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Dream About Saddling An Animal meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Just wondering if anyone has an opinion on the meaning of this dream?

last night i dreamed that everyone i'd ever known all lived with me and my fiance on the huge spinning carousel.everyone had their own animal and there were all sorts of animals from ponys to elephants.a button in the animals eyes opened it up and there was a bed for everyone.all the animals were pink with blue saddles.the paint was kinda peeling but all the colors were still very bright.my fiance and i slept in the middle where all the gears that ran the thing were and he kept telling me he couldn't sleep because i was always pushing him into the gears and grinding him up.the circus themed song was playing in the distance but over the music i could hear allot of talking and a baby constantly crying even tho there were no babys there. i kept screaming for someone to make the baby go back to sleep but no one would.this carousel we were all living on was also spinning through a black and purple vortex looking thing and no one could leave.we were all happy for what ever reason and all wearing yellow jump suits with a paper name tag on it.when i woke up this morning my ears were ringing and i was literally going to ask my fiance to go see why the baby was crying but then i fully woke up.we have no children.any thoughts?

What I get from it is that you feel you and everyone you know are living superficial lives: hiding in their animals (which could be similar to cars/houses/clothing) to avoid interacting with their surroundings.

The fact that you and your fiance were sleeping in the gears may represent you coming to this realization...maybe wishing there was something more to life for you and your loved ones because you see that they are not happy on this carousel of life.

You mentioned that you kept pushing your fiance into the gears. This might represent his reluctance to realize what you have discovered.

The yellow suits scream brainwashing to me. An effort of a higher authority to keep everyone the same and obedient.

The baby might symbolize the social expectation to live the "American Dream." You feel pressured to comply but have other goals in mind.

I hope this helps.

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Example: Answers for psychic dreams?

so the other night i had a dream that i was in this like western shop and the shop keeper lady was telling me about this painting that was under the glass at the counter and i remember her saying "time is an illusion" and in the middle of the painting was this weird saddle looking object and there were clocks in it. and then i dreampt there was a tornado and we had to drive away from it and all the animals jumped in the motorhome. there was 3 mice, no they were not blind, and a mother kangaroo who was sick.

so i told my cousin about it because it was extremely odd and we just kinda went on with our lives. well the next day i was looking up insomnia, because i think i may have it i went to the sleep specialist today, and on the website was the painting i saw! ive never seen that painting ever in my life! so i right clicked on it and looked at the properties and it was called "the persistance of time" by salvador dali. apparently he was a famous painter. and i was reading a biography about him and he had reaccuring dreams about baby kargaroos who drowned in their mothers milk!

then the next day my dad picked me up and we were talking about the weather and he told me there was a tornado in LA!

does anyone have answers? or experienced anything similar?

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Movies like, Mean Girls, Napoleon Dynamite, Superbad, etc.
Thank you in advance!

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That girls around 17 years old would like

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I need some really good movies, I like movies like "Spider Wick" and "Shes the Man." I mostly love comedy, I don't care if it is a cartoon like "Despicable Me". I also don't mind if it has foul language.

Thanks and hope to see your answer! ;-)

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I like dont be a menace, how high, but also cartoons? any rating is fine and maybe a few comedy/action

Example: Does anyone know of any good comedy movies to watch?

The title pretty much says it all. Thanks!

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I feel like laughing and I want to watch a moviedo tht will make me laugh, help me!

Example: What is a good comedy movie?

I want to watch a good comedy movie. It doesn't need to be new.

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