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Dream About Rumbling Of One'S Stomach meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: I keep having dreams about a nuclear bomb, what could this mean?

Ok, i just awoke about 10 mins ago. I keep having dreams about a nuclear bomb exploding far off in the distance. It's funny because before this i always had dreams about the moon exploding, or flaking into dust..(End of the world scenarios) Anyway i always remember my dreams plain as day:
It was mid day, about 2pm. Blue sky, with just a few clouds. It very warm out. It was so warm and so humid that it kinda gives you a feeling a nausea. I walked into store to buy a pack of cigarettes, and as soon as i walked in i felt the rush of cold air on my face. And i thought to myself, "Air conditioning is nice." A few seconds later a friend of mine came up to me, and we starting talking. I bought the pack of cigarettes from the woman at the counter, and headed out towards the door. Outside the store, with the pack of cigarettes in my hand i tore the plastic wrapper, the foil, and flipped to luckys all in one quick motion. Like i've done it a thousand times. I was getting ready to put one to my lips, when i felt the ground underneath me slightly shake. If i wasn't standing still i know i wouldn't of even noticed it. Then i felt odd. Like something was different and i needed to look off into the horizon. My head felt so heavy that it wsa hard to even lift it to just look up. All of a sudden i see tons of birds flying all in the same direction. And i think to myself,"deja vu, i swear i seen this before." Next thing you know theres a massive mushroom rushing towards the sky, and everyone, and i mean everyone in cars, people walking everyone stopped to look at it. Everyone just stared at it like it was Jesus returning from the dead. Next the air im breathing goes stiff, and stale and this brings me back to reality. I'm pounded by a horrible ache in my stomach followed by a rush of complete adrenaline. I spun around i swear 5 times looking and thinking of what to do. I spot a fiberglass horse trailer hitched to the back of a red pick up, and i see the pickup owner about to take off in the truck. I run towards the truck screaming, "STOP!" But he just keeps going. My head is racing again, i can't think straight. Across the street there's construction. Huge mounds of dirt, a porter potty. Without thinking any longer i sprint to the biggest mound of dirt and dig a little burrow. I can feel the ground start to rumble again, and i know that this isn't going to keep me safe. But i just give up, and stay put. People are screaming all around me. And i just cuddle up into a ball behind a giant mound of dirt. The shockwave hits. I start screaming! But i can't hear my own voice. Or Anything but a loud continous ringing. A few seconds later the shockwave passes, but the ringing in my ears doesn't go away. I'm still alive unbelievably. I crawl out to look around and i what were once buildings now lay in rubble. I look back at my mound of dirt, and feel accomplishment, proud that my little mound stands where buildings have fallen. I look up into the sky. No clouds. I look over and woman just sitting and rocking back an forth on the ground. Slowly i make my way to her. Half way there i think to myself, "I dont smoke!"
::I wake up::
I always have dreams like this. Something bad happens, yet i manage to survive. And theres always a young woman at the end like shes waiting for me.. What do could these dreams possibly mean?

Nuclear Bomb
To dream of a nuclear bomb, suggests feelings of helplessness, being threatened and loss of control. You may be experiencing great hostility and rage to the point of being destructive. Alternatively, you may be expressing a desire to wipe out some aspect of yourself. It may also be an indication that something crucial and precious to you has ended and important changes are about to occur.
To dream that you are smoking or offering a cigarette, signifies your need for a break. It may also points to issues of� dependency.
To dream of chirping and/or flying birds, represents joy, harmony, ecstasy, balance, and love. It denotes a sunny outlook in life. You are experiencing spiritual freedom and psychological liberation. It is almost as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.
Pick-Up Truck
To see a pick-up truck in your dream, represents hard work. It also suggests the need to return to the basics.

It sounds like you are overworked and need a break. Remember the people in your dreams can't hurt you.

Example: What could my lynx dream mean?

So a few hours ago when I got home from work and took a nap, there was a lynx in my dream.

