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Dream About Roar meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What could my dream mean?

Ok, I had a dream I was running from the Joker (from Dark Knight) and he was trying to kill me... I dont know why but yeah. Then I stopped running, the joker must have taken a break or something but then I saw heath ledger.. and i fell in love with him. then i started running again and something happend to where the joker couldnt chase me anymore. I was in a cold, snowy place, thinking I would be save but then I heard a roar... like from a yetti or something, and started running more. Then it goes back to the place where the jokers at and theres this girl there (i know her, she's talking to my ex) and it looks like shes his next victim.

haha what do you think?

The joker may mean that u want to see the movie or u could have seen an add for the movie just before u went to bed and heath ledger being in ur dream could mean that u liked heath ledger and u r sad cause he is dead the snow could mean that either want to go to the snow or u were feeling cold the roar may have been wat ur parents do u in the morning the running may mean that u want to do some exercise and seeing ur ex and that girl may mean that u hated the girl

i don't know what that is a strange dream

Example: What does my dream mean?

OK here's my dream~

i was walking to a beautiful Victorian house with a girl in a beautiful baby blue Victorian dress! some how i knew her name was Emma~ she beckoned me to come inside with her! she was yelling me to come in but she wasn't talking so i ran anyways! as soon as i stepped on the first step there was a huge earth quake! the whole house started crumbling in front of me and i couldn't see Emma any where! i was screaming but nothing came out! i ran back a few then looked back at the house! only a huge hole was left but that soon change! a huge mountain came roaring out of the hole and Emma was sitting on it with her back to me! he dress was badly torn but still covering her! there was some red stains on it but i didn't know what they were~ i ran to the bottom and yelled up to her but again no words came out! but she seemed to hear me and turn around! but the mountain moved with her~ she and the mountain were covered head to toe in blood! and the mountain was not made of rock but the heads of my friends and family! and every one i knew! it scared me to crying point! i looked up at her and yelled what i thought was "Y?" and she just smiled and pulled out a knife that was dripping in blood and laughed but i couldn't hear it! she then jumped at me but i woke up right before she even touched me!"

i had this dream repeatedly from the ages 6-15 the age I'm in! i get some few new dreams but this is what i have often... can some one tell me what it means or how to maybe change it? I've been to a therapist but there not very helpful so please help me! thanks!

Example: What do you think these dreams mean?

I had a dream that i was a caveman searching a cave. a dinosaur jumped out, roared, and asked me if i wanted to go out for ice cream.

I had another dream that the whole school choir turned into cats and attacked the audience.

Lastly, i dreamt of me driving a car illegally, hitting an old lady, and having to pay for fines.

WTF do these mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

It was far, far in the future. I lived in my same house, but it was now underground, waist-deep in ocean water. Carnivorous dolphins and sharks swam around, but no one paid them any mind. a number of marine biologists were staying at my home, to do research. i hung around them often, offering food or help when I could. unfortunately, my elementary school science teacher, who was now a skeleton, was busy trying to squash down my help.
In a different room in home, in what used to be the kitchen, sat a huge, stone oval slab. It was being used as a table, with small stone seats, eleven of them, surrounding it. A different person sat at every seat, though only 5 people were actually sitting. They were all generic, with a square blue force-field in a rectangular form surrounding them.
At the eleventh seat sat a psychic with a crystal ball. She did not have a force-field consuming her her, and she asked me if I wanted my future read. I agreed and she looked into the ball. In it, a boy with longish black hair and really pale skin, with only one pale blue eye showing and he had a scar underneath it, though he looked feminine, with magenta-colored finger-nails. He was shielding his face from the snow.
The psychic told me "Weed was here," because that seemed to b the guy's nickname, so I opened up the front door. Sure enough, there stood Weed. It was a blizzard outsitde, and he wore only a white t-shirt and grey-black jeans, but he seemed fine, and he was grinning. He told me that he recognized me from somewhere, but he didn't know where.
He was very nice and courteous towards everyone, and he seemed to like me just a little more than everyone else. Near the end of my dream, Weed had taken me to a huge warehouse, or factory or something. In it were thousands of boxes, on which Weed and I began surfing. a tidal wave began forming, and the roar of crashing boxes made it very hard to hear. weed yelled something to me, but all I heard was, "I--."

What do you think Weed was trying to say? What did the dream mean?

Example: What could this dream mean?

Before I went to bed I flipped through my 2011 year book and It brought back sum old memories of all the times that I was picked on, belittled, pushed around, neglected by the principle of the school and just how all the adults did’t seem to care about making the bully stop bullying me. When I would try to make this one bully stop I ended up being called out as a menace and then almost half the high school was against me. Then there became multiple bullies and whenever I would talk to the principle about it he would (instead of helping me) warn me to stay out of trouble or else I was going to be expelled.

