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Dream About Reference Book meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What do my dreams mean?

anyone know any GOOD What do your dreams mean sites ?

It's fine to look for direction concerning your dreams.

But you need to understand that dreams and their meanings are unique to the individual. There are no set definitions for what particular objects or places mean within a dream. Often the cause or meaning of the dream is more about the actions and interactions taking place inside the dream, rather than the details and the environment.

I've done some reading looking for "answers". I even bought a few books. And one day I saw a reference in a book to a rabbit symbolizing "rebirth". But my personal experience with rabbits is very different. I hunted them with my father for years. We shot, cleaned/gutted and cut them up for their meat. I have a friend who had a pet rabbit while he was young and he seemed to love the rabbit very much. So the meaning of a dream interpretation of a rabbit would be greatly different between me and my friend.

So when you look at your dreams, think about the actions, interactions and events that took place. And decide if the details/places/objects of the dream had any special meaning to you. More often that not, the details/places/objects may not be that important.

Example: What is the meaning of these dreams?

Some years ago I dreamt of a desert area in which I was running.It was afternoon and the sun was overhead, hot and burning. I saw some people pouring some soil-like liquid on an old man tied to a pole. I ran away scared , into a den. There I saw Lord Shiva, angry , with his trident pointing towards me. We circled each other . It seemed as if we were enemies . Then he suddenly chased me and I started running in panic and I woke up.
Recently I saw a dream in which I was in a den.The view outside revealed a pleasant , cool atmosphere.It was morning.In the den I had before me Lord Shiva.I was touching his feet and he was blessing me.

These dreams were vivid and are real, not a made-up story.What do you think they imply?

Example: Can someone tell me what my dream means?

its really confusing k here it goes

i was walking out of the gate of my school when i hear my friend (noe) running up to me that he wanted to tell me sumthing
i was kinda shocked since (in real life)at school we were friends then something happened and we didnt speak to eachother much anymore. and i missed him.
he was blushing and i was looking at him akwardly.
then he just bursts out saying he likes me alot and that if i wanted to get with him.
i was flushed and said id think about it.
well the next day i said yes and we were together
i felt so happy.
but what im confused about is that in real lfe we barely talk to eachother.
alot of people, teasing, says he likes me and stuff and they also say i like him i deny it
but in my dream i was happy we were together
what does it mean?

Example: What does this dream mean?

Last night I dreamt that I died and I went to the Underworld of Greek mythology. When I got there I was being judged by 3 people on whether I should go to Elysium, Tartarus or the fields of Asphodel. Then, while they were deciding, I had to fight this enormous Cyclops and when I finally won, they said I had to go to Tartarus and wouldn't tell me why, so I started jumping everywhere and then I woke up.
Seriously, I don't know what this means or where I got all this info from Greek mythology. I'm usually very good at this sort of thing, being Psychic. Do any of you lot know? (please no stupid comments or comments saying stuff like "Oookkkayyy" or "Your weird" etc)

Example: What Does This Dream Mean? PLEASE HELP!?

idk wut this means n i knw its alot...but i would really appreciate it if someone could help...i really feel like there is som kinda meaning to this...idk wut tho...

I remember like seperate parts with it...
-there was this dude who was my grandpa in the dream and we had the same scar on out hand shaped like a cresent moon, it was some type of prophecy he was explaining to me...but he wouldnt ever fully explain it n he was explaining it while messing with sometype of radio\stereo type thing...but when i would ask him more...he wouldnt fully explain...one time he jus sed...its all in there...n pointed to a framed paper with writing...but it just sed random facts...n didnt explain what i wanted...and i couldnt figure out what he meant...and the room was dark but randomly there would be colored lights frm the stereo area...which is where the frame was too...but also...throught the whole thing...there was some guy beside me...that i was friends with n partially liked...but idk who it was...n wen i walked outside...my moon scar lit up red...n it also lit up green...n my "grandpa" kept saying stuff about a prophecy? I asked him one time when he was suddenly on a couch...

but i also had a few other dreams before...after...n sorta between that one...but i usually havent been dreaming at nite...then BAM that nite i had like 6 crazy dreams...

Example: Had two sets of animals in one dream. what does it mean?

Hello my name is Dan,
I have not had a dream since I was 12 years old and now at the age of 19 I have had my first dream in 7 years. In the begining of the dream there were many frogs sitting every where around me and one tadpole. For some reason I touched the tadpole and it turned itself and all of the frogs into baby sea turtles where they just moved around me. It was then when I woke up! What do frogs, tadpoles, and sea turtles mean when you dream about them? and why have I not had a dream in so long?

Example: What does this dream mean or represent?

My dream:
I am in my apartment (looking at the situation not involved...yet) I am watching TV on my bed with my Aunt - when out of no where a dark (grays & black mostly) figure (almost reaper like) is at the end of my bed [turned slightly towards the door] - I look at my aunt and ask "what is it" [yes Im scared at this point] - then my aunt asks me "what is it" - I don't want to look at it again [to frightened to see if "it" looks at me]

Then all of a sudden like in the blink of an eye I just took the reaper like creature down [now I am participating and no longer just viewing] It appears that I am strangling & when I look down and my aunt asks me what it is again I started yelling "it's a skeleton, a skeleton" all the while Im still "strangling & wrentching" the creature up & down.

