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Dream About Righteous People meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do my vivid dreams mean?.?

I have been having very vivid dreams within the last week or so..what could this mean? Dream1 ...I had a nightmare about snakes (terrified of snakes)I literally woke up screaming.dream 2 ..I dreamed the world was coming to a end and i couldn't get to my loved ones..it involved a bunch of different scenes such as tornados and flooding..dream 3 I had a dream I was pregnant with a baby girl..I had a perfect little basketball belly...I was at the store with my mom and she was telling the cashier .."isn't her belly just shaped perfectly?!" I actually woke up smiling to that dream..what could this possibly mean? I am confused but super interested as in what it means..please help :)

Hi Casey J.:
Wow! Those are some interesting dreams. The dream you had about snakes, what were they doing in the dream? Their personalities will speak more about a situation. Nevertheless, you probably just had the dreams about snakes because the mind recalls the terrifying feelings you have on such reptiles. The dream regarding the world coming to an end may have something to do with the various tornadoes, forest fires, and other dramatic natural disaster events being reported in the news within the last couple of weeks! Even I just experienced a horrific storm in area early part of last week! Oh, by the way, the world will be ending soon because Jesus is coming to take the righteous people home. (I am so looking forward to that day). As for the baby, are you planning to have a baby soon? If you are single and not dating anyone for now, I advised that you avoid having this dream on the baby to come true until you are married. Even though this seems like a wonderful dream you had, please let the circumstances surrounding the baby to be comfortable with a good mother (you) and a wonderful father-to-be in the picture. Please prepare yourself to be where you want to be in life with a good husband before having the baby so the child can have a wonderful childhood. I wish the best for your future. :-)

Example: What do you think this dream means?

Ok, so like first I was looking for my dog Buddy because he was lost. So I found him and I was petting him and then I look up and I see this really fluffy and HUGE black bear slowly walking towards me like he was scared of me. For some reason, I kinda thought he was my cat so I said "Here, kitty kitty!" and I kept calling him. (Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew he wasn't really my cat, but I didn't really realize he could hurt me.) Then I realized he was a bear. I turned around to see if anyone was there. No one was, but the fluffy bear's cub was playing on the street. I heard the cars on the highway, and knew that the cub could get hurt playing in the street, but I was really scared of that big bear so I shouted "Crap, you're not my cat!" and got the heck out of there. Then (this might make you laugh) there's this 30 year old man living in my yard. He was like a Tarzan or something. He was all grunting around and stuff and I ran inside, but I left the door open and he got inside. I was darting around and avoiding him, hoping he wouldn't see me. (I had some very close calls.) The weird thing was, he was wearing like a polo and jeans but he was grunting and acting like an ape. I grabbed the phone and called my mom to come and get him out. I hid in my room until she came. There was someone else in my room, but she (I'm pretty sure they were a girl) wasn't really there. She was present, she was in the room but she wasn't really there. She asked, "What we should do?" and I had told her to be quiet, I was thinking. While waiting behind my (closed) door, I thought about the little bear on the street. I felt guilty that I hadn't saved it, but I contented myself by thinking that the big fluffy bear probably saved him. I wondered whether I should tell the girl in my room about the two bears, but I decided not to. My mind finally reached the Tarzan guy, and I opened my door a little bit to check. He was in my parents' room, and my mom (who must have came when I wasn't paying attention) was talking to him and trying to calm him down and then I woke up. What do you think it means?
PS: I know not ALL dreams have to mean something, but I felt like this one did.

Example: What does this dream mean?

Dreamt that I was swimming and diving in the clearest and purest water freely/effortlessly in a very large, very tall and very spacious perfectly square shaped glass tank. What could this mean? Respectful answers please.

Example: What Does This Anti-Christ Dream Mean?

Well last weekend i was Dreaming out the Anti Christ who was controling the world, but not only that the whole world was like in fire. no really it was like living in hell cause it was really hot and we humans was hopeless against him. and powerless to stop him. so there was no hope and some person in my dream said don't worry Jesus Christ will come and he will save us.

Now i was reading the Holy Bible on the last days, or times on earth right with the Anti Christ .and the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ. but really what did that person mean !

I'M Scared

Example: Meaning for two-part dream?

