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Dream About Rope meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had the weirdest dream the other night i dreampt i was on a school field trip (im 14 a girl going into high school this coming school year) and we were walking around by the river and i was pregnant (im not pregnant ive never had sex) and all the sudden i was at the hospital and i had a C-section and then i never saw the baby and i went right back to the field trip and i had stitches in my stomach for the C-section and my sister kept picking me up and i was afraid the stitches would rip and then the doctor called me and told me to take the stitches out and i lifted my shirt up to take the stitches out and it was like a rope with Vaseline all over it holding my stomach together so i took it out and i had a C-section scar and it hurt and then i woke up what does this dream mean?

Dreams are (At least, in my experience and belief) just a manifestation of the subconscious. What that mean is that usually there is something in your life that is causing you to be worried (At least, subconsciously) about pregnancy. The other possibility is that you ate a food that did not quite agree with you. (Did you know, spicy foods right before bed can cause an increase in nightmares?)

Try to remember everything that happened to you yesterday and the day before yesterday. Think of anything weird or new that stick out in your mind. Oftentimes, strange dreams can be caused by strange new circumstances.

Good luck :D (And no, you weren't seeing the future, dreams rarely do this.)

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had a dream that i was sitting on a stool in front of a phone and then it rang i looked around and nobody was there so i picked it up and this lady said that my friend died in a car accident.
i was really sad, then the next thing i know i am in a car on the way to the hospital, and when i got to the hospital my friend was jumping rope, and then the doctor told me they found a cure for death.then i woke up.

what does it mean?

Example: What does my jump rope dream mean?

I had this dream last night that an old x friend came over and wanted to use my jump rope. She seemed to be really good at jump rope.

Example: What does this dream mean?

I was walking around this amazing hotel when this professional-looking woman came up to me and grabbed my arm. She dragged me into this little room with doors on either side of it, and a huge window with a ledge along the top of the room. She kept threatening me and telling me that she'd kill me, so I shoved her out of my way and climbed up the wall, and laid sideways in the window at the top of the room. She couldn't reach me, so she walked out, locking both the doors. She told me that if I got down, I'd die, and if I stayed there, I'd die.

I needed to get out the window, so I called this little bird that was flying around the room and told the bird to crack the window open. The bird somehow cracked the window open, but I heard the door on the left begin to open, so I pounded on the window with my fists instead, and my knuckles got all bloody and started to sting, but I managed the break the window out. The window I was laying in was 100's of stories above the ground, but I rolled out of it anyway.

Then, as I was falling, I took my jacket off and tied the hood over my head and tucked the sleeves into bracelets on my wrists and it carried me across the city, eventually turning into a pair of wings. I flew on the wings where I met two other girls who looked just like me, one older and one younger. We all flew in a row away from a bunch of women who looked like the first one. The dream ended when the three of us were roped together and pulled from the sky, about to crash into a pool of water on top of another building.

What does this mean? It was a cool dream, but it was also pretty weird.

Example: Meaning of dream?

Hi. i sometimes see this dream that all my teeths are falling and sometimes i used to see that lot of snakes are sitting on my path. its not letting me cross this road. i used to see this dream few months back. but last night i had this dream that really freaked me out. i saw that one of my uncle is hanging from a rope. he has killed himself. i dont see him regularly but why did i see him?whats the meaning of these?why i m seeing this?

Example: What would this dream mean?

I'm out of school, but I'm sitting in a gradeschool class room my child is in the back corner doseing off because she has heart problems and she is skinny and eimaciated and I'm afraid she is going to die. The math teacher teaching the class tells her coursely to wake up and I go over to keep her warm because it is cold in that room. I can't keep up with the math problems the teacher is writing on the board and so I sit in the back hiding under a rain poncho, behind some kids I used to know. Then the subject turns to sceince and we all had to do projects that had something to do with pullies and rope, but all I had was an old tie. I didn't have time to do the assignment so I turned it into a hangman's noose and said look it's a pulley. What does this dream mean?

Example: What does my dream mean?

I have a reoccurring nightmare where I'm in the car with my older sister and mom and we go up a REALLY HIGH and steep mountain. The drive up is almost 180 degrees. I tell my mom and my sister I'm afraid if highs and can't do this. So I get out of the car and watch them from the base of the mountain, go up. I watch them get 3/4th's of the way up and the car tumbles down. I see my sisters and mothers face fill with horror as I watch the car crush more and more with each impact. As I view my sell fall to my knees I see the world around me turn darker and more evil. I've had this dream 2-3 times past 10 years. Please help me find out what my dream means

Example: What does dreaming of ropes mean?

I had a strange dream. Everyone I met had a rope around their necks. It was tied to something so they couldn't go far. Some had their ropes short, some long. I also had a rope on my neck, but carried the rest of it in my hand.

A friend came along, said "hi" and left. I realized he also carried a rope, but was not tied with it. It inspired me and I started looking for scissors. But all I kept finding were books. When I asked people, they offered me hair dye instead. I read the books and kept giving them to my friend. There was no reaction until I gave him the last one - something along the lines of "how to talk and understand" or something. He said he has no need for such stupid books, that thanks to the dictionaries I gave him he can understand Russian, German, Spanish and English already. I was a bit angry as I felt he didn't get the point...

What can this dream mean? They're great guides, dreams, always allow a new perspective on things.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamed that i had rope around me and i was getting hunged (but not around my neck) then there were people who wanted to go next to me too, but they couldn't and they were male female and children. And everywhere was all red. What does it mean?

Example: Dreams meaning please ? Asap?

dream 1.

i remember being on a cruise ship like boat, while i was laying in the cabin thing it was sinking. I remember because i saw all the pictures on all falling off and stuff but strangely enough the water did not break throug the walls or anything when we were sinking.

dream 2

I remember living at my old house in my old naibor hood and living acrossed from my favroite 90s band. i have not had a dream about them since i was 12, i remember being on my porch yelling hi to one of the band memembers from my porch. Also saying poor forgot wat name i said.

dream 3

i was at a concert for a band forgot who, i remember being called up on stage to tell me to pose with them. So i did i remember them saying why didnt i do anything idk then they sent me back to my seat i remember seeing the crowd also behind the rope thing itwas standing only concert in my dream.

what do u think these mean?

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