Ummmm any idea's? Im curious

Example: Does this dream have a meaning?

i had a dream a few days ago and it went like this...

OK i went to this hotel and so did this guy i dont know that was about 17 or so. He met this girl that was named Victoria. She told him and i that she was a vampire. The one guy fell in love with her and wanted her to change him into one. i didnt becuause he was like my brother or something. So she says she cant but she really wants to. We go back in our hotel room and try to go to sleep but Victoria is knocking on the hotel doors trying to get someone to let her in so she could "eat them". Then she knocks on our door. That guy lets her in. I say that she cant come in but she was like out of conrol and bites him. i am scared because i think i will be bitten next. that guy gets a hold of me and bites me and i can actually feel the pain. then i am one and i am thinking about all the things i can never do again (sleep, eat, dream) and i am worring about it and asking her to change me back...(cont..)

Example: What does my dream mean?

I had a weird dream, I've looked everywhere & I cant find an actual meaning of it. Tried understanding it myself but I'm not 100% so thought i'd seek a second opinion. Please read the entire post.

Firstly, a bit of backing to make an accurate judgement. Me & my girlfriend are both in our 20s (only 3 months age difference). We're long distance all the time (her home city is 100 miles from where i live) & even longer distance when she's at university. I've met her mum, but she's not told her mum (who's blind due to retinitis pigmentosa), about our relationship. Her mum & me talk and get on well & has even said I can stay there whenever I want to (as long as she knows obviously). We (me & gf) have been together nearly 3 years now, and are still long distance (hopefully that changes later this year). I'm an engineer & trance DJ/artist (only recently) as well as CEO/director of a record company (again only for the last few months). I've seen through the start up of this business & have given it, it's corporate identity (logo, name etc) and arranging a lot of things. Me & my girlfriend are also in the position of our friends not really paying attention or caring about us at all; they "forget" about us or we lose contact with them for one reason or another, the pair of us are yet to meet a true friend (other than one another). The best friend I had eventually just lost contact, and both of her past best friends changed after they got into relationships (she lives with one of these people now). That should cover most things, although. I can't summarize my life on here ha ha.

I was at my girlfriend's mum's house during a holiday break when she was back from university (we're long distance usually anyway). She was in bed with me in one room & there was a door going straight into the room her mum was in & a en-suite bathroom behind her mum's room.

I woke up during the night to go pee, i tried not waking up her mum (If i remember she didn't know I was there, me & my gf sometimes see each other when her mother isn't around) & cassie (guide dog, her mum is blind) was laid just outside bathroom door, i didn't fuss her but she didn't move or anything anyway. walked into the bathroom & looked in a basket weave mirror (her mum doesn't own one far as i know), it then fell down. All the glass disappeared some how without me noticing & the basket weave frame lay around the edge of the sink, like boxing it in. I creep out the bathroom as i hear her mum getting out of bed. i then just hear her saying:
"you're never allowed here again or near my daughter, understand? I have to go to a funeral (or visit a grave or something) today, you that? That mirror was a gift from a friend when my mum died to cheer me up & now its broken *pause* and you have broken it, with the audacity to travel 100 miles to see my daughter in desperation. Why a sad depressed guy sneaks around my house, I never want you here again, or near my daughter. Whenever she asks if you can stay she always tells me that your mum has gone on some cruise or flown to Chicago or something exotic, I the fool believe it. Not anymore, just leave."

Those were almost exact words her mum said

Weird I know, but i woke up after like "what the actual hell?" (this dream was about an hour ago before i posted this)

Thanks for reading an answering.

Example: What does my dream mean?

Alright, before we start, im putting out that I am NOT racist by ANY means ok? I have this Social Phycology class, and we've been studing racisum lately and last night I was talking to my mom about the class, and just how it affected me, becasue when I was younger I grew up in a school where white students were the minority. Well, last night I had a dream that I was at my school, and an older colored man walked in and told everyone to get down and cover your head, and he started shooting random people. I was soo afraid, and a couple of times he shot past me, and I could feel the rush of the bullet accross my leg, and once, he was shooting blanks at me and I can remember saying that as long as I dont die, I can stand the pain. But for some reason, he let us go to the bathroom, and a young girl about alittle younger than me of the same racial stauts, had the gun, and she left and gave her gun to her friend, and told her that if anybody moved, then they were to be shot. Well I was reading Catcher in the Rye, and I thought it was really good, and I moved a second, and she was about to shoot me, but I begged her not to. I was so afraid, but I then asked her if she had read this book, and she said yea, it was one of her favrotes, and idk, for some reason, I had some major respect for her, then her friend came back, and she wanted to shoot me, but at that point, i woke up. Can anyone pllease help me understand what was goin on in my head, coz I'm still a little shooken up.

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