I'm wondering what exactly this two-fold dream might mean and if there is any connection to the two seemingly unrelated events.
In the first part, I look out the front of my house to discover it's all of a sudden been elevated so that it's on a very high, steep hill, almost a cliff. The driveway up the hill is also much longer. My first thought was how I would no longer be able to walk in the front yard or on the driveway. (Heights bother me but I also have to avoid steep slopes and hills because of my leg.) I asked one of my sons, who was sitting at the top of the hill what happened and he said something about it being because of the Interstate. (We live about a mile from a major Interstate.)
Now, the next part. It was the same house but the rooms were arranged differently. My mom passed away 6 years ago but she was with me in the dream. We were in the living room which now was at the back of the house. The dog started barking and someone was at the door. My mom said she would answer it. I thought it was going to be someone explaining what happened to the front part of the house, but my husband and other son walked in. My son had his hair cut very short and I could tell he was upset but trying not to show it. My husband looked guilty. I was already getting angry as I asked him, "What happened?" My husband answered, "I was just making sure he behaved himself." Then, my full anger came forth and I yelled, "Get Out!" and lifted my arm, pointing at the door. I have always been afraid of my husband's temper but this time my own anger at his actions took over. I woke up at that very moment and my arm was even still slightly elevated like I was pointing at the door for him to leave, lol!
I believe a little bit of background would be helpful. My husband was extremely manipulative and tried to be very controlling, always wanting to impose his views and ways of doing things on the rest of us. When my kids were growing up, I wanted them to feel like they had some personal freedom to dress and wear their hair the way they like, but my oldest son always wanted his hair cut short. That is, until the year he graduated from high school. Then, he went through a transformation and grew his hair long, changed his wardrobe, his political views, etc. He said that the old him was just what he had gotten used to, meeting other people's expectations. I had always encouraged my kids' individualism and they knew they had my unconditional love, so he was not insinuating that I was responsible in any way or that he was trying to please me. So, my son is a very handsome, intelligent, sensitive young man. He has long, shoulder-length hair which looks very good on him.
I doubt his dad could force him to do anything like cut his hair against his will but a few years ago, he might have been able to bully him into it. I'm not worried about him actually being able to do anything like that, but just trying to make sense of this dream.
Another thing, my husband and I are still legally married but are planning a legal separation or divorce. He moved out about 7 weeks ago and got mad at me 2 weeks ago so I have not heard from him since.

Example: What does my dream mean?

I dreamed I was scared to go near the water because I was being chased by a giant whale and nobody would believe me, i escaped to a dorm in college but even then i felt like it was following me. Even though while we were crossing a tiny bridge over the sea with my teacher a shape rose up cracked the bridge and dashed me to shore and he crawled out with teeth marks, he made a comment about shark infested waters. When a giant black whale shape rose up out the sea behind us, I pointed, but then it was covered in advertisements and it turned out to be a submarine going in to port. In the end I knew it was coming and got myself locked out of this marine lab on the water side in this glass tank with all the baby turtles so nobody else would be hurt so only my compartment would be smashed into and the whale came roaring with a tsunami of water and I was no longer afraid to die and made my stand and I gave up to it, back to the sea, this baby turtle or strange fish or something. And I survived. And this girl watching through believed because she saw me when I was in there turn into this strange thing growing gills and a tail and horns and a fur mantle and I saw a flash of myself as she saw me as a several headed hydra with a tail with blue lionlike hair swirling out, like a sea monster, screaming "P.S.!" Then I woke up. What does this mean?! It felt kind of pleasant, as dreams go. Very magical. It wasn't a killer whale, it was a giant whale like the one that ate Jonah.

Example: Elevator Dream meaning?

Pre-dream scenario:
Previous evening before sleep did a two hour meditation which at the end a struggle with other people and the challenges they bring me in questioning me formed as a counter balance to my ego and then elevated to a higher place in the form of Confucius.

After that I walked the block and the city streets were closed, barren... weird lonely people were in the streets, beggars, a lonely man sitting on a park bench singing to himself.

Also, I got in an argument with my girlfriend because she "pushed" me slightly to do something I was not yet clear on her understanding and I resisted.

