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Dream About Safar meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Can anyone translate this hindi song in english?

Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The 2 Lyrics Hindi Song Title: Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The 2 : WOH BEWAFA - AGAM KUMAR NIGAM
Singer(s): TULSI KUMAR

Hum Tum Mile Koi Mushkil Na Thi Par Iss Safar Ki Manjil Na Thi
(Ye Soch Ke Dur Tum Se Huye) - 2 (Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The) - 4) - 2
Hum Tum Mile Koi Mushkil Na Thi

Kuch Waqt Mushkil Tha Thuljan Me Yeh Dil Tha Iss Dard Se Lute Kadam
Per Aab Bhi Yaadon Mein Khabyoon Khayalon Mein Rehthe He Tum Hi Sanam
Rote Hai Raanto Mein Kho The Hai Khabo Mein Tute Hai Be Bus Hai Hum
Tum Se Hase Koi Mehfil Na Thi Per Iss Safar Ki Manjil Na Thi
(Ye Soch Ke Dur Tum Se Huye) - 2 (Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The) - 2
Hum Tum Mile Koi Mushkil Na Thi

Sou Dard Rahe Rahe Kar Sine Me Utt The Hai Jab Se Hue Tum Kafa
Dil Roj Kehtha Hai Tum Ko Bata Denge Ke Kyun Huye Hum Bewafa
Tum Maaf Kar Do Ye Jab Tum Sunoge Ye Hum Se Hui Kyun Khata
Koi Kuhsi Gum Ko Hashil Na Thi Per Iss Safar Ki Manjil Na Thi
(Ye Soch Ke Dur Tum Se Huye) - 2 (Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The) - 2
Hum Tum Mile Koi Mushkil Na Thi Par Iss Safar Ki Manjil Na Thi
(Ye Soch Ke Dur Tum Se Huye) - 2 (Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The) - 6

we met it wasn't hard,but it wasn't meant to happen, (i thought this and moved away from you) (i am not a cheater)
it was hard for a while this heart felt it, but now you're in my thoughts, dreams, i cry at night, loose you in dreams, 100 pains stayed in my heart, wi think of telling you everyday that why did i cheat you will forgive when you hear

this song is old my mum listened to it when she was young

Example: Bibi Sakina (sa)...?

How old was Bibi Sakina (sa) when she died?

Is she buried in the prison of Damascus, or somewhere else?

What were the causes of her death? I mean like was she killed, or did she become ill, or something like that?

My Dad was telling me this story that there were 3 Shia Maulanas who each had a dream that Bibi Sakina (sa) was telling them that her grave was getting flooded wit water and they should move her body from there... Then they moved her body and they saw that it was fresh like she was sleeping...

Example: What do the Urdu words "Safar Kar" mean?

I dreamt that last night. I don't suppose it's a cross of a spinach-eating lizard and a radio-controlled, venomous Porsche though, is it?

Example: Ramadan - I had a dream about hijab?


I had a dream last night that was actually kindof interesting to me. I was in a strange city walking and knew I had to be somewhere by a certain time and time was running out. I knew where I had to be but didnt know how to get there from where I was.

I walked down a street where there was other women standing on the opposite side of street and were of different races. I was wearing HIJAB. They then started saying hateful things to me to include racist slurs. One woman walked up to me and started saying really hateful things and spit in my face and walked away.

I stood there for a moment, afraid and then I thought, NO, I will not walk away from this, I will push fear aside so I walked over to them and stood in front of them and just looked at them never saying a word. Now this is where is gets kindof strange cause a white woman with a white beard gets up in my face and stares back but I never backed away. I stood my ground then I woke up.

I think I know what the dream means but did anybody else get anything out of that.

Thanks for your answers.

Example: Who could translate this Hindi poem to English?

rok lo qadam jee bhar ke dekhlo
rok lo qadam jee bhar ke dekhlo
hamara tumhara saath bas yahin tak tha
manzil mile na mile ab hamari kismat
ke zindagi ke saath safar bas yahin tak tha
tum chal nahi sakte is se aage ek qadam
ruk jao ke phoolon ke chaman yahin taktha
aage arahe hain gham mujh se milne gale
ke apni khushiyon ka thikana bas yahin tak tha
uttho aur naye hamraahi talash karo
ke yeh khuwaab suhana bas yahin tak tha

And please tell me wether it's to be told for a male or female

Example: Hindi/Urdu Song Translation Please!?

Hi I have been looking all over the net for a translation to this song/ghazal by Anup Jalota but havent found it yet...any help with a partial or full translation would be really appreciated!

So I am not a native Hindi speaker, but am doing my best with the words...

Maina puchata ek sitara se
Intihabihe ke safar koi
Sonteke mai sawal ko shabnam
raat kar boot boot kardoe

Bhool jana tha to phir apna banaya kyo tha
tumne ulfat ka yaqeen mujiko dilaya kyo tha

ek phaat ke huwarani ko sahara betar
hooti manzil ka neshan tumne dekhaya kyo tha

khudhe tufan ootana tha mohabbat me agar
dubne say mere kishti ko bachaya kyo tha

jissee tabir aab o ashkonke sivar kuch be naheen
khaab esa mere ankonka dekaya kyon tha

apna anjaam the ap kyo ho pashiman sivar
ek bedard se dil tumne lagaya kyo tha

Example: October 5 1988?

This is my birthdate, at 6:11am
Were you born at this date or even this time, or a friend's or close to it, yes i know location is important but can't tell you guys Everything, anything huge and or important happen in your life you think would be worth mentioning please by all means do :)

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