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Dream About Sa'I meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

Ohkay i had a dream last night that i was walking to school and this guy tried to get me into his car. I hit him and ran. A week later me and my mom saw him walking, so i made her turn around and go home. Boutta half an hour later she left, leaving me home alone. I clearly heard her say come down stars, but she wasn't home, so i open my door and there's the same guy standing in my hallway. He smiled and tried to get in my room. I woke up after that, please someone tell me what this means

I have had alot f dreams but you just nee to watch out who you hangoutwith so just watch out for yourself, be cool an sa in school!

Example: What the heck does this dream mean?

Okay, I had a dream that like everyone was at my house. All my friends and their bfs and stuff. Well, my one friend, let's call her S, 's bf, let's name him K, broke up with her and they've been together for a long time!
Well, all of the sudden it was me, K, and my other friend, let's call her SA, out on my back porch, the stars shining really brightly. Well, SA went into the house, and so was everyone else. They were all comforting S because she was crying like crazy. Well, it was just me and K and he kept talking to me and...
well, i don't know. I got that "i have i new crush" feeling ONLY IN MY DREAM and i absolutely positively do NOT like him!
What the hell does this mean?

and also, my friend wants to know, what does it mean if the same person keeps appearing in your dreams?

Example: What does this dream mean? I'm really curious and love to learn dream interpretation!?

The other night, I had a dream where I was in my neighborhood playing with my friends. I noticed that their heads were hold on by a peice of skin or something that looks like a thick peice of skin. I was afraid that their heads were going to fall off. I heard some time later that somebody lost their head and my music teaher was crying upset because that someone lost it's head by their peice of skin. Thanks for answers on what this dream means.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I live in a dorm and we have student advisers who talk to us about policies and roommates. In the dream my SA told me that I had a stalker. I’ve had a stalker since last semester. I was surprised because I’ve ever noticed anyone following me or anything. They insisted that I had a stalker. The SA’s were in my room cleaning or something. I told them that I walked around campus at night and never noticed anyone following. Then I noticed that one of my friends had written her name, address, e-mail and phone number on her desk. I commented on it saying she shouldn’t put her info like that for everyone to see. That’s all I recall.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Well a couple of nights ago I had this really weird dream. Here it is:
I was sitting in my friends house next to her brothers friend (John). She isn't there and I couldn't figure out why I was there. I was watching TV when my hand started to itch. That's when I saw the engagement ring on my finger. I started to freak out and head for the door when he he jumps up and says "your not going anywhere" he then grabs me and throws me against the wall. He then turns into a giant french talking snail. All he would say was "Comment ça va" (como-sa va) Which means how are you in french. Then all of a sudden everything goes away and I'm climbing up a cliff. All of a sudden I look up and a waterfall hits me. I continue to climb up the cliff with the waterfall crashing down on me. I reach the top and find my three best friends laughing. I ask them what they're laughing at and they tell me that they built a waterfall machine and tried it out on me. Then all of a sudden all you hear is "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" three hobos jump out of the waterfall and jump me. Two of them grab my shoes and the third one gives me a hug. Then the gigantic french talking snail appears. That's when I wake up. First let me say that I have never thought of John as an abuser. He is probably the nicest person that you could ever meet. I just want to know what you think this dreams meant...
because I have no Idea. Also, I'm a girl if that helps

Example: What does a Bar & Whisky mean in dreams?

I made a youtube tribute video and sent an email to a rich girl from Burma (college friend).

We've been on other sides of the world and so i decided to show her my tribute to her from a long distance.

Please explain the following dream:
I entered a Bar and saw the rich girl approach me, she wore navy blue jeans and a red top.

The bar was brown and classy like the ones in Miami.

Featuring Timber top bar stools with glossy brown and black leather chairs.

She said "Mak! where did you film that Youtube video" i said Royal Gardens!

She gasped and was envy of me ... wanting to know more she stood there frozen and then said
"who did you make that video for Mak"

i said "for you! I wanted to show you how much you mean to me!"
Then i sa shes a rich girl that models online so i wanted to get some tribute to say i like her and such...

Then behind her neck i saw Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey appear and we sat with 2 glasses mixed with Cola.