In the morning I had a telephone call to make with a legal service firm that has not been performing. Three weeks have gone into getting them to do a simple application. I get denied to talk to people, they do not return my calls, they promise e-mails or phone calls that never come.

I go back to sleep in the morning and that is when the falling elevator dream happens.

The dream:
I get in the elevator. I have it on my mind I have to 'deal" with something, I am forgetful as I get in the elevator. It seems like a familiar place. The only options are 1st and 2nd floor. I press 2 while thinking about what I am doing and think I am going to the 6th floor (this feels like an acquaintances office floor which I am helping yet there is some push back there as well)

As I realize I am in the wrong elevator I figure no problem go down. Halfway to the 2nd floor the power is cut, it is apparent the elevator is not only stopping but broken and is preceding to fall. Rather than fall 2 floors, it proceeds to fall a very long time. I would say it falls, then falls some more and then falls a great length, in total like it went to the bottom of a mine some 100 stories below. The "reality" is frightening yet my mind escapes often. It is as if I have to focus that this is "real" and understand the implications. Otherwise it is just falling and give over to fate. I brace for impact in my body yet do nothing else. No prayers, calls to friends, etc. I am resigned to the impact but still sure I will survive although it feels very real.

Just before the end I have keys in my hand. I place them in my front pocket of a sleeveless black down jacket I own and put my hands over my head.

At the last second the elevator stops immediately but with no violence, crash or harm. I exit a big cavern. People always seem to be around but they do not enter my immediate vicinity. The same as in the elevator, I am alone but at times my mind searched to see if others were there.

Example: Strange dream. what does it mean?

so i've always had these dreams where i feel a certain pressure on my chest and I can't talk or scream anything out. (it feels more like a nightmare) and in these dreams I would see a shadow with no specific shape, like a blob. Its those types of dreams where you think you are awake but you're not.
i had told people about this and they always tell me to calm down and pray or to curse them out?
so recently i had that dream again but this time very different.
as usual i dremt that i was awake laying down on my bed with my dog.
I wanted to check the time so i tried to pull my phone out (which i was already holding on to underneath my covers)
but i couldnt move my hand out from under the covers so then i tried to wake up my dog by screaming out her name and trying to shake her awake but she never woke up.
i began to panic, feeling suffocated i brought my gaze up to see a shadow, but this time the shadow was in the shape of the grim reaper and it pointed at something, i feel like it was probably me, but i closed my eyes and tried my hardest to move

So what does this dream mean? why the sudden change in the shape of the shadow?
I am opened to any interpretations :)
THANK YOU SO MUCH! ( in advance :D)

Example: What does this dream mean?

I had a dream about this girl who was married to this guy - both African and they were walking among these plants. In my dream each plant represented a human being in the kingdom of God. My plant was different from all the other plants and the only thing that prevented me from getting into conflicts or wars with the other plants was the intervention of God. Then I dreamed that I was more righteous than somebody else who I used to consider a lot more righteous than me because he bragged about all the good things that he did while I was modest and quiet about it. In my dream I was telling him that I was more righteous than him.

It reminds me of that verse in the bible where Judah says to his people about Tamar "She is more righteous than I for I did not give my son to her to marry."

Example: What is the meaning of my dream?

I am Asian 25 yrs old and christian got a Pakistani bf and naturally he is muslim and islam in religion. We’ve been for 7 months in our relationship as bf/gf thru chat. I dream of him. My dream started , I am wearing a white long dress. I am approaching a group of people wearing white long clothes most of them are elder men, few elder women , they are in groups as in faction . they are talking I don’t understand them . I kept on walking passing them. I look around and see other groups whose face covered wearing black and others white ,there are groups also wearing mixed color but very prominent u can see the black and the whites . I know they are looking at me. Then someone in the group whose face is covered approach me . I asked where’s my bf? I don’t understand what’s her response . then the group of covered ladies go near me . I ask again where’s my bf but this time I’m crying already coz they surrounds me,they are talking I don’t understand, I am already nervous, then someone say , he is coming ..and they clear the place, they no longer surround me giving way to one who is coming ..then from far I saw my bf wearing white too. He is walking coming to me. Then I utter the name of my bf and wake up with tears on my eyes..

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