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Dream About Reproductive System meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: The Jewelery dream?

I had a dream once where I was laying on my bed, kinda propped up on my elbow, and I reached my finger into my vagina and pulled out jewels. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets... I was fascinated and stuck my finger back up there and continued to find more jewels in there.

What could this possibly mean? My best friend got a good laugh from me telling her, but I am wondering what that's all about.

There was a film once with Marilyn Monroe as the main actress. It was called “Diamonds are a Girl’s best Friend”. Just before I go on with this theme I would like to tell you that the word DIA-MOND literally means World Goddess. The ancients believed that diamonds and all gem stones -which are represented in your dream- were solidified drops of the divine essence, embedded in the rocks when the world was created. Because diamonds in particular were sacred to the supreme Goddess, they were taken over by the cult of the Virgin; and because of this association with virginity diamonds were made to betrothal gifts.

Diamonds in the playing cards were originally pentacles which are representing Mother Earth and also money. Here we get back to Marilyn. There were tow reasons why diamonds were central to that film: 1 because of the monetary value, and 2 because as gifts they expressed a man’s love for a ‘girl’. As well as that it also displayed the donor’s financial sacrifice which he gladly made while he thought that she was all worth it.

Love for the girl? Not always, often it is love for the sexual favours diamonds will buy. In the old days men often got married to legitimise their sexual gratification. And girls often accepted this situation because they thought they would be made financially secure by their man.

Now we have covered the whole range of meanings attached to gems and jewellery. The dream knows all this and more. And you do as well and that is why the dream shows you pulling gems from your vagina. The vagina is often use as an icon for the Goddess. Indeed all the ancient temples were modelled on the female reproductive system with the womb as the inner sanctum. Thus your dream is not just saying that you value yourself , but it also says that your body is actually a temple of the Goddess which alone can created new life. And just as the gems represent the essence of the Goddess so do your sexual fluids as well and all that is attached to them.

In short your dream is both telling you that you are in essence a divine being but that an orgasm, which your dream is describing, is equally divine. And what a lovely way the dream had of depicting this fantastic high that has no equal. It used the jewellery which too is capable of inducing great excitement.

This dream of yours shows again that sex and everyday concerns are inextricably entwined. And people who only give you a non-sexual interpretation are doing the dream a grave injustice. I call it castration.

There is another item in your dream report that draws our attention to sexual circumstances. This is the word ‘fascinating’.

The word actually means bewitching, enchanting, alluring. And would you believe it, the dictionary uses this as an example: “A fascinating woman”. We are back with Marilyn here. And by the way the old word ‘fascinator’ means a crocheted head covering for women. And as you well know an attractive head of hair is paramount in a woman’s love life. That is also why the old grumpy church fathers made women cover their hair totally. This is in contrast to the fascinator that is see-through and draws thereby express attention to what is half hidden.

And speaking of things half hidden, do you know what the word CLITORIS actually means? Here it is: it is Greek for "divine, famous, goddess-like"!

And may I add a little more of things Greek? Pausanias said that the Greek City of Clitor was sacred to the Goddess Artemis and stood at the genital shrine of the earth where the headwaters of the sacred river Styx poured out.

The Styx is of course the border between life and death, a symbol of rebirth. The ancients actually believed that the river Styx was the menstrual blood of Mother Earth. It was at this place that the ancient priestesses of Artemis celebrated their orgiastic feasts of which the orgasm was obviously the crowning glory.

You can see now that today's dreams differ little from the ancient myths of Gods and Goddesses. Incidentally because diamonds are associated with the virgin cult, could your dream also say that you are still a virgin or, put another way, that virginity is a precious matter for you?!

Example: The Crazy Tooth Dream?