What happened was I was in my apartment and I got out of bed, went into my kitchen and saw a lynx hiding under my table. I scream because I got scared and then it comes out, stretches and hops on top of my table and sits and stares at me. I go to my TV area and lay on my stomach. Then out of nowhere the lynx comes and sits on my back, stretches then it lets its claws out and claws my back as if it were a scratching post. So I roll over to stop the lynx and pet it. I roll back over to my stomach and it starts doing it again. So I panic and get up and run out of my house.

What could the dream mean? I read somewhere a lynx being in your dream could be a message about an emotional event in your life. The only emotional thing I'm going through is the break up of me and my girlfriend of 5.5 years. Other than the fact it was 5.5 years, its emotional because we keep going back and forth on whether or not we should keep in contact anymore and I recently decided I might just cut it all off but I know I don't really want to so its hard.

What could the dream mean?

Example: Pennywise vs pinhead (w/ cenobites) vs freddy krueger vs killer klowns from outer space?

This is just for fun, but whoever knows about all of these guys and gives an analytical response will be rewarded 5 stars just because you deserve it and answering this question should be fun :-)

I chose these guys cause I was scared of them when I was a kid. I know there are many cenobites so I'll tell you which ones are with pinhead this time,
Chatterer Beast
Siamese Twins
Wire Twins

and for fun I'm going to throw in another cenobite, but he's not going to be in alliance with pinhead, but on his own in this royal rumble, and he is,
Dr. Channard

Example: What do you think to the first couple of pages of my story?

I'm thinking of getting this published so it's really important that it's good and I wanted to ask a few opinions off of people on how I'm going so far in terms of punctuation, character voice, realistic events that happen within the first few pages etc... It's called Tainted Souls, so far.

Here it is:

The wind screamed with rage, echoing the stampede of cries sounding from behind as I fought my way forwards. “Get her!”
My head whipped round, hair slapping against my cheek, a yelp chewing free as my temple brushed a prickled branch. I slipped, my breathe entwining with the yells as my legs buckled under the weight of my dress.
The scent of dampness filled my nostrils as the trees broadened, engulfing me into paradise.
The mob was quieter now, no sight of light from behind, so I paused to catch my breath. I bent forwards, my trembling fingers brushing against my knees through my dress. I spotted a pair of leather boots ahead, camouflaged in overgrown pasture. I jolted upwards, a scream punching free from my throat as I stumbled backwards…

Dear diary,
I’ve started having those dreams again.
After three years, they were back; more brutal than before. It felt different, more important somehow, as though I was meant to remember. Or maybe recent events had merely caused the nightmares again.

I set down my pen and buried my diary beneath my pillow, heading over to the mirror. I weaved my hairbrush through my russet curls, which remained in its structured style, as my olive skin caught the sunlight.
A photograph taped to the mirror caught my eye, a memory of a happier time. Mom and I were both wearing baseball caps, her arms wrapped around me. Her bouncy curls tickled my skin as she kissed my forehead, a grin stretched upon my face.
The scent of pancakes drew me away, the rumbling of my stomach following me. I tiptoed downstairs and moved towards the kitchen, unable to stop a smile spreading at Sebastian, stood at the stove as he flicked a pancake.
“Is Dad still sleeping?”
He settled down a plate of stacked pancakes before sitting in front of me at the kitchen table. “Isn’t he always?” He grumbled. “Anyway, the mayor graciously allowed an hour of electricity so I thought you might be hungry.” He shrugged, shoving down a mouthful of pancake.
“How thoughtful,” I scoffed as I took a small bite. “Did you use the heating mattress for Dad? You know he gets sick easily.”
Sebastian nodded furiously, eyes rolling towards the ceiling. “Yeah, yeah, of course.”
I sighed as the crackling of the radio filled the short silence. “Are you really listening to this again?”
Sebastian shrugged, taking another mouthful. “I think it’s fascinating.”
“The woman’s doing the same research others have been doing for the same sixty years, which is hardly original. And if there was ever a cure for cancer, we would have already found it.”
He shrugged. “Dad reckons this professor Evans is onto something, said her tests on animals have been going well in the lab; even said she’s considering testing on humans soon.”
“She’s only been testing on animals for a few weeks. Isn’t she getting a bit ahead of herself?”
“Nothing wrong with being positive these days,” Sebastian commented as I rolled my eyes to the ceiling again.
After we’d finished, I cleared the table and waited in the hallway, whilst Sebastian disappeared upstairs. His ebony curls bounced at his neck as his large feet sprang down each step, his taupe eyes appearing from under the ceiling, his forehead creasing at the sight of me. “You could have already headed off, you know?”
“I was waiting for you.” I mumbled as he grabbed his coat from the rack. He sighed as he turned towards me, eyeing me for a moment before flinging his solid arms around me. “It’ll…be okay,” he whispered into my ear as I patted his back before quickly releasing myself. “Just…loads of awkward commiserations,” I griped, shrugging as I grabbed my own coat.
“True, true,” Sebastian agreed, elbowing me softly as we headed outside. Sebastian locked the door as I skirted the sea of ice on my way to the gate, the wind whistling a gentle tune to keep me company. Sebastian’s pace was undeterred as we moved towards the forest, taking a shortcut.