The memories of me being bullied stretched as far back as 4th grade, it made me feel hateful and scared. At first My dream started our with me being on the edge of a hill were four twelve feet long rocks laid behind me,the sound of the ocean hitting the rocks bellow with a soft breeze. Suddenly the skies began to darken and the ocean waves turned violent smashing against the rocks, the wind began to whip and the trees almost ripped out of the ground. Behind me hundreds of people with familiar faces stood in black with rocks and bottles in there hands, they threw them at me shouting and cursing one bottle was already broken slicing my skin. The cuts on me face began to bleed and a drop of blood fell into the ocean the people kept throwing more rocks at me and chanting

“freak show, freak show” then they shouted “burn the freak BURN THE FREAK “
Lightning flashed across the sky I was now on the very edge of the cliff almost falling off, the seas became red like blood, the four rocks began to move upward and the people stopped in shock and in awe. the rocks cracked and fell to peaces in their place were four large red and disfigured fingers, the nails were long and sharp, the whole side of the mounted crumbled and I found myself in the hands of a giant creature. Shortly the ground began to open and the ocean became less than a trickle of water> Large cracks in the earth showed a sea of molten lava were out came the creature that the hand was attached too. This titan was as tall as a mountain with crimson skin, corpse face with dagger like teeth and ram like horns on his head, his torso was much like humans on his back were two large black wings. The skies started to rain fire the trees were like torches and the people screamed in horror, suddenly the monster pushed me into his chest and for a moment I saw nothing but blackness. Then I could see what the monster was seeing, I here'd a voice that was like a thousand needles in my heart.

“At long last my freedom has come, for centuries I have ben imprisoned but thanks to you, NO MORE”
“Who are you”

the voice responded
“Your darkness and your avenger at this hour”
The demon looked down at the people and said “You puny humans are of no concern to us now” stretching his hands towards the crowed

“NO DONT” I shouted
“Now Die” the people screamed in agony as the demon grabbed them all and crushed them in his hand, the sound of bones crunching was unbearable. The demon let out a truly demonic laugh then he walked towards a large city with each of his steps shaking the ground. The demon looked at the city then with his left hand he dragged his claws through the earth and from the ground were his hand left,legions of monsters sprang forth attacking the people killing women children,young ,old, sickly evan infants.

“For your crimes against this earth and onto this boy I sentence the human race to extinction”

Within minutes the city was consumed with fire and death and the demon and his legions roared in victory except me.

Example: Can anyone explain the meaning of this dream?

In my dream last night Im being stoned to death by a group of people, each of them were those I knew in high school. Sum were my friends and others weren't I evan saw there parents yelling “ kill the freak kill the freak” I run into the woods and so do my attackers. They keep throwing stones at me and yelling “kill the freak kill the freak” one of the stones hits my eyebrow slicing it open. I trip on a root sticking out of the ground , I land on my chest then they start kicking my and hitting me with sticks. Suddenly The moonlight beams down on me and blood starts to drip on my hands, a loud roar like a lion startles the crowed and they stair with horror at a cloaked figure crouched in a tree. The figure leaps out of the tree and two black bird like wings unfold from behind him, they scatter into the woods. The figure lands with a loud thud and I shield my eyes for a moment, I uncover my eyes and there stood a man with black feathered wings, chest, arm and leg armor almost like a knight and just above his head a halo made of fire (not light). He said “and they called me a monster”.

Example: What does my dream mean?

okay, i have a dream where i am examining a car crash with a detective and i`m using my cell phone as a video camera. i go over the cars and there`s a boy tearing at his face while he's buckled in the car. i put the phone down and i cant see him. so i use the phone to see him and get him out of the car with the detective. the boy is like moaning like he's in pain. all the sudden i hear a roar and turn around. there's a bear in a red shirt coming at me running on two feet. he gets almost to me and i wake up. could anyone interpret this?

Example: Black Panther Dream Meaning..?

In my dream, it started with me being in someone drive way, I was waiting for my sister to get in with our sons in the back seat. when I turned to the left it was a man walking and a panther behind him staring at me in the distance. He was walking but almost preying on me at the same time. so my sister was coming out and I screamed at her an told her to get in the car. She hurried up an slammed the door. I rolled all of he windows up for some strange reason they were down all of the sudden. The pnather ran finally to try to attack but couldnt get in!. so I pulled off an went down the street, for some reason i was looking for my phone.Then, I went in to this building almost like a house. I remember everybody laughing an talking, and I peeked outside these blinds that appeared..the panther was outside walking around. I for some reason wasnt acared this time, I looked more at the beauty of it. admiring its charcoal gray color, spots and the color of its eye. (But I cant remember the color for some reason). I knocked on the window an told it to go away. it came around to the porch and it started talking to me but I dont remember the conversation. But the panther was trying to get me to trust it to come outside with out being scared. it almost had like a smirk on its face the whole time. After that I remember opening the blinds so that everybody else can see the color of the panthers eyes. they were a very beautiful color even though i cant remember which. The panther opened his mouth and roared at me along with throwing its paw at me but i wasnt terrified for some reason..anyone know what this mean?

Example: Female lion or tiger dream meaning?

In my dream I was out side in the dark watching two cats fight and another cat watching the cats fight also and while i was watching the cats fight my mom, grandma and sisters were in the car and then I herd a roar from the little dark park by my house and out came out was a (female lion or mount lion or tiger don't REALY remember)
And it was running my way and it just passed by me like I wasn't even there what does it mean?

Example: I saw a white tiger roaring in my dream I want the meaning of same?

I saw in a dream : The tiger was roaring in the campus of my building can you please tell me the meaning of this dream.

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