream before that 'someone' can enter the room.

As for the dreams of you hanging out with someone?

I think your mind is fighting with your heart. The mind thinks, but cannot feel. The heart feels, but cannot think.

Your mind is trying to bring you to the logic that you are NOT alome, but your heart can only FEEL afraid of becoming lonely.

And when you wake up, and how you mentioned that it feels they're in the room simply means that you are listening to your mind, and to the truth.

If you want these dreams to come to an end, try explaining to your heart that you won't be alone. Metaphorically speaking of course.

I hope to be of help to you!


Example: What's my dream mean?

I'm 13 my aunt that I havent seen in 10 years i talk with all the time on facebook, she was supposed to come and see me yesterday but she had to cancel, I had a dream that night about her and we were at her house and it was just like how it was supposed to be in real life, we met for the first time sense I was three and hugged and were like "oh I missed you" stuff like that
What's this dream mean?

Example: Dream Meaning?

I had a dream when I was very young and here's what had happened, I was standing ontop of a broken old house that was a dark brown color and there was this big tree by the back of the house and it was bare, the sky was cloudy and the sky was a color of light gray. I was standing and looking around, all around there were no houses but there was concrete on the ground then I suddenly jumped from the room and literally dived for the concrete but right before I hit the concrete I woke up with my heart racing and breathing quickly.The dream was blurry too.

I know it might sound weird but this dream is the one of many that I can remeber the most detail about from when I was young. All I want to know is what this dream probably meant.

Example: What't the meaning of this dream?

I dreamt about this guy who wanted to be with me. He was trying to be with me for a year but I have a boyfriend and I kept turning him down. Our last conversation was 3 months ago when I told him there will never be anything between us because I have a boyfriend.

I dreamt about him and my boyfriend, my boyfriend and I were in the living room and he was in the kitchen, and it appeared that he couldn't come to me, or wouldn't... he just watched us from the kitchen and I kept looking at him. After some time he left and I watched him go. And I felt like I shouldn't let him leave the appartment.

What could this dream mean? I keep thinking about the dream and him.
But I'm not planning on leaving my bf!
And yes, I miss being friends with him...

Example: What does this vision/dream mean?

Alright, time for yet another dream interpretation! Here we go:

This dream is about three friends. Let's just say one is me, and the other two are Joe and Bob.

Joe and I are sitting under a big Oak tree with yellow grass surrounding us. We are waiting for something. After this, Bob comes along walking with a bicycle in one hand (He wasn't riding it) and a cat (his cat, this is) in the other hand. He meets with me and Joe, and then we all start running towards a thick dark forest. Bob tells me something that sounds like " sover (this is not a mis-spell) ring or sovereign reign" (I don't know what this was, the person who had the vision can't remember what Bob said to me.) Also, there was one word before sovereign reign or sover ring that the person can't remember/couldn't pronounce. Then, on the way to the forest, I spot a deer.

Any idea what this means?

Example: What do these dreams mean? Running in the air? Leaf in my hand? Warning?

I usually have very short dreams. I dreamt a few disturbring things that I want to know what they mean.
1st- I dreamt that my boyfriend kept telling me we had to hurry because we could only have one baby, we're planning on getting married and having children, could this really mean anything?
2nd- I have a dream where i'm walking on my usual driving route home, and suddenly I am floating in the air, and running in the air, then I start arcing back down and I hit the ground.
3rd- I'm running through the woods (this one is recurring) and I fall on the ground. A leaf somehow gets lodged in the top layer of my skin- so that i can see it when i look through, and then i pull it out and it hurts immensely but I know I need to get it out, and there's alot of dirt under my skin and then I wake up

Example: Dark angel dream meaning?

For the last few weeks I haven't been able to remember any of my dreams, except one a few nights ago. It's a dream I had once when I was a child. In the dream I am trapped inside a grandfather cloak in the middle of a meadow, where I am alone except for an armed guard who just stands there saying nothing. As the days go on I keep hearing someone calling out for me until a boy with black angel wings comes and talks to me when the guard is busy. He tells me he will be back to get me soon. I haven't had this dream in 12 years and I almost forgot about it. What does it mean?

Example: What did this dream mean?

so actually the dream started and this may sound weird but i was together with my parents (both mother and father) and the world had an virus that turned almost everyone into zombies. So we were armed with FN FAL (for some kind of reason i remember that) and we seeked for shelter. It snowed and I saw an house in a neighbour hood with the door open which seemed safe. So I walked together with my parents toward it. I can still remember that if we stood on a sewer pit that we would be attacked by the zombies. I ran towards the house while my mother stood on a sewer pit. It suddenly went night in the blink of an eye. So I ran towards the house togheter with my parents but they didn't came. When I shutted down the door of the house I saw that somebody, just an shadow walked away. I saw it for around 1 second. The entire room was filled with bookshelves. When I saw that an black cat without an tail attacked me, then I died while I screamed help to my parents. again, they didn't came.

I haven't watched a movie before I slept. However i did toughed of an problem I have know.

Im Dutch so my english can be bad.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Okay, so last night I had a dream that I don't remember the beginning to. What I remember is being at the Costco where I work with a bunch of people I know at least in some way even if I only met them for a little bit somehow I knew who everyone was. I don't know why but for some reason I believed that a huge flood was coming and that Costco would be the safest place but one wall was weak so we needed to strengthen it. I remember people laughing at me like I was crazy but they started working on strengthening it by stacking really heavy stuff like dog food and soda and so on. Then I remember picking up two bags of dog food that were about 50 pounds each at the same time and carrying them over to the wall and passing my friend who also works at Costco with me. After that I realized my parents were there so I needed to created an individual safe spot for the 3 of us. I remember at one point I went up to my mom and almost broke down into tears because I was worried what would happen if I was wrong. When we were almost done with that we noticed that everyone else started rioting and attacking each other for the stuff they had (money, guns, food, etc.) so I told my mom to run because she had most of the money and me and my dad held off as many as we could. The next thing I remember was running outside through the Costco doors but when I turned around I was outside my old house. People were still rioting and attacking each other so I hid behind a black truck (I think it was a forerunner like the one I've wanted for a while) but then someone got in and took off. The last thing I remember is seeing a black guy that, I don't why, looked kind of like Danny Glover I think.

Sorry this was so long but I was trying not to leave out any details lol Thanks.

Example: Meaning of a dream about feeling safe?

I was afraid to go to sleep last night but eventually I fell asleep.
The dream:
In the dream I saw this guy I haven't seen in a while so I ran to him to hug him. He wouldn't hug me(ouch). He's starts crying and falls into my arms.
He starts telling me how bad his life is and then he hugs me. Really tight. Then the world starts spinning really fast and I squeeze him and he holds me tighter.

Then I woke up.

I wasn't thinking about him before I fell asleep. Since I was afraid to got to sleep I thought I would dream about someone like my mother making me feel safe not him.

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