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Dream About Rottweilers meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does it mean when you dream about a dog turning into a bull?

I had a dream that I HAD to kill a female rottweiler with a spear, but when i stabbed it, the dog turned into a bull. After the dog/bull was dead, I looked down to see a rottweiler puppy (the female's baby) looking at the mother.

I think these dogs are actually parts of yourself which is reenacting certain transition in your life. From female rottweiler into a bull, from bull into puppy. It is actually a paradox. Also in my opinion it represents the cycle of life it is almost the like the stages of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, or a tadpole becoming a frog. It is a rebirth or change into a new life.

Example: Tell me what my dream means?

I was walking down the hallway in my old school, ( this was in the middle school, 8th grade and now i'm in 9th) and I was on the way to gym when i saw my one classmate who i know and is nice, but i'm not really friends with her. Anyway i followed her around the corner, and appeared in this dark room, like a unfinished basement, with dirt walls and wooden furniture. A Japanese or korean or chinese guy was standing next to me and was like in charge of this "gang". In the room there were like smaller sections in the walls almost like cells, except there weren't bars. on this dirt platform, like a mini stage, but not as tall or long. Anyway my classmate was sitting at this wooden table drinking shots one by one. She was all dressed in black clothes, like gothic, black skinny jeans and a black skin tight t-shirt with fish netting sleeves. She was surrounded by huge guys who were also drinking and smoking pot. The asian guy was showing me around and telling me stuff, not like he wanted me to join them, but more like he wanted me to know. Earlier on when i got into this room and saw my friend i realized this was a place where they trained people to tolerate alcohol and more weed, like they were training to drink. Then there was like a police raid, and i never saw the police but everyone ran behind me, up the wooden stairs where i knew i had somehow entered but i didn't remember going down them. When my classmate saw me she grabbed me and we started towards the stairs. Then everything went all dark, like i was done dreaming, but then i was on the street with my classmate dressed normally with three other girls i can't remember, but one i do was a soccer teammate of mine. Anyway we were walking down a street near my house, and were talking about guys and stuff. Why i have no idea, i am not into guys at ALL. Anyway i live in the country, so there is only like two houses on this street, and we came to a tiny bar, like it was smaller than a garden shed. The fat old bald bartender was drinking shots, and my classmate saw him and her eyes bulged and we all ran in there. The bartender disappeared and my friends were grabbing the alcohol. We went outside and right next to the bar was a white pavilion like a garden one. We all went inside it and there was a table with chairs beside it. I sat at one end drinking nothing, my classmate was at the other end drinking shots, ( big surprise there.) the other 2 girls and my teammate sat on the sides drinking fruity alcohol beverages, like you get on vacations with all the decorations in the weird curvy tall glasses with the umbrellas. Anyway they were constantly sipping them while my friend was downing shots. Then when we got up we walked out of the pavilion and appeared in a wood that i have visited in other dreams, in fact every other dream i have had with woods in it. Any way we were walking down the hill, and the 2 girls and my teammate were all groaning that they shouldn't have drinking the whole drink in only a half an hour. I felt bad too, like i had had the fruity drink too, but i hadn't had a sip. My classmate was halfway down the hill,( the woods had a hill.) perfectly fine. Then 4 of like rottweiler mastiff mixes attacked my classmate. She was yelling looking up at us for help except she wasn't bleeding. I looked at the others, but they were all huddled together terrified, so i slid down the hill and the dogs all turned on me, but i talked to them calming them down, some reason i knew that their owner was abusing them. Anyway there were four big dogs and one younger one like half the size of the adults. he bit me right above my ankle but under my calf, and then i woke up, and it was right before my alarm goes off. Like a minute before. After the dogs turned on me though, i was still in the woods, but my friends, teammate, and classmate all disappeared.

Now if ANYONE can tell me what that means you are my new idol. I keep thinking about it, and it's been driving me nuts.

Example: What does butchered dogs in dreams mean?

I had this dream a few nights ago. I can't remember what it was about but I remember being in this apartment building that I've never seen before. I remember getting this feeling that I shouldn't be there and that I had to stay away from it.

So I went out of the building onto a foreign street and started walking somewhere. I didn't feel scared or that I was in danger. I just knew I had to stay away from that building.

While walking on the path I noticed something on the ground. Now this is the part of the dream that has been bothering me. I looked at the thing on the ground closely and it turned out to be a dog that was violently murdered. Like it was butchered and its parts sort of spread out. And lots of blood. I looked up and there was a whole trail of butchered dogs.

The dogs appeared to be big like rottweilers or something similar to them.

Before I had this dream, I got my feelings hurt by a friend of mine (a guy friend), if that has any significance.

Example: Dog turned into cat dream meaning?

