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Dream About Red Head meanings

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Dream Examples

Example: What does red and blue dragons dream mean?

years ago, i dreamed of red and blue dragons. they were circling each other above the clouds in the night sky . i was looking at them outside my house.

i just can't get it out of my head these days... anyone knows what it means? thank you very much! :)

Depends. Were they Western (big bodies, small forelegs big back ones, wings as long as body and wide) or Oriental (thin bodies like thick snakes, four small legs, tiny seeming wings) Dragons?

Both mean "an excellent change in fortune and considerable happiness", it just comes at you from different directions. Eastern dragons signify good fortune from "Heaven", the divine, ancestors;
Western ones: buried treasure, hidden hordes found, etc.

I'm sorry to say, all it means is you're the red dragon, and you're still fighting the bloody British, sorry.
( 'Dithdah' in that case then).

Blessed be, - Jondalf

Example: What does it mean to dream of a red-wing black bird.?

the red-wing black bird was sitting still but when i approached it got all fluffy...?what does it mean

Example: Dream meaning? Butterfly trying to eat my head?

I dreamt about a beautiful butterfly, very big, only three colours, yellow, black, red. It sat on my back and then flew onto my head and folded it's wings around my head. Then it started biting my head and tried to eat it. It hurt, so I shoo-ed it. Does it mean anything?

Example: I keep having dreams of "red headed" people. what could this mean?

I have had atleast 2 dreams about red headed people this past week...help me interpret this...

Example: Burning rose, people in bed with a black bag over their heads - can you tell me the meaning of this dream?

These are two different dreams, here is what I remember:

1) me looking at a burning red rose, I just remember just looking at it and it was burning and I just looked at it and then blew it out and it left a little trail of smoke like a match or a cigarette.

2) Another portion of the dream is I was sitting in a chair at the end of a hallway in my house, just staring at the hallway kind of in a trance..all the doors were closed but I heard banging and screaming from them. I went and opened one at the end and the door just opened and inside there were two beds, a bedside table in between with a candle burning and inside each bed there was someone but a black bag (like a garbage bag) covered each head...the blanket went all the way up to the neck so you couldn't see it. just the bag covering the head.

Really creepy :(


Example: What does a dream about a wound on top of the head mean?

I had a dream that I was looking in the mirror and fixing my hair when I noticed a bald spot right on top of my head. I pulled my hair away from the center and the wound went deep into my head. It was raw and red, not bleeding but big enough to fit a tennis ball inside. I had trouble touching it and was quite distressed when I woke up.

Does anyone know what this means?

Example: What does my dream about a red and yellow growth growing on my leg mean?

I noticed a spot on my toe, and then it grew and I noticed it slowly covering more and more of my foot and then my leg. It switched from red to yellow with tiny black spots. In the dream my best friend said it was normal, and then when it finally squeezed my leg so tight I couldn't remove it, she helped me and we threw it out the window. She then told me she had known all along it was a snake. But it had no head. Any thoughts on what this means? It was very vivid and I can't shake it. In the dream I wasn't scared - just grossed out.

Example: What is the meaning of a Red colored hat in a dream?

Someone put it on my head in my dream!

Example: What is the meaning of a Red colored hat in a dream?

Someone put it on my head in my dream!

Example: What does it mean when you dream of three ladies a blonde, brunet and a red head and there giant and your?

and your little and they all like you but your to little to share so they put you in a bottle and sit on you

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