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Dream About Sac meanings

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Example: Need to find out the meaning of this dream(s)?

Ok when i woke up this morning it was a doozy to think about because i had multiple dreams with each one i woke up then hit the sac real quick again. But three of the four dreams were the same and one in the middle was way off. So i'll start off with my dreams in order. Besides that these are pretty long you may like the stories.

Dream #1-
I was at my mom's house and for some reason there were people walking all over the front and back yards and i was in the house looking off the backyards balcony watching the sunset. Then a guy came running down the path that leads to the public tennis court behind the house, anyways the guy runs and lands flat on his face in the court. Then all the people walking around went to see him and he got up and scratched a few of them and then converted them all to zombies/enraged (they kinda were slow and a few were fast like in 28 weeks/days later). Then i was defending the house with a shotgun and then some other random people came and started shooting at them to. Then finally after all of them were dead i woke up.

Dream #2-
This one is like dream #1 but in a different place. This time i was at a lake with a bunch of people fishing. And out of the forest across the lake a bunch of zombies like in the first one came out and started to creep towards us. One nearly got me but i got away. For some reason i had a car and when i got to it i drove all the way to my dads house before they got me. As i drove off though i saw where the guys were fishing and it was one fire with the zombies mauling the people. But when i stopped and got out of the car i was at my dads house, it was pitch black out to and there were no cars on the street just completely deserted. I walked into the house locked all the windows and the doors and hid in the kitchen. I heard a moan from a zombie like in Zelda Ocarina of Time and then i just woke up.

Dream #3-
This one is way off for some reason and short. Btw i woke up and went to bed right away again. I was at my elementry school and there was some girl from my highschool there and she had bigger boobs for some reason. Anyways we just started well ya... but the wierd thing about it was i don't even know who this girl is and i don't even like her.

Dream #4-
This one is like 1&2 just in another different place. This time i was at my work (Wendy's), i was working and it was about 9:55 at the time because are front doors weren't locked yet since dinning room wasn't closed yet. All i hear is a customer screeming and i go out to see and it's well another zombie. This time though in my dream i kicked *** instead of the other ones i was more scared to fight. I grabbed a knife from the back and cut through the zombie's head. and kicked him down. But then i looked out the windows and i saw more zombies coming. It was a freaky sight since just saw there heads glowing from the street light's light. So i ran back and locked the doors before they came in. But then they started coming through the drive through windows for some reason and other places and i just kept on fighting and fighting until one scratched me and i just woke up.

So... those were my f'd up dreams please if you could tell me what your opinion on what they mean. I was kinda shookin and i'm only 16 if you're wondering what my age was.

A young person who is actually intelligent and articulate. Wow! What a relief!

Fear/violence are the issues in most of the dreams. You can be as violent as you want when it comes to killing zombies.

Our subconscious thinks in images, pictures. When there is an issue which is important for us to work through, the subconscious presents it to us in various skits, plays, scenarios.

Basically, you need to understand that it is you speaking to yourself in your dreams.

In the zombie dreams, you needed to turn and confront yourself (your fear issue) in each dream as it happened. Running was not an option, just as in real life running is not an option. You handled yourself very well in the dreams.

In order to stop the dreams, visualize a BIG "X" and superimpose it mentally over anyone or thing that you find threatening. This could be a boss, acquaintance, zombie or anyone. You are dismissing the person from your thoughts.

All things in life begin and end in the thoughts.

Avoid violent movies including zombie movies for a couple months. Garbage in, garbage out.

Now when it comes to girls I suppose you should be reminded that having relations with a girl can result in her becoming pregnant. Of course, you cannot "deny" yourself out of the pregnancy. And, of course, it is not just "her fault". It takes two to tango. It doesn't matter whether you think she slept with the whole foot ball team. If you get a girl pregnant, you are legally linked to the infant through DNA and financially responsible for child support and other expenses which lasts until the child reaches legal age.

Ultimately, we are responsible to ourselves for ourselves, our behaviour.

Psych yourself up as your are going to sleep. Tell yourself that you are up to confronting any issues that you throw at yourself in your dreams.

Have a think session with yourself. Ask yourself what zombies really mean to you. Can you relate them to real life people?

Example: What does this dream mean its been bothering me, this is recurring too?

I'm a 16 year old gay guy and i had a Wierd dream...It started off at me at my ex bestfriends house who I hate now and my ex bf was there then me and my ex got in the car to go to this creepy forest where we took a boat o. A swamp to this empty bumper cars thing and we played bumper cars and I kept asking him if we are just friends..then my bestfriend who lives in australia now and her brother popped out of the bushes and reminded me that I left my purse (lol) at my ex best friends house then this girl I know came and picked me up and my mom was in the far and I was freaking out about my prada bag. I still have feelings for my ex bestfriend who slept with my ex bf and me and them dont talk anymore...I know all dreams mean something what does this mean? Thanks

Example: Is there a meaning to this dream?