I had a dream that I was with two other people. I never saw them in real life but they were my friends in my dream. Any way we were walking by some houses when there was this giant black rottweiler dog almost the size of a bear with a purple cast on one of his hind legs. The door was open and he came running through and the dog wrapped its big arms and paws around me and hugged me. Then the dog turned into a white cat with all its legs bandaged up. My friends and I just left it there and we ran into the owners who knew what we've done. We overheard them and they said that we probably made the dog get up and made his bandaged leg worse. And one of the friends I was with in the dream blabbered out that we also turned the dog into a cat too and then they called the cops. We ran away to catch the train because that way the cops wouldn't get to us. It was almost Western like and we were like "Where is the luggage?" So we grabbed our luggage even though I had no idea how we got it and I got stuck in between the doors but got inside safely and all 3 of us escaped. Sorry that this is so long. I'm just really confused as to what this could mean.

Example: What does this dream about dogs mean?PLEASE HELP!?

Thank you if your ansersing,
Sorry for any spelling mistakes.

Last night i drempt me,my cousin and some girls i know were walking down the road on my street and for some reason my lunch lady from school was way behind us up the road and was running after us shouting for us to wait up.We ran right up the road past my house which was weird as the lunch lady is really nice.Up the road a bit we stopped at a big around 7t tall 3 meters wide bush the neighbor' have and went around it and behind it were 3 huge Rottweiler's big scary HUGE Rottweiler's we all screamed and my cousin pulled out her phone and called her mum screaming,the dogs went wild barking and ran at us when suddenly the hedge had turned into a huge black bookcase filled with books and i was on top of it sitting [like you would on a horse].I was terrified and when i looked down everyone else was gone after the dogs attacked us.I tried to move forward on the bookcase but it was thinner at the sides.The dogs were soo scary and wanted to tear me apart as they jumped up and down yowling at me REALLY loudy and i was so F-ing scared wondering how id ever get down.
i woke up panting and was really shaken for some reason and just lay in bed! Its weird but it affected me and im really wondering what it could mean...

Your imput is appreciated.Thankyouxxxxxxx

p.s Im studying for junior cert mocks cuz there in 2 weeks if that means anything.

Example: ODD dream involving toilet paper, bugs and moles who turn into candy - what could it all mean?

I can't entirely remember the dream, but I'll try:
I had a cardboard box with an empty roll of toilet paper glued vertically to the bottom of it. I left it out near my front door. (I was in my actual house in the dream.) I came back a while after, and the toilet paper roll was brimming with spider silk and, you guessed it, spiders. They came in all sorts of colours, including bright orange. I wasn't afraid of the creepy arachnids in my dream, which is odd, 'cause I'm usually a frady cat. Anyways, I took the cardboard box outside to dump the spiders. On my way out, I noticed that, between the glass and the mosquito netting on my door, there were strange insects. I remeber a catterpillar that looked like a gummi candy. Anyways, I dumped the spiders down. When I returned inside, there was a Rottweiler or a German Sheperd - can't remember which - in my living room. There was also a puppy of the same sort; so small it's eyes were closed. I glanced away, (continues in "additional details")

Example: What does it mean if you dream that you got attacked by a dog?

My family wasn't at home either, it took place at my aunts house, and we had this big, black and brown dog, it wasn't a rottweiler but it had flappy skin around the mouth . Anyways, I was eating a piece of steak and got up from the table and the dog runs at me full speed and starts going retarded, but he didn't bite. It's as if he was just trying to push me.

It was weird, could it mean anything?

Example: What does my dream mean?

So last night i had a really creepy dream and i woke up really flustered.

I dreamed that i was with my whole family in the middle of nowhere and we had our dog with us. Then this really big relative of mine (fat and tall) was trying to catch up with us to eat the dog. So most of the dream i was carrying the dog (rottweiler) and we were all running across different terrains; desert, sandstone cliffs, beach, and an abandoned factory type setting trying to get away from this guy.

When he caught up with us, my dad wanted to calm him down like he was an animal, so he lied my dog on the ground to allow the guy to smell it. That's when i got really protective and hunched over the dog in a defensive position, half blocking him from the guy while he was sniffing him.

It was so weird and i've looked at some websites but none have really answered my question.

Can anyone help?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I dreamt my mother brought home three dogs. They were black looking almost like rottweilers but slimmer (they weren’t dobermans). They were not mean, barking or growling and they walked with my mother on leashes without a problem. She gave me the leashes and one of them ran away. I didn’t see the direction it ran, but I looked toward the way that I assumed it did. When I turned back to the other dofgs, the leashes were no longer on them. One had wondered a few paces away, but stood where it was as if waiting for me. The other stayed by my side. I have no idea what this dream meant but it has been on my mind all day. Just wanted to know if anyone could help with this.

Example: What does it mean when you dream about a Rottweiler trying to attack you?

I had a dream I was in a kitchen and this Rottweiler on a chain jumped up and tried to attack me. What does this mean. It really scared me

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