What do you think so far?

Example: Haven''t Eaten in 2 days. Is that why I feel like this?

Alright Monday, mom made me a fried bologna and cheese sandwich. Something in my mind told me not to eat it, but I did anyway. 45 minutes after I felt extremely nauseous, had to lay in bed for a good 4 hours before the pain would subside, right as the pain subsides I feel the need to urinate. This has happened before with certain foods (2% milk and oreos, but I can have cheese which I don't understand) What do you think that's about?

The first time this ever happened was maybe 3 weeks ago and I haven't been able to eat normally since. I could eat, but only certain foods (unsalted crackers, unsalted potato chips, unsalted pretzels, water, etc), and I'd become nauseous very easily if I stood up or ate anything else. None of my Doctors know what's wrong. I've had ultrasounds, endoscopy's put on acid reflux medication, but none of it is working. The thing is, before this I was doing okay, I didn't have to lay down constantly.

So yesterday I didn't eat at all because my stomach just felt raw. I had an (unsalted) cracker before bed and felt okay. I mean I'm hungry I just can't eat. My stomach is rumbling, but I can't eat! The nausea I get is way too intense (I have emtophobia too, so I think that has something to do with it, I haven't gotten sick from anything yet, but the fear is huge). I woke up this morning, thinking I'd be fine...wrong, I'm so...I can't really explain it (mind you I had a dream last night about throwing up, and woke up in a gagging motion with kept me up all last night; I didn't actually throw up) I guess I'm just off. I feel almost lightheaded, like I'm in my own little world, and my stomach feels strange. I'm very gasy (burping, farting), and my tummy keeps making weird noises and I'm very irritable and on the edge of nauseous right now, on edge in general. My legs and arms are also tingly, you know the feeling you get when you know some part of your body is falling asleep? I've got that all the time.

Is that from me not eating anything filling for basically two days? I've lost 5lbs in the last week. I really don't know what to do, it's not like I don't have an appetite. I'm hungry but I can't eat, but if I don't eat I might pass out, it's all scaring me. I'm freaked. I can't even drink water...I'm afraid to actually.

**I'm not sexually active. I have emetophobia(fear of throwing up) and a panic/anxiety disorder. I haven't been to school (heck left my house) in awhile and I'm very uptight,stressed,irritable, irritated by the world, I panic over the little things. I've also been very bloated.

I really, I don't know what to do, if any of you can help me I'd really appreciate it.

Example: What is the name of that family guy episode?

Does anyone know the name of that family guy episode where every time that lois makes plans with peter, peter is dressed as like a fisherman or an astronaut and when lois asks, "Peter, you said we were going out to dinner tonight" peter's like "oh...right..."

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