So I had a really weird dream last night, I don't usually dream at all.
So I was just living every day life and the whole dream was set in the street I lived in, new neighbours had moved in so we were speaking to them when my dog started going mental, and my dad couldn't control him as he was forcefully getting jerked away by something. Everyone says our street is full of ghosts, which I do believe is true as their have been a lot of deaths as it used to be an old fishermans cul de sac. So these new neighbours were claiming they kept seeing a girl in their back garden (we referred to her as alice as that's what the previous neighbours in real life had too, idk if she actually ever existed), so we went back to our house and the wind started building up and a 200ft wall of debree from houses and gardens had piled up in the space between my house and another. So we all went and rook shelter in the local pub (somewhere that does not exist in life and was run by someone who does not exist), after a while, the wind hit the pub and things went flying and all the chairs went spinning until I yelled "alice stop this" and it stopped. This really freaked me out. When everything stopped, all the adults apart from the bar maid was gone, and the barmaid lay slumped (looking dead) on one of the chairs whilst two other teenagers and me got up and walked around. A cat and a dog appeared both with whole black eyes, we were convinced they were posessed. Then suddenly the barmaid woke uo and we realised it was her who was posessed. The bar made started talking going on about "finally she had a body to live in once again and she wanted to chose the barmaids body for her soul so many times but she had to wakt until she wasn't catholic" and stuff, so one biy tried to perform an excorcism but couldn't remember the words so she just kept manically laughing and saying we'd have to live in get control and we'll have nothing ever again and then I woke myself up.

Idk it was scary,explanations?

Example: What does it mean to dream about giving birth?

I'm only 13, I had a dream I was having a baby with my best friend. I remember I was so terrified of the pain of giving birth, and I went through with it, and had a baby girl which I thought it was a boy at first. Afterwards, I realized I was dreaming, and began to cry because I didn't want to see my baby go when I woke up. It just made me realize how excited I am to have a child later on. I'm NOT pregnant in real life, what does this mean?!

Example: What do these dreams mean, It's very disterbing 2 me...?

I always dream of food in a nasty grose way like once I was dreaming my brother and his girlfriend were moving 2 the moon and they couldn't bring food so they grew corn all over there body lol ewwww and they were eating it off them selfs.. another time I had a dream where these people had a vines growing out of there back and had strawberry's, and grapes growing ew.

... and last night I had a nasty dream that I had a flask like bruse coming out of my arm with a minnie size cooked almost burnt hotdog on top of the bruse..e.
I hate most of my dreams for which most of them are NIGHTMARES, but the food ones take the Cake.. blah

Thx for reading sorry about spelling..

Example: Can some one tell me what my dream/nightmare means?

I'm have a recurrent dream/nightmare! the first time i had this dream was a little less then a year ago. and then a few months i had it twice and i just had it like 3days ago.. i dream im running on a canal were i live and suddenly it turns to a railroad crossing across town and i start walking towards a gas station and i see an old woman, scary looking with white messy hair hunch back kind of when you think of a "witch" well shes walking back and forth like random and she starts following me and asks me a riddle type question i never remember it but i just stop walking stand and stare at her with so much fear. like uncomfortable! and out of no were this lady, i don't know who but as soon and she appears standing next to me i feel revealed and safe. well the old lady repeats the "riddle" and the nice lady replies i don't get it. and the old lady says oh you must be a very big sinner looking at me. and repeats the "riddle" and the nice lady replies i don't get it... well it goes on and i wake up so scared each time laying on my stomach facing straight out the window were my blinds are broke, so i see straight outside. and i look at my phone and the time is always on 3:30 but i cant describe how scared i am. and I'm not just telling a story or trying to sound like i believe in the haunting hour or whatever, but i really don't know what it means. so if you think or maybe not sure just post your opinion please? anything help... maybe stress idk but I'd like to know others opinion on my dream.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I know it sounds silly but for some reason this dream really scares me.
I have had it several times and every time I wake up at 3am in a cold sweat.
I'm a 14 year old healthy girl.
My dad died when I was just an infant and my mom (who is 57) has basically been single for the past 13 years, with some boyfriends but she never moved in or anything.

Anywho, the dream is set in an unfamiliar suburban neighborhood. My mom is dating some guy who I have a bad feeling about. I tell her not to date him but she doesn't listen. Then for some reason he starts stalking me and my mom doesn't believe me. Then he implants a tracking device on my hand somehow and I'm running from him in a cul de sac of the neighborhood. I hide in a bush and then he tracks me down and stabs me to death.

What does it mean? It really bothers me.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream that it was really dark out and I was riding in this big black car. There was a guy in the front seat and he was driving the car. Suddenly, this guy that I very much dislike was in the car, too. We were turning at the end of a cul de sac and he pushed me out and the driver who I guess was his brother turned the car and ran me over. I knew I was in pain, but I didn't feel any pain, which I guess is okay because it was a dream and I don't know what that kind of pain would feel like.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about spiders?

Not really spiders, 2 big hairy spiders, furry and the same color as my yorkie lol. One stayed on the ceiling the other one was my pet. He loved for me to rub his belly...only there was an egg sac on the spider and I told my husband we had to get rid of this spider before the eggs hatched. It followed me around like a pet...now, I am terrified of spiders so...

Example: What does this dream mean?

OK, actually theres 2 dreams that i want to ask about.
First dream- I recently had a break up with my bf and now hes going out with a girl named kayla. Any way in my dream, i was in some vehicle and i saw him and her walking home together and he was wearing shades...idk if that means anything or not.
Second dream- i dreamt this last night. Ok, there were people that i have never seen before and we were all standing in some bleachers. Well we were playing this game where this guy throws a gold football and someone catches it and throws it back. Someone asked "who doesn't know how to play?" and some people raised their hands. Well then, i worked with a lady that speaked Spanish and i was putting a body in a trash bag (i remember the hair from the head on the body). The hair reminded me of my step moms hair. I was running and trying to find a place to put the trash sac and i think i was trying to impress people that i run fast. I think i put the trash sac in a refrigerator. and thats all i remember.
That dream is pretty jacked up, but does anyone know what these could mean?

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