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Dream About Right meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: Dream meaning.?

I am 5 months pregnant & we haven't found out the sex of the baby twice it has had it's leg closed very tightly. I am going thru rough times right now w/ my family. I am married, & we do have a little girl. I dreamed Me & some old friends were @ a table & I remember seeing a Blue Belt with a Big Bling that was the Number 3 on it. Could anyone help me on what that means?

I felt it meant take care of my husband, daughter, & myself, & that the blue represented a boy? , but I'm confused b/c I dream alot about baby girls?

To dream of a belt indicates a restricted course of energy of life and topics of ethics. You could be experiencing issues between your instincts and your ideology. A belt can also represent control and retribution. It also means holding up. Securing. Linking. Approach of a love affair.

Blue symbolized honesty, integrity, intelligence, dedication, solace, and divinity. You may be wanting to escape from the pressures of life. You have an extremely positive outlook on life and believe that you will experience only good in your future.
Depending on the context of your dream, the color blue can also reflect a mood of anguish and despair.

1) In a dream, the number three is a sign of stamina, might, ingenuity and introspection. The number represents a threesome -- the olden days, the current moment, and times to come; or dad, mom and baby.

2) Three is considered the number of the Holy Trinity and therefore sacred. It is vibrant and alive with hope and possibility. To dream of a three is not in itself significant but must be considered as a whole with the dream, whether or not is religious, etc., and then you will be able to tie it in to get a true reading.

To see jewelry in your dream, represents how you see yourself, your worth and personal value. It also signifies acute awareness of what you want in life and what you hold dear. These jewelries highlight the significance of psychological and spiritual riches. A particular piece of jewelry you own, may symbolize a certain facet of your relationship.
To dream that you receive jewelries as gifts, denotes a need to be thankful – to acknowledge and embrace good qualities within yourself.
To see broken jewelry in your dream, implies grave displeasure in your failure to accomplish your set goals.
it also means Treasure. Essence. Precious. Revaluation of principles.

Example: Dream Meaning?

I had a dream when I was very young and here's what had happened, I was standing ontop of a broken old house that was a dark brown color and there was this big tree by the back of the house and it was bare, the sky was cloudy and the sky was a color of light gray. I was standing and looking around, all around there were no houses but there was concrete on the ground then I suddenly jumped from the room and literally dived for the concrete but right before I hit the concrete I woke up with my heart racing and breathing quickly.The dream was blurry too.

I know it might sound weird but this dream is the one of many that I can remeber the most detail about from when I was young. All I want to know is what this dream probably meant.

Example: Do Dreams Always Mean Something?

are dream interpretations always right?
& do dreams always mean something or can they be random?

Example: Dreams meaning..?

I have two recurrents dreams:
1) my teeth falls abruptly. My tong(and everything else inside my mouth) loose its skin.
2) I walk over snakes. A large quantity. And in my last dream, one of them curled up and stay in my right ankle. And I wasn't scared of that..
Please, be serious.

Example: Meaning of Dream: Second Nipple on Right Breast?

I dreamed that I had a second nipple that appeared on my right breast. (the color and shape was totally normal). My left breast was normal.

What does it means to dream of having a second nipple on the right breast ?

Example: Dream meaning?

A few weeks ago I had this dream. It felt like I was watching a commercial. This anouncer guy was talking about how great this teen camp was and how much fun you can have and then the voice said "But you have to believe in Jesus".

Then all of the teenagers who had been hanging out at the camp plus a bunch of others were all standing in this huge grassy field facing the same way. It looked like their were hundreds or thousands of people. Then the anouncer was like "Do you believe in God?" and all of the people raised their right hands at once.

I remember feeling like "This whole camp is only for Christian teens? That sucks! Why can't they let everyone come?"

Do you think it meant something?

(BTW: it has also ben posted in religion&spirituality)

Example: Dream meaning...?

what does it mean when ur husband/wife kisses someone else right in front of you? just curious

Example: What did it mean: Dream about reading something out loud and I couldn't get any of the words right...?

Recently I had a dream that I was in class and the teacher asked me to read something out loud, I started reading it and I couldn't see the right word and I ended up saying complete nonsense, everyone was laughing at me and I knew I was getting the words wrong. The teacher asked me to read a different paragraph, I just looked at words really carefully now and they appeared really differently to the words they really were and only after I'd read them I saw that they were completely different words. What could this mean? Thanks In Advance x

Example: Whats it mean when your dreams pick up right where they left off.?

ok so i had a dream i was going to be put to death. They let me be with my family for one week i guess, but when i woke up to make something to eat i went back to sleep i did not dream that cause i still have the ham burger, i was put right where my dream left off.

Example: Wet dreams mean i'm ready to masturbate right?

I got circumcised "8" weeks ago,i'm 16 and i need to relief myself.i have nocturnal emmisions(wet dreams) for like 5 times a week(its not my fault hot women are everywhere) so that must mean i'm ready to masturbate right?but strange as it may sound...i dont think i'm properly healed yet.what should i do?

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