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Dream About Rising Of The Dead meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does this dream mean..?

The dream was that I was in an open field, with several ruined ruined, small grey buildings in the distance. It was quite sunny and relaxing, although suddenly it became cloudy and darker, as if it was about to rain. Then a bird fell out of nowhere and landed dead at my feet.

Got any idea what it means? I think the bird was a Raven or something, because I remember seeing it as black and about the size of one.

To dream of dead or dying birds, foretells a period of coming disappointments. You will find yourself worrying over problems that are constantly on your mind.
To see a raven in your dream, symbolizes betrayal, disharmony, misfortune, and death.


To see green fields in your dream, symbolizes great abundance, freedom, and happiness. You may also be going through a period of personal growth. Alternatively, this dream may simply be an expression for your love of nature.`

To see freshly plowed fields in your dream, signifies growth, early rise to wealth and fortunate advancements to places of honor.

To see dead or barren fields, signifies lack, pessimism and your jaded prospects for the future.


To dream about the weather, signifies your emotional state of mind. Stormy or windy weather implies conflict and aggression. Rain and hail represents depression and sadness. And rainbows and sunshine signifies hope and happiness. Alternatively, weather may be a pun on "whether" and whether you should do this or that.

To dream that the weather is ever-changing, indicates that there is some decision you are trying to make.

To dream that you are reading the weather report, foretells that you will move from your current resident.

Example: Dreaming about a dead artist means?

okay so i keep having reoccurring dreams about a musician.in this dream i walk into the bathroom, and look in the mirror. i see my entire body from stomach up, everything looks normal. i heard that, that is unusual, because you usually look strange. then i walk out and opened a door to what looked like a party room.it was very plain.i looked to my left and saw people having a good time drinking and talking. they are dressed in 1920's flapper outfits. then i looked straight in front of me, and i see the musicion on the far end of the room. the area is set up for a band, drums and all, but he's the only one there. no one is paying attention to him, and it looked like he didn't care, or want them to pay attention. he was looking down playing the guitar by himself. he starts to play, cant understand the words at first, but then i hear him sing the words,"you understand me" multiple times! after that i think i wake up, but i feel whats like a spirit coming out of my body, or was laying next to me,he rose into the air and hovered over me. then i really did wake up. this was just one of many strange dreams, and real life experiences, sorry its probably choppy, and doesn't sound good just tried to get everything out.

Example: What does it mean when you dream of someone dead rising out of their grave?

a person that has passed on coming back from the grave

Example: Dreams- what does it mean when we catch dead smiling mermaids?

I had a dream last night about me and my friend catching sharks in Mexico after a while we started to catch these toned (model type body)mermaids out of water with Beautiful faces smiling all pleasant but dead with no movement... After that I woke up all creepy :/

It was just werid when I pulled them out of water seeing girls

Can anyone help?

Example: Scary dream about a room filled with water and dead bodies! what does it mean?

i had this really scary dream, almost as if i was there. it's kinda hard to explain. i was on a construction crew and we were going to repair an old abandon mansion. i remember walking through really large rooms. one room inparticular had a demon/ghost thing calling apon these entities that lived in dolls. i could see them all coming towards the demon/ghost and being sucked into him becoming one. then it switches to me discovering another room with a glass door. in the middle of the room was a large glass tower with with two cranks at the top supporting two chains ( in a y shape). the chains connected to 2 large circular platforms that had a large dining table and chairs 10 chairs to be exact. and sitting at the chairs were the little doll entites, this started what you would call a ritual. the door to the room closed and the room filled up with water, the circualr platforms rose with the water with help form the cranks pulling the chains. these entites would dine, amongst dead bodies floating the the water and those who hadedn't died yet but were left to drown. and there were pictures of the dead lining the walls. the bodies were disfigured and their faces permenatly stuck with the look of agony, their clothes tatterd and torn as from a different era, past victums i presume and they had to relive their death constanly in eternal hell. CAN SOMEONE PLZ TELL WHAT THIS MEANS!

Example: Dreaming of my dead grandfather islamic meaning?

I dreamed of my recently deceased grandfather about a few weeks ago,about a week later his grandson died,what can this mean? Could it mean that he knew he was dying and he was visiting me? I know dreams have meanings in islam so I just wanted to know.jazakumm allah kul khayr

Example: What does this dream mean?

I dreamt that I had been dead for 3 years and that this was the year I was supposed to rise from the dead. I was discussing this with people at the student center, and there was this Chinese guy named Kenny Lee there and he was trying to kick me out of the Christian fellowship and destroy me.

(He kicked me out of the Chinese Christian Fellowship because he was ungodly and also because he believed some lies that others told about me. Even though I was 100% honest with everybody, they thought that 90% of what I said was a lie)

Example: What does it mean to have someone holding a black rose in a dream?

My dream was some kind of romance dream. Im not going into further details but this part of my dream had a women holding a black rose and then gave it to me. What does this mean?

Example: What does it mean if in my dream i saw a bunch of dead cats (orange) hanging in a tree?

there was maybe nine or ten of them and i was crying when i saw them.

Example: What does it mean when you dream of a dead person refusing to hug you?

I had a dream that i was at my kitchen table my mom, aunt, grandmother and little cousins are sitting on the couch. My grandmom has been dead for 8 years now btw. And she looks at me looking sad. So i ask her for a hug but she tells me no. Which normally when i dream of her she always hugs and kisses me. So moments later she stands up and says "come on everybody, lets go." So i rise in her commands but once she notice me she says to me "no you stay" and leaves me behind. Can anybody PLEASE tell me whay this could mean. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.

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