How is that she asks me so much in dreams it

Example: What does my dream mean?

it starts out that im dating my best friends sister and me and her are playing around and i call her ho and she gets mad at me and i try to say sorry but she wont talk to me. then i tell my friend and he gets mad at me and sas we aint friends. then on my phone her dad leaves me messages on my phone about how i hert his daughter. then i feel really bad and i find out shes leaving on a trip so i try to race to the airport to tell her im sorry and i love her then i woke up sweating.

Example: What could my dreams mean?

I have always had a strong sense of clairvoyance, ESP(extra-sensory-perception),and Witness POV (point-of-view).
And For the past couple of months, I have been having a dream about a guy at my school. I Have never met/talked to him, and then I started having odd dreams about him.(re-occurring dreams).
Like, in one (the most vivid) I am at the public library, on the computers (doing research or something), and I can’t find something and I'm getting frustrated, Then He appears and comes and helps me find it. Then as I'm working, I have a flash of the ESP (about the building burning down because someone wanted the documents from the Law firm office that is attached to the library) and before I even say anything about it, He's like "Come oN! we Have to get out of here!" and then he picks me up and slings me over his shoulder and runs me out of the building and across the street, and then 5 minutes later, the building goes up in flames. Then as fast as he appeared, He disappears and I'm all alone, and I run off when the news people arrive.

And in another one, I am at school, In Biology, and we're supposed to be doing a lab. but right before we start, the school goes into practice lockdown, and we cant do the lab, or leave until the VP says so. And then He appears in my class room cos he was out in the hall, and then, when I'm under the desk, a binder is about to fall onto my head, and then he runs over (from across the room) and catches it right before it hits me, and then he returns to where he was before.

And another one, My friends and I were outside the bowling ally and then He pulls up in an expensive black car and just as my friends and I were going to go in, he calls after me and is like "Hey could you come over here for a second?" so I go over and he gets out of the car, then comes and opens the passenger door for me and puts me into the car and then drives off, and then when I asked him why he took me away, he said "cos it isn't safe there! now stop talking and let me concentrate!" so then we drive for about an hour and then he takes me to my house and tells me to watch the news that night.
So I go inside and then wait for the news to be on, and then when it is on, it has the news reporter at the bowling ally, saying there was a robbery and most of the people inside didn't make it out alive.
Then I woke up...

And In the most recent, I was in Drama class, and His friend Keenan was in the gym class next to the drama room, and I was telling my friend about one of the dreams (ironically :p) and I used *His* name, and Keenan was listening and over heard it all.
Then It flashed to break and my friends and I were sitting at one hall bench (like in the middle of the hall there are these big long benches) and *He* and Keenan were at another hall bench and Keenan was telling *him* about my friend and my conversation in drama class and how I had a dream about *him*. Then the bell rang. Then my friend and I went to math. On the way out of math, *He* was coming out of the library and I ran into him, and after he steadied me, we started talking, and my friend was standing there (like the goosegog of the century :p) and then she just disappeared and then *we* kept talking for 15 more minutes. Then, my phone rang, and I was trying to ignore it, but he ushered me to answer it, so I did and it was my friend wanting to know what we were talking about, so I explained it all in code and then after I hung up, we were talking for the rest of lunch til the bell rang, then *he* was like "oh..btw...I'm driving you home today,...no exceptions" and I was like "oh...uhh...okayy...uhh...why tho?" and he was like "cos the way you walk isn’t safe today so I'm going to drive you" and then I was like "okayy...". Then after school, he drove me home (in the same expensive black car from the bowling ally dream), and said that he was going to be driving me the next day too...
----Then I woke up...


I never really noticed him before I started having the dreams, but now, I see him every day (in the halls, in the different class rooms, in the office, and outside.) and on the days that He isn't at school, I don't have a dream about him.
And I never heard him talk before the dreams, and then I heard him afterwards and the voice was a perfect match. (o.O)

Anyone know what this all means?
I have been trying to figure it out for a few months now, but I'm stumped...:/


(I forgot to mention [[even tho it's quite obvious]] He is always the hero... :/)

Example: Do dreams have any meaning in real life?

i have dreams but i find that some happen( de sa vu) does it mean anything at all. it is normaly places and people.

Example: What does my dream mean?Can someone tell me?

in my dream I was dreaming about me getting a good grade on the PS SA for math. I do feel good about what kind of grade I'm going to get on it.
Is this a Sign or its just because I feel good about or I'm thinking about it

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