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Dream About Remembering Dreams meanings

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Example: What does this mean in dreams?

what does it mean in dreams when you have dreams over and over again about this one specific person? about like 30 times or something and its someone that you cant stop thinking about and that you think about pretty much every day all day long. and when your having the dream of them you feel like your getting a weird feeling like in your gut but you dont know if your getting the werid feelin when your sleeping or if your getting it in your dream. and when the dreams over you just wish you could remember what happend in it and what she said and stuff. but in real life the person doesnt even know that you exsist and youve never met before. what does this mean?

Dreaming over and over in a way means recurring dream.

Recurring dream about a person means something is not resolved about that person in particular.

Whether it is love or hate or something you can't get over with it. Your subconscious mind is telling you that something has to be said, shown or done in dream That is why you had this dream over and over again.

For example, if it is about love or person you like. You don't have guts to tell him/her in day time. Projecting it at night over and over again serves as a practice or reminder to you that you should do it.

If it is hatred, that means your anger is not released, and you had to vent it out in dream because you are helpless and there is nothing you can do. Cases such as some high authority people like President, boss, parent, teacher and so on.

Example: What does my dream mean?

for the past month i have been having this dream:
i am in the ocean scuba diving.im like near the ocean floor and its kinda shallow.the ocean is like a sunset color like pinks,oranges,blues.etc. and im over a giant fissure-like creavasse in the ocean floor.i have this feeling like i am looking for something.
its really wierd i k but its reoccouring but like i would be doing different things but im in the same setting and same vibe and doing relative stuff.
i can remember waking up with the feeling that im drowning.what does this mean?if so does anyone know if it is an actual place?!

Example: What does my dream mean?|=?

I have dreams where Im making out with my friends that are girls its always a different girl or sometimes dream random girls that I never seen before or have sex with them its very weird and I have no idea what thwy mean please help me Im very confused:l

Example: What does this dream mean?

i had a dream last night...can you tell me what it means?
ok there was two girls, let's call them T and S and two guys we are gona call them W and H. oh, H is a guy i have a huge crush on and he knows it, and W is one of my best guy friends. S is someone i talk to, and T used to live by me.

we were at my school. and i was with W and H. i sent my mom a text asking if i had to work and she said yes so i had to hurry and leave.
somehow we ended up upstairs, and we came downstairs. then H and T were in the bathroom kissing, and i pretended i didn't notice. then H went up to S and kissed her. he came up to me and tried to kiss me, but i turned my head. he tried again and i wouldn't let him. then i started running away and leavin, saying i had to work. H started following me then he stopped me. something i said ( i can't remember what) made him start running away, and i chased after him calling his name. he stopped, and to set things straight, i asked him if he liked me. he said no, and he said he used to before the wedding, but now he doesn't and there was something about a divorce too.

i have no idea what wedding was being talked about, cuz he's only 15. and his parents arent' having any problems...

please tell me what this means? it's all confuseing and weird, but please answer anyways?

Example: Meaning of this dream?

I had a dream about a gay deer knocking on my door and when I opened it the deer slapped me with a olive garden breadstick what does this mean

Example: What do my dreams mean?

i ask dreams because they are usually all about the same thing, in fact i cant remember the last time i didn't have the same reoccurring theme in my dream.

in Just about all of my dreams i am attacked by zombies.
either there will be a zombie Apocalypse and everyone i know will be turned against me and ill be forced to kill them.
or there is a zombie overlord and ill have something he wants (information or whatever) and ill be some kind of out law trying to survive, and he'll use my parents/loved ones to get to what i have, and even when i give him what he wants he'll send giant bones from the sky that impale those he hold hostage, and ill be standing there with their entrails and such all over me.

and help would be.. well... helpful, because they are really the only dreams i remember and they are always the most disturbing and terrifying

Example: What does my dream mean?

it goes like.. .i was walking down the street and i saw a couple quarreling and fighting badly as the boy slapped the girl hard i thought i should stop him from doing so, and as i tried to stop the guy he stabbed my with a sharp knife in my stomach and the knife also hurt my finger and my hand.. and then i don't remember what but i was in the hospital and there where stitches on my stomach and on my hand.

Example: What does my dream mean?

What does it mean when all your teeth fall out all at once in a dream?

Example: What does this mean? (dreams)?

i used to not have many dreams , like ever,! but i have been having dreams more often then usual, plus they are very strange, some of them are completely impossible to even really happen, and i almost never remember them when i wake up, i just know that i has one, but when i do remember them, it is only bits and pieces! anyone know what this could mean?

Example: What do my dreams mean?

I have had two dreams recently: First, I was in a music quiz show with my music teacher who is in a band. For one of the rounds he had to hold onto my as he got winched up by a helicopter. So I could spot the different musicians on the ground.
Second, I was in ASDA with my Dad. I picked up a box and took out a packet of white chalk and walked out with it. I put the chalk in the back of the car but then two ASDA workers walked up to us. So I gave then back the chalk saying "Whoops. I forgot I'd walked out with that!"
What on Earth do they mean! Or are they just the wild mental ramblings of my subconscious mind.

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