Okay, so just last night i had this really realistic dream about having a cavity on the right hand side (from the middle) of my top set of teeth. And in real life that tooth is a bit hollow but its not a cavity. However in my dream i was feeling that tooth and i could sense a big hole there and it hurt too. and i was panicing, i think, but then after a little while my tooth was back to normal and didnt have a cavity anymore. and i just had to know what this dream meant so i looked it up everywhere and i couldnt find an answer. except for one that said that a cavity in a tooth interprets a problem with the reproductive system. and thing is my menstrual cycle is never on track and i was due like 4 days ago. so now im freaking out! if anyone knows anything about a dream like this. please help!

Example: What dose this dream mean = ]?

dose anyone know what this dream could mean? they other night i had this dream and i was in a house with loads of people then i looked in the mirror and the bottom of my front tooth was snapped but it was hanging on the corner then i when and had a bath then i lookt in the mirror again ,then it was gone. then i whent down stairs and then everyone was around me sat there wanting me to explain what happend like they were all dead curious :S

Example: When someone dies in a dream does it always mean that their gunna end up pregnant?

okay so my friend had a dream that i died and the last two times that she had a dream that someone died they ended up pregnant so my question is when someone dies in a dream does it always mean that their gunna end up pregnant

Example: What does it mean to dream that I can't find my shoes ?

I can't remember all the details of the dream but I remember I was standing somewhere and there were lots of ppl something happened within the crowd. I remember a truck slamming into a person so the crowd was a little stirred and started to run from the scene. I ended up trying to get away from the scene because ppl were getting hurt. After that ppl started leaving to go home and going back to get their belongings and leave. I remembering thinking I hope my bag is stil there. My bag was still there however that's when I realize shoes were missing. I event went to this place they had set up near by for ppl who lost things. There were tons of shoes but I scanned every one and couldn't find mine at all... In the dream I kind of started to cry

Example: Dream about Ganesh (Lord Ganesh), what could it mean?

Note: I study Buddhism & Native American beliefs. Started around March... About 3 months ago, I had a dream I was in a beautiful, mystical cave with sections & doors between entrances. Each door lead to a deeper part of the cave. Water was ankle-high, & each section of the cave had different colored, beautiful waters. At the end of the cave, I went through the last door & sitting in the center of the cave in the water, was Ganesh. He sat upright, moved slowly, & spoke to me calmly. He gave me advice, but I can't remember exactly what he said. What could all of this mean?

Example: I've been having dreams about having a child, what does this mean?

The first dream I had was about 3 weeks ago, I dreamt I found out I was pregnant through a home pregnancy test, and all of a sudden i remember walking through my front door and i was getting ready to go into labour, all of a sudden i was in the hospital pushing with my boyfriend on one side and my father on the other side, and it was a little girl we named Avery(I love that little girls name, weird it came up in my dream though), then it ended. The other dream i had was last night, that my mother was down visiting and i was 9 months pregnant, and i don't remember being in labour or pushing in my dream, all i remember is when i came into my living room, my boyfriend told me that we had a boy and his name was ryan, and the boy was 16 years old and really tall(i'm 5'3 and my boyfriend is 5'5, we're both short!), he started talking to us and saying he dosen't remember his childhood and i started crying in my dream because i didn't think he was our child, then it ended as well. What is causing these dreams, and do they mean anything?
I'm 22 and my boyfriend is 27, we've been together for 4 1/2 years, have our own house and have great careers, just not ready to have children yet!

Example: Confusing Dream?

Please tell me what this dream means. Here it is...

King Kong was chasing me and my boyfriend. We were running from him and we ran up on a ring of fire with a tiger in it. we had to get on the other side to get where we were supposed to go.

Example: Dream Interpretation? *(heelp)*?

I had a dream I had my period, and I'm 12 years old and never started. Does this mean I'm going to get it or what ?

Example: To Dream Of Menstruation.?

I recently had a misscarriage 2 weeks ago. I still havent gotten my period, i was supposed to get it aug 1. I am having dreams of getting my period without knowing, or expecting, what does this mean?

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